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  1. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated November 20, 1947 and came across an article for a new store upcoming. The company was called Aircon Air Conditioning, Inc. located at 6632 South Main Street. Clever name! Not much to it. A small (probably mom and pop) air conditioning company in the heart of the TMC. Very cool! Air Conditioning Firm on S. Main announces opening L.B. Rosenzweig and Tilden Edwards announces the formal opening of their new firm- the Aircon Air Conditioning, Inc., located at 6632 South Main, next to the Ship Ahoy. Mr. Rosenzweig, the President, Mr. Edwards, Vice-President, and Barrett Bird, Chief Engineer, have had may years of experience, and offer a complete service.
  2. When Verna Lee Booker married Ted Hightower (date unknown), she began to train and ride more regularly. She devoted most of her time to and excelled at barrel racing. In 1949 the Hightowers purchased their first home which was located near the Diamond L Ranch, a rodeo arena on South Main in Houston. The arena, built by Black cowboy J. L. Sweeney, served as a venue where African-American cowboys and cowgirls came to compete. Verna Hightower gained early exposure and success in competitions at the Diamond L Ranch rodeos. She competed on the national level on the Black rodeo circuit in Okmulgee and Henrietta, Oklahoma, and Simonton and Pasadena, Texas, where she was very successful. Soon she became the “poster girl” for area rodeos.
  3. I was reading an old newspaper called The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated August 6, 1969 and came across this ad for Speedway Golf Center located on Hillcroft & South Main St. Ph - 723-7720 12 Acres practice area. 328 Tiff Tees. Wilson Balls *Accurate Yardage * Lighted by Steber Supoer Sports Lights Professional instructor - Frank Godsoe This is very, very cool! I never knew about this place! I guess the Meyer Speedway took all the fame, since it was located next door. Cheers!
  4. http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.asp...ALat=29.6251737 hey there guys, my name is scott and i was looking for info on meyers speedway..... i was looking for south main and this is what i got for you guys, i hope this helps scott harvick2win@yahoo.com
  5. I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated June 10, 1948 and came across this business ad for Kustard Kup located at 8030 South Main St. Opposite Prince's. Very cool name! Unique for sure. I'd love to know more about this place. Since it was the 1940s, it was probably a stand a lone building? Maybe a small stand or drive-in? Serving delicious frozen custard, packaged ice cream.
  6. Woah! I found one of the first rodeos of Houston! I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Informer dated February 23, 1924 and came across a business ad for Cattlemen's Rodeo at the End of South Main Street. This was before the Houston Fat Stock Show and Livestock Exposition in the 1930s. I believe. Bassett Blakely & Frank Y. Dew Present. Under Personal Direction Tom L. Burnett. The Most Thrilling, Sensational, and Grueling Contests o.f Cowboy Sports Ever Staged In Texas The Cattlemen's Rodeo. Special Arena Seating 10,000- End of South Main Street. You could buy the tickets at downtown's Rice Hotel. Cattlemen's Rodeo Headquarters - Second Floor Republic Building. Phone - Preston 3327. From what I read, Tom L. Burnett was a wealthy rodeo businessman. A Hollywood Star. The Houston Post dated February 25, 1924: Others I found during the same time period. Sakowitz Bros. ad.
  7. I was browsing the newspaper Texan dated May 8, 1985 and came across a business ad for Barry's Pizza located at 6622 S. Main and also 5176 Richmond. I never knew the good ole Barry'z Pizza had other locations! I thought they originated on Richmond & Fountain View. I thought the Richmond location would be where the old Windsor Plaza Shopping Center was. It's actually located across the street where the long-term tenant 24 Hour Fitness is?
  8. I was browsing the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated August 15, 1947 and discovered, yet again, another South Main Drive-In Theater! This one is brought to you by Weber's Root Beer Stand. Combined Movie, Drive In To Be established: A new idea in entertainment, drive-in drink service with free motion pictures, is soon to be inaugurated in Southwest Houston. Establishing the new enterprise in the 10,100 block of South Main will be a Weber's Root Beer Stands, which were popular in Houston a decade ago and now are making a return with the new stand, the only one of its kind in Texas and perhaps the nation. One five acres of ground about midway between Playland Park and South Main Drive-In Theater, adjoining Prince's yacht, the drive-in setup will accommodate 250 cars. The opening date probably will be between Sept. 1, and Set. 15, Ray Jelinek, who will be manager of the stand said. "This will be the largest drive-in drink stand in Texas." Mr. Jelinek said "It will be a paradise for teen-agers free movies, and a mug of root beer for a nickel." "And those teen-agers who don't remember Weber's root beer should ask their mothers and dads if they recall how good Weber's root beer was when they were younger and it was sold in Houston." At that time Weber's was located at the end of Main Street, which was Main and Bellaire Boulevard, and now Weber's will establish a new "end of Main Street" stand. Another feature in a newspaper dated 1940s. May 26, 1948. Looking at the addresses of the boat restaurants, the only one that would make sense is Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf since it's located at 10200 South Main. If the Weber's Superior Drive-In Theater is located at 10,100 South Main then it's a match! I also read "adjoining Prince's yacht.” Do they mean one of the seafood restaurants made out of a boat? There were four that I know of: Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf At 10200 South Main St. Captain Benny's Oyster Bar At 7409 South Main St. George Dentler's Pier 21 Restaurant At 7001 Fannin St. The Yacht Restaurant At 10200 South Main St. Awesome find. A very obscure drive-in theater!
  9. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated June 16, 1965 and came across an ad for Mobas Carpets located at 8300 South Main St. The carpet store was ran by two brothers. Bill and Bob Sabom. Service since 1910. Does anyone remember this place? Was it in a shopping center or stand a lone building? Better yet, did anyone ever buy their carpet from here? I'd love to see pictures!
  10. I was browsing the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated November 24, 1949 and came across this business ad for Mickie's Bakery with several locations in the Houston area. Anyone recall this bakery? They had locations at: 905 Richmond 2616 Blodgett 6606 South Main 5100 Almeda 421 Fannin 5314 Scott 3306 Dixie Drive
  11. I was browsing the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated October 25, 1934 and came across a business ad for South Main Roller Rink located at Bellaire (now Holcombe) and Main. Phone number: had, 0251. Is this a new skating rink that we never knew about? There are other South Main skating rinks: Gateway Roller Rink At 8370 South Main St. Gateway Swim And Skate At 8510 South Main St. Rolls-Away Roller Rink On South Main St. Here's an ad in The Texan dated June 8, 1944. A decade later. A little simple, but effective.
  12. I was looking at old The Bellaire Texan magazines and in an issue dated September 23, 1964 there was a business listing for a place called The Yum Yum Tree located at So. Main & Holcombe. Anyone recall this place? Houston's most unusual imports - gifts - gourmet foods.
  13. I think it was the End o' Main Ballroom. Eating Bill Williams' fried chicken with your hands was "Fried Chicken - Savage Style". I never knew that you could eat it any other way.
  14. I remember going to the bottom of the Crystal Pool and entering the air dome made by a B17 plastic canopy. The canopy was chained to the bottom of the pool and air was pumped in from the bottom. The canopy trapped the air and floated about 3 feet off the bottom. I know Liability Lawyers would be break dancing to get a shot at that now! Anyway, my question is "What is the name of the skating rink that was right next door on S. Main? ".
  15. I was browsing the newspaper The Thresher dated January 23, 1975 and noticed an advertisement for The Upstairs Pub located at 8330 South Main St. Anyone remember this 1970s bar near the Texas Medical Center? Pictures or stories? "Publican James D. Hicks"
  16. I was browsing the newspaper The Texan dated January 22, 1986 and came across a business ad for Lucky Chan's Restaurant located at 6628 South Main St. Grand opening. Cantonese - Hunan Cuisine. Did anyone ever eat here? 30 years later, was it as good as the infamous Chinese restaurants a long South Main in the 50s and 60s?
  17. I was browsing the newspaper The Citizen dated May 26, 1948 and came across a business ad for Ballerina Bar located at 8150 South Main St. "The New Look In Houston's Cocktail Bars" featuring Bill Await at the Piano and Solovox. Sizzling Steaks. Anyone recall this place? I never heard of it. Very cool find in the history of South Main!
  18. I was browsing The Citizen dated November 14, 1947 and came across a business listing for Underwood and Ezell Drive In Theatres - The Main Drive In located at 9900 South Main St. and Winkler Drive In located at 205 Wrinkler Dr. A little confused. I thought the South Main Drive-In Theater was located at 11510 South Main St. You also had the McClendon Triple Drive-In Theater located At 11991 South Main St. Was this an earlier location of the South Main Drive-In Theater? Pretty cool find!
  19. I was browsing Southwestern Times magazine dated January 13, 1949 and came across this business listing for Courteous Cab Co. located at Bellaire (now Holcombe) and South Main. Looks like the owner, or driver was Justin Phone Number - 8-5155. Very cool! Anyone, on the slight, know about this place? I wonder the chance of our HAIF members using, or hearing, about this cab company. That corner of Main & Holcombe is very, very famous. I'm glad TAMU made a statement there. Only if we could develop the opposite corner with the Burger King and Pizza Hut.
  20. I was browsing Southwestern Times dated May 17, 1945 and noticed a business ad for Wingate's Mexican Restaurant located at 6641 South Main St. Anyone ever eat here? Any pictures, or postcards of the restaurant? What shopping center was it in? Was there a particular shopping center developer in the 1940s.
  21. I was browsing Southwest Citizen dated May 11, 1950 and came across a business listing for Windmill Cleaners located at 6632 South Main St. Love the mid-century look of this building! What strip center was this located in? Looks like a standalone building? Windmill Cleaners had three locations at the time: 6632 South Main St 2507 River Oaks Blvd. 2506 University Blvd. 6632 South Main: 2507 River Oaks: 2506 University:
  22. I was just reading Rice University's The Thresher magazine dated January 11, 1945 and came across this business advertisement. Arthur Long (Formerly manager of the Plantation) Invites you to be his guest at the Halong Club - 8100 South Main Street (Opposite Prince's) New Oak Dance Floor - The finest music - now featuring Jack Rodman & His Orchestra 8100 South Main has a history of being a dance/music club. It was right where South Main splits with Old Spanish Trl, the Y configuration. - Halong Club - Hitching Post Club - Texas Corral (Palladium Club) Also, Arthur Long was a former manager of Plantation Club. Where exactly is that club? I thought I read it was located in an outside tent? HAIF has the addresses of 9101 South Main and another at 10200 South Main. I thought it was closer to the 7000 block of South Main?
  23. I was browsing The Rice Thresher magazine dated September 14, 1964 and noticed this business listing for Starlite Ballroom located at 9810 South Main St. How awesome! I'd love to hear more about this place. Was this event/club called something previously? C.L. And The Pictures Also Bobby Blackmon And The Blue Orbits. October 1, 1964
  24. I was browsing The Thresher dated October 24, 1930 and came across a business listing for Dixie Golf Course located at 6105 South Main Blvd. "Just across the street from the South Gate." Was this apart of the Hermann Park Golf Course? Very cool find! Was South Main really a boulevard back in the 1930s or was this a typo? I believe the TMC area was actually called Uptown as well.
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