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  1. The Red Bluff was at the corner of Hwy 225 and Red Bluff Rd in Pasadena, on the south side of 225. A very long time ago there was also the Eagle Drive In on Red Bluff Rd way out near Spencer Hwy. I think the Eagle became the Town and Country. A lot of the old Red Bluff is still in evidence, but I don't there's anything left of the Town and Country. I have found some remarkable aerial photos of Houston's freeways that show the old Post Oak Drive-in and the old King Center Twin Drive-ins. The Post Oak was where Hidalgo now runs from Post Oak over to Bering. The King Center was on South Park Blvd (now MLK) at Holmes Road. Here's a link to the Loops Chapter in a remarkable E-Book on the development of Houston's freeways. http://www.oscarmail.net/houstonfreeways/e...272-321_150.pdf Scroll down through some truly remarkable photos. It's a big chapter with a lot of big pictures, so it'll take about a minute to download with a DSL. Be patient. It's worth the wait. BTW: you'll also see an incredible photo of that ammonia tank truck explosion on the west loop in May of 1976, taken only moments after it happened.
  2. Shepherd Drive-In, which was on the site at 6004 N. Shepherd now occupied by Reddy Ice (just north of where W. Montgomery crosses N. Shepherd). Airline Drive-In at 4507 Airline - looks like there are several businesses (a motel, a doctor's office, and another building that looks residential) on this site now, judging from the street view on Google Maps. There's a very nice color picture of the drive-in on Cinema Houston's drive-in page.
  3. Went to the lovely park next door to the 610/Meyer Park Walmart and across from the AMC movie house I've been to lots: Tried to feet the cute ducks with some old bagels we had and they didn't go for it. Looked across the street and noticed that the AMC 16 was closed. Had no idea. I think it was kind of going downhill from last movie seen there. During the prevues the sound went off and didn't come back on until the feature film. Didn't like that as I love the prevues.
  4. The Eastwood Theater in Near East End of downtown. Now just a patch or fake man-made hillside with grass. You would have to have seen the classic photos of this beauty to appreciate it. Again, only Bob Bailey has captured its original splendor in pictures. The McClendon Triple Drive-In Theaters in far South Main...just a rusty old flea market/field or junk yard? and how can we not mention The Shamrock Hotel? Ok, who has some Prozac?
  5. A small paragraph in the Texas Real Estate Business magazine caught my attention this morning. The article was discussing several shopping center projects in Texas, and the Grand Corners development was one of the featured projects. According to this article, the developers are talking to a
  6. Where was the Kirby theater location? For the life of me I can't remember that one.
  7. I remember the Galleria had a movie theater, which no longer exists. I believe it had 3 screens.
  8. Ok, I was researching historic Houston theaters and came across a blog post about a theater called "Texas Theatre" which was located near Congress and Main Street from 1915 until 1921. Surely this theater was renamed at some point? Does anyone have pictures, or postcards of this old theater? Thanks all.
  9. Who has information on the old Airway Theatre located at 5206 Airline Road?
  10. Who has history of the (very old) Cozy Theater located at 1112 Texas Avenue in Downtown? Did I read right that it opened in October 17, 1910?
  11. Here's some history about the General Cinemas Meyerland Plaza 8 located at 100 Meyerland Plaza. General Cinema I & II which became I, II & III (they split the larger of the 2 theatres into 2 theatres to make 3) was torn down to make room for the new movie theatre. Although there were at least three other General Cinemas two-screen complexes with the same “butterfly” design (e.g. the Northline and the Gulfgate cinemas) the Meyerland was the only of the lot to survive the auditorium splitting of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The proprietors of the Meyerland Shopping Centre allegedly had a rider on the GC contract stating that at least one of the theatre’s two auditoriums must remain intact. It opened on April 14, 1965.
  12. Check out the Showboat in Hockley. http://www.theshowboatdrivein.com/index.html
  13. Who remembers when Playhouse Theatre was on South Main at the Southgate corner? Playhouse was very close to the Houston Medical Towers. The Baylor Clinic at 6620 South Main is located where Playhouse Theatre used to stand. Edit:
  14. I don't recall reading about this building/venue in the past and I'm curious about it. Ya know, the basics... How long was it around, where was it, anyone have memories of it? Thanks in advance!
  15. Cinema Latino is opening their 1st theater in the Houston metro area in Pasadena at Southmore and Burke. Taking over 20,000 square feet of space formerly occupied by a theater, they show 1st run Hollywood movies, dubbed/subtitled in Spanish, also Latin and Central American films. Everything is in Spanish, including the lobby and theater music, the concessions, and the advertisements. Opening is planned for May 19. [bay Area Houston Economic Partnership]
  16. The Greenway Theatre, which has screened films in the basement of Greenway Plaza for 35 years, will close at the end of this year. Employees say Landmark Theatres lost its lease at 5 East Greenway Plaza. Landmark, a chain that specializes in independent and foreign films, has operated the Greenway since 1994. Landmark informed theater employees Saturday, two days before Christmas, that they'd be laid off. A sign taped to the ticket booth announces the closing and refers all questions to Landmark's corporate office. It also reads: "Hope you remember us fondly." The three-screen Greenway is Houston's second-oldest movie theater, behind River Oaks Theatre. When the Greenway opened in 1972, it was hailed as an important part of developer Kenneth Schnitzer's Greenway Plaza. The development's mix of uses
  17. My mother told me that she took me to the Santa Rosa Theatre to see a movie called "The Music Man" when it first came out. I looked up that movie on IMDB.COM and learned that it came out in 1962, which means that I was four year old at that time (I'm now 47). A couple of months ago, someone there in Houston was kind enough to take a photo of it and post it. Yes, it's still standing. The letters "SANTA ROSA" have been removed. Does anyone know if it will be demolished? Chet Cuccia
  18. I'm cleaning out some old e-mail today and came across an interesting letter from an HAI reader about the downtown tunnels that existed before the downtown tunnel system.
  19. My dad worked at the Village Theater while he was in high school in the early 40s. He took these pictures from the roof. I have seen these many times and never realized what they were until today. I thought I'd post them here in case anyone is interested in seeing how different University Blvd. looked over 65 years ago.
  20. Where was the Bellaire Theater located? I've only lived in the Bellaire area for a little over four years (and no, not in a McMansion...my house was built in 1955). I can't really picture where it might have been.
  21. Has the history of the Washington Theater been fully explored here? It appears that this was a live music theater active in Houston in the mid-to-late 1920s. What makes it interesting is that from the advertisements, it featured African-American musical talent but catered to a white audience. It was located at 2711 Odin Ave. in 1925, then moved to 2737 Odin in late 1926. Does anybody have a photograph? Here are some of the ads, all from the Houston Press: 1/27/1925: Broadway Rastus including the original Liza Girls - For White People Only 4/7/1925: Sledge and Sledge All Colored Review with the famous comedian Pot Licker -- coming next week Sippie Wallace, famous blue singer - For Whites Only 4/15/1925: Sippie Wallace - Okeh Record - Greatest Blue (sic) Singer - Note: Sippi (sic) "totes" a mean contralto voice, just suited for low-down blues - "Whites Only" 4/20/1925: "Footlight Follies" - All-Star Colored Artists with Esther Bigeou, Okeh Record Singer, and former leading lady with Broadway Rastus - Assisted by Will Eldridge and a Big Chorus 1/13/1926: McGann's Ragtime Stompers - Girls, Girls, Girls - 25 people with their own Jazz Band 1/12/1927: Mamie Smith, Victor Record Artist and her gang of 25 Broadway Negro Stars (no "Whites Only" designation) 2/9/1927: Original Dusty Murray and his Strutting Along Company presents "Chocolate Town" - A merry musical revue - Jazz band - Dancers - Hear this broadcast 11:15 Wed. over KFVI 2/17/1927: Wiley and Wiley, Blues Singers - Exclusive Okeh Record Artists - Bo Kelly, Musical Tramp - Chavers and Chavers, They make musical instruments laugh - Special Show for White People 3/10/1927: George Williams and Bessie Brown, Columbia Record Stars and their New York Revue 4/7/1927: Big Jazz Band - 30 people - Whitman Sisters
  22. Okay HAIF, I have a history question for you. I was researching the 1900s city park called Highland Park, which was located underneath the present-day Interstate 45 (Gulf Freeway). The Woodland Park could be used as a present-day location marker for research. Woodland Park is located at 212 Parkview Street. I read this on another website: In November 1905, Houston Electric Company sued Highland Park manager Fred Bishop for past-due rental payments, plus $30,000 in damages for violation of the parties’ lease agreement. The alleged violation was supposedly Bishop’s “admission of improper characters to the park.” M.C. Michael took over the lease in 1906. The park continued to operate as Highland Park until no later than June 1908, when it was reopened as “San Jacinto Park” under the auspices of the Houston Civic Club. The new name was confusing because there was already a park at the San Jacinto battleground, and it does not appear to have gained acceptance. So my question is: Is that accurate? Are there any news articles, postcards, images, documents, etc. that show the name change from Highland Park to San Jacinto Park? I know HAIF is your one-stop-shop for all things Houston. I know you guys should have more information. Thanks! Edit: The Houston Post dated July 2, 1908 San Jacinto Park Tonight San Jacinto Park Stock Co. In "The Man from Maine" Prices 10c and 20c. Curtain 8:15 Take Woodland Car Fireworks July 4th.
  23. Anyone remember where exactly on Hempstead Hwy. the Thunderbird was?
  24. As I said, I've been trying to find out about that drive-in theatre that I went to when I was a little kid (the Winkler). I saw on a street map that it was located at the corner of Winkler Drive and Flowers Street. I looked up that intersection on GlobeExplorer.Com. In that space of land that the Winkler was on I saw some other businesses. Could anyone tell me what their names are? It looks like the front of them are facing Interstate 45, so their addresses should be listed as Gulf Freeway.
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