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  1. I couldn't find any information about it. Here is the picture and caption from that monorail site: http://www.monorails.org/webpix/1956.jpg Now my question is what was "Arrowhead Park"? Was this an amusement park? I couldn't find it on a map of Houston from the mid-1950s.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for information regarding a 1950s restaurant that was located in the Texas Medical Center. The restaurant is called Peter Pan Dude Ranch located at 6504 South Main St. Does anyone have any photographs of the restaurant? Perhaps there is some postcards, or matchbooks of this place? Is anyone old enough to have ate here that can share some stories and memories? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just discovered this obscure motel on South Main! It was the Clover Leaf Motor - Motor & Trailer Court, 16 units. Found this in the 1950 Sanborn map of the area.
  4. I also ate many luscious Someburgers made at that stand across from Rice when I was an undergrad there. I remember being surprised when it was suddenly torn down, sometime in the late 1960s. I went to inspect ... and saw my first rats ... (!!!) ... a dozenor more milling about amid the debris of their destroyed abode. I nearly fainted ... and felt very thankful that I hadn't, afaik, gotten sick from any of the many burgers I'd eater there.
  5. I saw this business listing in a Rice University The Thresher magazine dated May 25, 1944. The Recreation Bowling Alley was located at 6445 South Main St. Phil Munn. was the manger. Right across from Rice. Very cool! Edit: Here's an ad from October 6, 1948 that includes the address.
  6. Does anyone know the address of the Cyclone Fence Division located on South Main and University Blvd? This would have been in the 1950s/1960s I believe. Looks like the address would be in the 6400 block of South Main. Different times back then! Who would have thought a fence company would be located in the heart of the TMC? George Hermann and his business partners had a complete lumber and saw mill on South Main Blvd in the early 1900s. More about that later! Cool find! Would love to know more. Does anyone recall this place? Edit: Is that house on the parcel apart of the business? Maybe a demo house to show customers? I can see the fencing material scattered around, but the house is actually not fenced.
  7. Found this cool, historic business advertisement in the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated June 8, 1955. You Want One? Sure You Do! “Do it yourself” tub enclosure No messy shower curtain They're safe- made of fiber-glass Fits any standard tub Special $39.95 You save $10 Good until June 15th Fits any standard tub Your choice of assorted colors Do it yourself – Or we will install it! Bennett Home Improvement 6706 South Main (evenings MO-4-4452) JA-4-0742
  8. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated April 1, 1921 and came across an advertisement for the Wild-Cat Aerial Circus. Have You Bought Your Tickets For the Great Aerial Circus? Mrs. S.E.J. Cox, Director of the Circus. The world’s most exciting, thrilling, sensational and hair-raising dare-devil stunts ever preformed are to be shown in Houston at the great Wild-Cat Aerial Circus which will start at 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, April 2d. No real red-blooded American whose every pulse tingles when excitement is high can afford to miss this greatest of all aerial exhibitions. The greatest daredevils of all time, with new thrilling and wonderful aerial stunts, the best that the combined talent of America and Europe produces, will all be shown to those who attend this marvelous circus. $10,000. This is really a circus and everyone who attends will get $10.00 worth of entertainment and excitement; but as the whole show is being given for the benefit of the Volunteers of America and their charitable work in Houston, the tickets will be sold at the very low price of 50c and $1.00 each. Anyone who has not already obtained a ticket for this record-breaking entertainment should secure one immediate at the following downtown stores: Radford Drug Co. , Main and Preston The Olympia Candy Kitchen, Main and Congress J. Loewenstein & Son Cigar Store, 216 Main American Confectionery, Main and Preston Max Block, Candies and Cigars, Main & Texas Anderson Drug Co. Main and Rusk Public Drug Co., Main and Walker South End Pharmacy, Louisiana and McGowen Pressley & Reed, Louisiana and McGowen Lieut. H.C. Block, Miss Marry Cox, Capt. O.B. Freeman, H.B. Snow, Daredevil Dick Seal, and Percy Hoose. Saturday afternoon, April 2nd. N.B. - Don't come to the circus if your heart is weak. Cox Field : : : : South Main Street. Attend the Aerial Circus Saturday, April 2 At the South Main Street Flying Field Benefit Volunteers of America
  9. Found this cool, 1969, club advertisement and wanted to share. Did anyone ever go here? Any memories or photos? ** Houston's Newest Fun Spot ** The Riverboat 7025 South Main . . . . MO 5-9159 Open 4 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. every night ** Arnett Cobb and the Mob ** Featuring The Riverboat Girls Dance 'Till Midnight Show from 12:30 A.M. * After Hours
  10. This week, I discovered a 1963 club on South Main Street called Golden Horseshoe Club. Golden Horseshoe Club Your Hosts * Edie Knight * Dee Windel * Bob Marshal Houston's newest and most exciting after hours club - 8:30 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. Featuring George Berry Trio 8330 South Main (opposite Colt Stadium in Surrey House Motel) MO 79261
  11. I found a rare, obscure 1940s amusement park! I've never seen it discussed on the internet or in the library archives before! I was searching around Twitter for Playland Park. A Twitter account that documents Houston history posted some Playland Park memories and (wrongfully) included a Speer Park flyer in the post body. At first thought I thought Speer Park was just a rebranding of Playland Park, but it appears it's a whole different amusement park! Anyone know about this park? I wonder why it's never spoken about? Maybe Playland Park overshadowed the smaller park? I just don't know why this park didn't have any daily/weekly newspaper articles and advertisements. No press whatsoever! The park was located in the opposite direction of Sivils' Drive-In Restaurant At 8001 South Main St. and Prince's Hamburgers Drive-In Restaurant At 8101 South Main St. The developer, owner, and manager was Sim L. Speer. "Houston's Permanent Family Playgound - Cool Speer Park" In the April 10, 1943 edition of Billboard Magazine, there was a listing of all the Texas amusement parks: Galveston- Beach Amusement Park Sam Serio, Manager. Has eight rides, six concession games. Houston- Playland Amusement Park John E. Williams - Secy. On South Main St. Houston- Speer Park Sim L. Speer - Owner. Has 10 rides, 20 concession games. Houston- Sylvan Beach Park E.L. Crain, Owner / H.W. Dahse, Manager. Has five rides, four concession games. Another Billboard Magazine article from the early 1940s: Houston, April 11 - Speer Park, under management of Sim L. Speer, opened its season yesterday, with all special low prices for kids under 12 to be in effect thruout season, Fridays thru Sundays. Park has 10 rides and 20 concession games. Billboard article about a day in Houston visiting Playland Park and Speer Park: 1940s ground water report specifying the location of Speer Park that was 5-3/4 miles southwest of the Houston courthouse. Here's a 1955 aerial image of the South Main/Old Spanish Trail "Y" Split. The two drive-in restaurants are located in the center, off of South Main. I'm not sure which side Speer Park was on. The amusement park might have been dismantled and demolished by the time of the photograph? I'll have to look at Google Earth Desktop a bit later to see the 1944 images. Maybe you can see the park with Google Earth. Can anyone spot the park?
  12. Very cool! I have never even heard of this business. Love finding cool, old, businesses in Houston. I found this in Rice University's yearbook called The Campanile dated 1966. Does anyone remember this place? Photographic Systems and Materials for Science and Research, Architecture, Fine Arts. George Lange & Co. Cameras 6630 South Main St. - Houston, Texas 77025 - JA 6-4311
  13. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated September 13, 1945. Noticed an add for Mading's Drug Stores that had 3 store numbers and addresses listed. They must have been later stores since they are counting into the teens. Mading's Drug Stores No. 14 - 6602 South Main No. 15 - 2402 University Boulevard No. 19 - 1930 Bissonnet
  14. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2011/03/menninger-clinic-to-break-ground-on.html This may have already been posted but I coudln't find it.
  15. I've been researching this shopping center/retail center for a while. Thought I would create a dedicated thread for more exposure. Who was the developer? Who was the architect? Does anyone remember this shopping area on the corner of Holcolmbe & South Main? I bet someone on HAIF used to shop here. Would love to see some photos! This would have been active in the 1960s and was closed in the early 1970s. From the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated November 7, 1968: Sound Equipment 3118 Smith (Smith at Elgin) JA 6-3651 3727 Westheimer (E. of Highland Village) MI 4-7371 7227 Fondren (Next to H.M.T.) 771-5819 (Frontenac Plaza) 6800 S. Main A 6-0436 (Howard at Gulf Frwy.) 8404 Winkler MI 4-7371 (Spring Branch) 8343 Long Point HO 8-8646
  16. There was a Plantation on South Main, known to regulars there as "The Plant". It was was on the east side of Main, between OST and Playland Park. Playland was just north of where Murworth is now. You're right. It was very popular with young, night-clubbers in the 40's. Thanks also, Subdude, from me for all the great, old pictures!
  17. Harry James also played at the Paladium Club on South Main @ OST in about 1954. It was owned by local musician, Johnny Martinez. Everybody played there, even Elvis what's-his-name. It could seat 2,000 people.
  18. Today I was looking around Ebay for some historical Houston items and came across a map of Texas Commerce Bankgroup. In the directory they list all their bank locations. One location is located at 6545 South Main Street. Very famous address! Wasn't the old restaurant and club called Ye Old College Inn Restaurant and Club located at this spot? Maybe 10 to 20 years apart? I wonder if this bank was a single building or if it was apart of a retail strip center. Does anyone remember this bank? How many cool, independent, banks were located a long South Main/Fannin at the time? Banks seem to merge and get bigger and bigger. Now Chase controls everything it seems like. Also, wasn't Texas Commerce at 600 Travis at one point? Their Houston headquarters appear to be at Main & Rusk at the time. Texas Commerce Medical Bank 6645 Main St. P.O. Box 20768 Houston, Texas 77030 713/795-4222
  19. I was browsing a newspaper dated August 5, 1967 and came across a cool vintage advertisement. The advertisement was for an old motel called Mitchell Inn Motel located at 10015 South Main Street. Cool stuff!! You'll See More of Houston, Texas When You Stay at the new Mitchell Inn Nearest to the Astrodome Minutes to Downtown Everything is provided for your mos pleasant stay in Houston- Luxurious and Spaces Rooms, Swimming pool, Marvelous Food, Entire Inn Centrally Air Conditioned and Heated, Many Other New Innovations and Conveniences. Write for Descriptive Folder. For Reservations Phone 713-667-9173 Low Daily Rates from $6.50 single
  20. Looking for information about this cool old motel. I believe it changed hands at some point. I'm trying to research the original owner of the motel. I assume this place opened in the 1960s? Anyone recall this place? “Fountain Nocturnal” Holiday Inn Motel 10319 So. Main – U.S. 59 and 90A Coffee Shop – Swimming Pool Open Year Around Near the Texas Medical Center, Shamrock Hotel and **** ***** Restaurant. For this who appreciates the nicer ***** and ***** MO 403481. Houston's Holiday Inn Conveniently near Colt and Rice University Stadiums, Medical Center, City's Best Restaurants, Park, and Zoo. Beautiful Swimming Pool and Coffee Shop. Large Family Playground and Ample Car-By-Door Parking. Owner-Managed. 10319 Main Street (South) Phone: Mohawk 4-3481. See listing above
  21. I was researching Lovitt Commercial's new development and I came across this. I never knew there used to be a Howard Johnson Express Inn Astrodome/Medical Center here. wow!! The address was 9604 South Main Street. Cool history here!! Did anyone ever happen to stay here?
  22. I don't know if anyone still reads this, but I will give it a shot. I am not old enough to remember playland park, or most of these places, but I do know about the kiddie park with the "tired old ponies" that was over by Braeswood. Kiddie Wonderland was off S. Main and Kirby. I think the actual location was 7800 S. Main, if my memory is correct. In the 80's and early 90's there was a carousel, a train that went around the park, a boat ride, airplane ride, car ride (had all the bases covered), a petting zoo, and the ring on the side for the ponies, who were actually more ornery than tired. There was also one donkey named Jack who pulled a wagon. My favorite horse was Tippy, a brown and white shetland pony who always refused to trot. In about 1989, the carousel got smaller. This is because they sold the one they had to the Texas Renaissance Festival. TRF still uses this carousel, though the horses have been replaced. Kiddie Wonderland had this cute multicolored wooden fence around the front and a little shack where you bought tickets for the rides. Often, 2 adorable little girls could be seen "working" the ticket booth. That place held great memories for me. If anyone is looking for pictures of the place, I have some. I would have to scan them in because they are in a photo album right now, but I can do so easily. Just send me a note and let me know.
  23. The Westbury Square thread reminded me about this article which I had not exposed to the web. It provides history of the airport from its origins in 1941 to the article date in 1947. As noted in the Westbury Square thread, the airport property is bounded by present-day South Main, Chimney Rock, Hillcroft and West Bellfort. http://houstonfreeways.com/images/sam_hous...ew_complete.jpg
  24. Does anyone recall the hamburger place in the Texas Medical Center called Cliff's Grill? Sometimes written as Cliff's Hamburgers. I believe it (in broad terms) just recently went out of business after 15 years. I think Cliff's Grill was a Houston business that had 2 or 3 stores? I searched HAIF and there was at least one other store. The store in the TMC opened in 1990, but the business was established in 1978. I love burgers. Somehow, I never went to this place! How did it stack up, to let's say, Prince's or Annie's? Or how about Jax Grill or Skeeter's Mesquite Grill? Tell me about this place! Cliff's Grill After almost 15 years of service, we will be closing our doors at the end of this week. Our final day of operation will be on Saturday, October 23, 2021. We are so grateful to have had the chance to serve the community here in the medical center. Thanks to each and every one of you for your patronge, kindness, friendship, and support. We couldn't have done done any of this without y'all. There is one remaining location of Cliff's in Houston and it is located at 1822 Fountain View Dr. across from the HEB on San Felipe. IF you ever get a craving for our food-- You can visit them! Thank you again, we wish you all the best! Kindly,
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