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  1. Does anyone happen to have pictures of the old Dixie Theater located at 603 Main Street? Thanks
  2. Update on Pearland Park & Ride http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/pea...ws/5036890.html Pearland city officials are counting on a study by the Houston-Galveston Area Council to turn the idea of a Park & Ride in the city to reality. Assistant City Manager Nick Finan said the study will look at a number of factors, including the location, cost, the parties that should be involved and the funding sources that could help get a Park & Ride off the ground. No timetable has been set for completing the study, Finan said. "It's a complicated issue," City Manager Bill Eisen said. "There are a lot of funding sources out there, and until we know more about them, it's hard to say if it's a definite thing that can happen or not." This spring, Pearland officials received separate proposals from the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County and a Texas-based consulting firm about starting a Park & Ride along Texas 288. Metro's proposal initially would provide 400 parking spaces at Cinemark Cinema on Texas 288 south of FM 518 until a permanent parking structure is built, Eisen said. The city would pay $500,000 a year for the temporary parking until a three-story parking structure is built that would accommodate 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles. After the structure is complete, the city would contribute $1.6 million a year under the plan. The Goodman Corporation, a transportation and urban-planning firm, presented a short-term proposal that would provide 250 parking spaces at a to-be-determined existing site, Eisen said. The corporation's long-term plan calls for construction of a permanent parking facility with 600 parking spaces. After holding several workshop meetings on the issue, Pearland officials decided to take a step back to explore all the options. "The Metro proposal would require a significant commitment of the city," City Councilwoman Felicia Kyle said. "It seems to be a financially challenged project." Kyle said City Council needs feedback from Pearland residents "about what they would like to see or not to see." City Councilman Kevin Cole also has concerns about the cost to the city of setting up and maintaining a Park & Ride. Finan said the H-GAC study also would gauge how a Park & Ride in Pearland would fit into a "future holistic transportation system for the city." "We wouldn't put it in a location that wouldn't benefit us in the future," he said.
  3. Palace Theatre At 807-811 Texas Ave. This is an earlier second Majestic Theatre in the city, which opened on February 21, 1910 as a vaudeville theatre, with movies as part of the program. It was built by Karl St. John Hoblitzelle for his Interstate Theatres Inc. circuit.
  4. What is the latest on the huge Silverado Theatre on 249? It is/was supposed to have 19 screens with IMAX. They don't seem to be moving on it as of late. Does anyone know what the deal is? When is this thing supposed to open?
  5. There is a closed theater on the south side of Old Spanish Trail between Griggs and Scott Street. It is a pretty monolithic structure compared to everything that's around it and is considerably larger than the River Oaks Theater. In the RO Theater thread, sevfiv had already provided pictures of it. Anybody got photos of it in its heyday? Anybody know the owner? What's up with this place?
  6. This movie theatre was around in the late 60s. I believe it was near Little York Rd. Does anyone remember this theatre (where it was, when it closed, etc.)? Thanks.
  7. I am gonna guess that pic 1 (#1771) is really the Fulton Theater based on the curve in the road. Hard to tell from the construction photo but some of the features do seem to favor the completed Fulton theater. #1771 labelled as Santa Rosa Fulton Theater The Fulton was at 3310 Fulton which plops it down where irvington merges into fulton....where there would be curve in the road. see bailey's aerial of the location here: http://www.cah.utexas.edu/db/dmr/image_lg....iable=e_bb_1573
  8. Does anyone remember the Navaway Theater? It was on the corner of Navagation and 67th. I lived right around the corner from it and althought its been torn down I will never forget the red seats, sticky floor and popcorn smell . The last movie I saw there was a Rickey Nelson movie called Your Love and Kisses. Does anybody have a photo of this theater they could share?
  9. Who remembers going to the old Irvington Drive-In Theater located at 8411 Irvington Blvd. Tell me some of your memories and stories about this historic theatre.
  10. The Galleria is the closest to Times Sqaure in Houston. Got shopping, arcade,resteraunts,music store, computr stores,offices, hotels, health club,and a new expansion. This mall has everything malls has accept one thing..........a movie theater. FO some reason there has never been a theater or one in the area around The Galleria. This is truely bad plannning. A movie theater would be a mjor source of income. Only reason I can't see builg one is there is no space. The could use the space behind The Galleris or tear down Dillards. Spectrum 9 about a mile away is gone. Edwards at Greenway is too far. SO why do you suppose they've never built a cinema at THe Galleria...........they forgot? They could built an Imax!!!
  11. Hello HAIF, I'm looking for information regarding an old (now demolished) Drive-In Theater. Can anyone help me? This particular drive-in was located in Pasadena, TX. I believe the name was simple, and just called Pasadena Drive-In Theater located at 2221 South Shaver Street. Does anyone have more information? I'm doing a project and need some additional knowledge. Thanks again!
  12. Don't remember this playground at Sharpstown Drive-In, but my parents took us there at night. Enjoy!
  13. Attention shoppers: This is only a test Houston Business Journal: July 2006 Memorial-area shoppers are all abuzz over a merchandising plan that leaked out for the old Town & Country Mall location being redeveloped as CityCentre. A site plan for the proposed mixed-use development includes names of nearly 50 high-end stores and restaurants such as Sonoma Home, Z Tejas, Fourth & Towne and Studio Move Grill. The array of haute retail stores is hot news on the modern version of the rumor mill as e-mail loops used by moms groups in the area get the word out. Before revving up those credit cards, however, shoppers should be aware that the merchandising plan does not list retailers actually committed to leasing space in CityCentre. It simply represents a roster of prime prospects the leasing agent would like to see sign on the dotted line. "A lot of it is just wishing and dreaming," says Nick Hernandez of Page Realty Partners Ltd., the broker in charge of filling space at CityCentre. Hernandez says this type of merchandising plan is typically used to show potential tenants the vision for a project. The Midway Cos. is planning CityCentre at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Beltway 8 to include 350,000 square feet of retail, residential units and a hotel. But construction won't start until an undisclosed percentage of retail space is taken. No tenants have inked a leasing contract yet, but Hernandez says there has been demand in the area for a long time. If the online hubbub created by the pretend merchandising plan is any indication, that seems to be a safe assumption.
  14. If you haven't done so yet, and you care about these great Houston Landmarks, go here to sign an online petition to try to save them. It would be a shame to see 2 of the last art deco style theaters torn down. Thanks! Jason http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/riveroaks/
  15. Does anyone know what was Houston's first movie theatre? Was it the Majestic in 1923? Seems kind of late for a town's first movie theatre. Was there one earlier than that? Thanks!
  16. Had a nice time at the Studio Movie Grill, taking our 2.5 year old to see the movie "Cars". I love the concept, similar to Alamo Drafthouse. Very comfortable, easy...clean...with good food and drinks. They (Alamo DH, SMG, and Movie Tavern) typically locate in older renovated theatres, and I was worried about the picture/sound quality, however the entire facility is completely renovated, with new screens, projectors, leather seating, great sound systems, etc. Pleasantly surprised...I think I even prefer it to any of the new AMC/Cineplex stadium theatres. We'll definitely do it again.
  17. I am torn on this issue. I grew up going to Theatres with 3-6 screens. I have some great memories of Briargrove 3 before it became and dollar theatre and after. When we moved to Briargrove Park we had all sorts of options. There was AMC Westchase 5, Plitt Woodlake Square 3, AMC Town & Country 6 and Also Lowes Town and Country 3. Any movie you wanted to see was at those theaters. I can remember seeing Rocky III, Scarface (snuck in), and ET at Woodlake 3. I can remember the narrowness of the T&C 6 Lobby. There was also a cool video game room. It probably had 6-10 video games. I can remember in 7th grade meeting and kissing a girl at T&C 3 while viewing Revenge of the Nerds. It was my first pick up. My buddy got farther than me (2nd base if you will) and never let me live that one down. His girl was cuter as well. I remember getting dropped off at all these theaters for an early movie and we would stay and watch 2 movies. It was a fun time. When AMC Town and Country 12 was built across I-10 the movie experience started to shift towards bigger theaters with more choices. Today, I enjoy the big theaters with the multiple choices, more legroom, stadium seating etc. But I would never change the memories I had of the old school 70's and 80's and theatres. I am sure some of the older people remember the theaters with one screen and thought the Town n Country 6 was a huge change. We have Netflix so it is rare we even head to a theater anymore. Maybe 3-5 times a year. We might hit a movie tomorrow. AMC 30 / Dunvale here we come. Parking be damned.
  18. I am working on a book about movie theatres and drive-ins in the Houston area. I am now in the final stages of the project and am trying to find photos of drive-ins for that chapter. Some, such as the Airline and I-45, are well covered. I am at a loss on others. I am especially interested in finding photos of the Thundirbird. Does anyone have any photos of Drive-in theatres in the area that they would allow to be used for this project? Thanks for any help on this project. David Welling
  19. Just saw the sign for "Movie Tavern" to open at the site of the recently vacated Home Depot at 249 & FM 1960. Looks pretty cool, similar concept to Alamo Drafthouse. http://www.movietavern.com/
  20. Where can I get information about the famous Texan Theater located at 812 Capitol Street? Thanks!
  21. I've always said that the empty parcel of land north of the Marq*E would make for a good location for a multi-tenant residential property, just like I always thought the (once) empty parcel of land just west of the former Compaq Center/Summit would've made for a nice multi-tenant residential property to tie in with the Edwards Cinema Greenway Plaza location. Right now, the property by the Marq*E looks to belong to a group that specializes in quarrying and such.
  22. Another movie theater that became a church was the Garden Oaks on North Shepherd.
  23. Undated photograph of the Epsom drive-in. It would make sense if were built on the site of the old race track.
  24. EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the December 10, 2004 print edition Group pays $24.5 million for Arena complex with rowdy past Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal A local partnership has purchased the Arena Towers and Arena Theatre with plans to increase the occupancy rates by making significant capital improvements in the properties with a checkered history. Fred Schiller is general partner in the Arena Group, which bought the two office towers and circular theater from Miami-based Lennar Partners for roughly $24.5 million. The acquisition includes two 19-story buildings, each with approximately 390,000 square feet of space; a 2,850-seat live performance theater; and two nine-story parking garages with a total of 2,200 spaces. The properties are located on the Southwest Freeway at Fondren. The performance venue had been leased and operated for many years by H'Town Arena, which stopped leasing the facility days before the sale closed. Officials with the former theater operator could not be reached for comment. "We're currently in negotiations with several major national venue operators who are very interested in leasing it," Schiller says. The Class B office space in the two towers is approximately 70 percent occupied, with several large call centers as tenants. PM Realty Group has been replaced by Transwestern Commercial Services in leasing and management of the property. Leasing will be handled by Michele Ellis-Felder and Clint Bawcom. Coincidentally, Ellis-Felder used to lease the property roughly 12 years ago. She says finding tenants will be much easier now because construction on the Southwest Freeway has been completed and the buildings were renovated six years ago. "There's just a whole new feel and look to the property," she says. Towers of Powers The office buildings were developed in the early 1980s by Mel Powers. They were constructed next to the theater, which was originally built in 1965. Powers grabbed a lot of attention at the time by building a personal penthouse on top of one of the office towers. Later, when the project went into foreclosure, he tried to homestead the whole tower as a residence. "It was a pretty celebrated case," recalls Robert Williamson of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, who with Jeff Hollinden represented Lennar Partners on the sale. "This is a very storied project. He (Powers) was a very flamboyant developer," Williamson says. New owner Schiller plans to spend an undisclosed but "significant" amount on further upgrading the appearance and functionality of the buildings. "I'm very bullish on this area of town," Schiller says. "It's undergoing some major revitalization right now. I think it's an unbeatable location." Lennar Partners had spent the last couple of years making improvements to the property as well, says Williamson of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler. "We had incredible interest for the buildings," says Williamson, of the recent marketing push. "There was tremendous upside available to the buyer." Tucker Knight of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, who arranged financing for the buyer, says lenders also saw an upside even though the buildings did not have superior cash flow. Citigroup Global Markets Inc. arranged a loan for 80 percent of the cost, and the buyer got a very low interest rate, he says. "This building could be a home run for the current ownership," says Knight. jdawson@bizjournals.com • 713-960-5935
  25. In my research on "Drive-Ins.Com," I found out that many of the now closed-down drive in theatres in Texas were owned by C.C. Ezell & Underwood. The one that I've been trying to find information about for at least the past six months (the Winkler Drive-In Theatre in Houston) was owned by that firm. Does anyone out there know anything about what might have happened to C.C. Ezell & Underwood? My Google search turned up nothing. Chet Cuccia It might be listed the other way around: Underwood & C.C. Ezell. I don't know for sure. It was one way or the other.
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