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  1. Rice Village. Previously they were on Montrose in Chelsea Market.
  2. Not sure what part of town this is actually located, so this is my best guess. http://www.mainstreettheater.com/info/capitalcampaign.html http://www.mainstreettheater.com/info/images/BuildingRendering_f.jpg
  3. PLEASE HELP SAVE THE RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER AND THEATER --- SIGN HISTORIC HOUSTON'S ONLINE PETITION NOW Historic Houston is very concerned about the plans to demolish the River Oaks Shopping Center and River Oaks Theater, as reported by Lisa Gray in the Houston Chronicle this past Saturday. At the request of the community, Historic Houston has started an online petition drive to collect names of those concerned about the loss of these importand landmark buildings for Houston. River Oaks Shopping Center is the oldest shopping center in Texas and the second oldest shopping center in the nation (Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri is the nation's oldest). Hugh Potter, the center's designer, began building the River Oaks Shopping Center in 1937. The River Oaks Shopping Center is one of Houston's premier examples of Modern architectural design. Its architecturally significant features include the paired curved wings that face Shepherd Drive along with the long horizontal buildings along either side of West Gray and are representative of its Modern design. The detailing of the buildings, including its rounded corners, "porthole" windows along with black glass and stucco exemplify the classic Art Deco styling of the '30's and '40's. The River Oaks Shopping Center remains as one of the few viable retail buildings of its age and style remaining in Houston. The River Oaks Theater, built in 1939, is the oldest working movie theater in Houston. In response to the outcry from the community Historic Houston is providing space on our website where signatures can be collected in an online petition drive to Save the River Oaks Shopping Center and Theater. Simply go to Historic Houston's website at www.historichouston.org and fill in the box that says "Join our email mailing list". On the Interest Category page that opens, be sure to check the box next to Save the River Oaks Shopping Center and Theater. Historic Houston will provide those that have signed up through our website with the latest information and updates as they become available. All of the online petitions will be combined in hopes that the collective voice of the community can make a difference. "All preservation is local....get local preservation vocal" OTHER COMMUNITY INITIATED ONLINE PETITIONS CAN BE ACCESSED AND SIGNED AT http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/riveroaks/ Lynn Edmundson Historic Houston email: info@historichouston.org phone: 713-522-0542 web: http://www.historichouston.org
  4. Seems Angelica Theater is now closed permanently. I guess the A/C problems they were having are just a tell tale sign.
  5. seeing "inception" tonight at star cinema grill brought back a few childhood memories. a night out, growing up in conroe, texas during the late seventies and early eighties, meant you were at a… Click here to view the full review at Yelp.com
  6. What was the name of the drive-in theatre that was located generally where the Williams Tower water wall is now (Galleria)? From my house in Afton Oaks, in the late 1950's-early 1960's, we could see the screen. Is anyone old enough to have gone there? Thanks.
  7. http://www.city-data...-forgotten.html While looking at sevfiv's theater map/list above post #222, I ran across the Wayside theater. Don't recall ever seeing that one, growing up. Good pics on the link above, includes Eastwood, Wayside, other good ones.
  8. found your north houston theater at brunsonpark's link above (great link - thanks!) http://www.americanclassicimages.com/DesktopModules/CATALooKStore/MakeThumbImage.aspx?ID=%2fPortals%2f0%2f1%2fT%2fTX417.jpg&PORTALID=0 It was at 8718 Jensen
  9. Who recalls the old theater in The Heights called Stude Theater located at 730 East 11th Street?
  10. We (as teenagers) used to pass by all of these places going and coming from the McClendon Triple Drive-In way at the end of S. Main somewhere. My mom said this was the place to be during the heyday of the Shamrock Hotel later 1940's. The agenda was 1. Go jitterbug dancing at the Big Band Clubs. 2. Go eat afterwards at these places, not to mention PRINCE"S DRIVE-IN!!! You would see all of your friends there & hang out. Even before the 50's ala American Graffitti.
  11. I heard a rumor there was once a movie theatre in the Post Oak Pavillions where Americas is located. Is this true? If so, does anyone have any pics or memories. If there was an earlier post regarding this theatre, I apologize.
  12. Does anybody know the story on the abandoned building about 3800 N. Main? Who owns it, any proposed construction? It's been sitting there for a while and I was wondering if there were any plans for it.
  13. I can't pass by without wondering about this movie theather, The HCAD website says it's has an auditorium, It is located in front of Fiesta on Lawndale and 75th. Anyone have any info on it? Here is the link http://www.oldastroworld.com/album/slides/DSCN0326.html
  14. The Luby's is still there, and now there is a Pappadeux restaurant in the same parking lot that use to be a DENIS seafood place. How its changed. There is also a new phoenicia foods store there. I use to go there around 1997-2000. I remember watching Mortal Kombat Annihilation there. So Lately I have been going there and just standing in front of the box office, the numbers are still there and the doors still have letters on them. You can see spiderwebs from the outside that are on the inside of the doors. I think now its a storage place because I saw some people walking in there so I walked in there too for about 20 seconds and saw the big screen and lots of building materials there. Maybe next time Ill bribe the guy so he can let me all the way in. <h3 class="r"> </h3>
  15. Whatever happened to the old Cineplex Odeon that was somewhere in River Oaks? Was it torn down or is it being used today as something else? Where was it exactly ? I know this has zero to to with this particular theatre thread, but i didnt want to start a new thread for one question and i figure sevfiv, you probably know the answer.
  16. Does anyone recall the (now closed) Almeda Cinema 9 West Theater located at 12146 Gulf Freeway. Any information would be helpful!
  17. Greetings. Wondering if anyone is aware of a link to an aerial of the old South Main Drive In near Stella Link and what is now Willowbend? Or any other old photos of it for that matter. Thanks in advance, Neil
  18. Does anyone have any reviews for the movie theater called West Bellfort Cinema 5 located at 7703 W. Bellfort Blvd? Thinking about taking a date here. Thanks in advance!
  19. Does anyone know anything about the Dowling Theater on Dowling between Gray and Webster? At some point I had the address as 2110 Dowling (which Cinema Houston backs up), but I can't find any tax information about it. The location where I found the theater matches 2110 Dowling as well. Also, the MFAH's "Eye on Third Ward" lists a Dowling Theater being on the site of the Square Deal Cab Co. The address I found for Square Deal is 2819 Dowling (placing it at Tuam St.). Was there more than one Dowling? On the Harris County Block Book photo, lot 3 matches up (and here's the HCAD map), but HCAD doesn't list ownership of a lot 3: 2100 Dowling - lot 5 2106 Dowling - lot 4 2116 Dowling - TRS 1 and 2 2120 Dowling - TR 1B picture:
  20. We used to go to the Hi Neighbor Drive Inn off Mykawa. It was across and south from Dixie drive going towards Belfort. That would be on the west side of Mykawa. You can use historicaerials.com to find it. I don't know what the address was, but I think there is a warehouse there now. I saw To Russia With Love and the Incredible Mr. Limpet there.
  21. I'm almost certain you're thinking about the Trail Drive-in, which was on Old Spanish Trail on the other side of 288 from Yellowstone and Ardmore. In fact it was on the same property now occupied by the County Health Department's Mosquito Control Division. That's the only spot where something as big as a Drive In could have been. Zoom in with Google Earth to look at the big lot that's right up against the east side of 288 at OST. You can still make out very faint traces of curved parking rows of what was once a drive in theater. And I really need to get out more. I just looked at the intersection of Red Bluff Rd and hwy 225 in Pasadena and I could find no trace of the old Red Bluff Drive In. None. Nada. That property is now a large equipment lot for some big heavy equipment company.
  22. The Decker Drive-In was where my family went. I'll never forget once my dad saw some teenagers putting sugar cubes in peoples gas tanks while the driver was watching their movie. We got out of there. I'll also never forget the mosquito coils. I was usually preoccupied with the coil and missed the movie. The older kids were allowed to sit on top of the car and sometimes I was allowed to sit on the hood. Good memories.
  23. That drive-in on 45 at West Road was the McLendon Six. Six screens for your viewing pleasure. The old Epsom Drive-in was on Jensen Drive three streets north of Tidwell. There's not much left of it, physically. There's a building where the concession stand would have been, but the screen tower is gone. Zoom in on Google Earth and you can still see the clear outlines of the speaker rows. It's on Jensen three streets north of Tidwell. In your handy Keymap on page 454-A you will notice there's still a short street named Epsom at that location. The drive-in was built in the late 40s over part of the old Epsom Downs Race Track, which closed when Texas outlawed pari-mutuel horse race betting in 1937. A lot of that old property is now a Metro Park and Ride lot.
  24. King Center Twin Drive-In At 6400 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The King Center Twin Drive-In opened at 6:00 p.m. on June 25, 1952. The King Center Twin Drive-In was closed in 1981.
  25. There was a drive-in at Airport and Cullen. I think it was called the Chocolate Bayou Drive-In? Recent maps show the layout to still be there in the SW quadrant of the intersection, though covered by overgrowth. There was also another drive-in on Ardmore at Yellowstone. Looks like 288 took that one out, as it extended along Yellowstone from Ardmore to where the present day NB feeder road of 288 is located today.
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