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  1. The Uptown Houston website lists this new project as: A.D. Players Theatre: New construction is planned for a performance theatre at Yorktown and Westheimer. The 85,000 square foot theatre complex will hold three theaters with a total seating of 1,000. The theatre should be complete within three years. The A.D. Players broke ground on the new location February 2006. Do we know any additional information? The AD Players theatre website does not have any information about the architect, renderings, or any other information. This will be a great venue. What else can we find out? -Yak-
  2. http://www.har.com/339-w-19th-st/sale_8500864 For sale. I believe the folks who run the gallery own the building. Thus, I would assume that they are going to close the gallery. If there is someone in the Heights with a big bag of money, I have a great idea to turn it into a repertory theater and show old classics.
  3. Fairgrounds Addition Block 39 Partial Replat No 1 Anyone have any information? I think the current building is 2907 Louisiana Street. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&gs_sm=3&gs_upl=530l4633l0l4727l21l21l0l0l0l0l234l2057l14.5.1l20l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1440&bih=734&wrapid=tlif133018930011510&q=2907+louisiana+houston&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x8640bf695edeb3bb:0x30ab04c1daaa4552,2907+Louisiana+St,+Houston,+TX+77006&gl=us&ei=-RNJT9PiEMXMsQKsu_HqCA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCMQ8gEwAA
  4. That said, I hope ROD is sustainable and not just some flashy temporary show that only lasts a short time. I won't be spending my money at the retail there, just not my thing. But i'll be going to iPic (Spectre tonight!) and restaurants when they open.
  5. What was located at the sight of the old Spectrum movie theater before it was there?
  6. Announcement by Company on Stage, a longtime theater company local to Westbury Square, about its future suggests Westbury Square may finally have been sold and is about to be repurposed: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/News-about-Westbury-Square.html?soid=1101752725694&aid=KR5AexBNLrM "...To the Patrons, Volunteers and Friends of The Company OnStage, We learned last week that our time at Westbury Square will, in all likelihood, be coming to an end at the close of summer, as there is a contract pending on the property..."
  7. I believe this will be at Peek and Westpark, across from the Stripes http://www.click2houston.com/news/star-cinema-grill-plans-dinein-theater-for-katy/33324614
  8. If I recall correctly, Cinema West was kind of a unicorn: a purpose-built building originally designed as an X-rated theatre. It remained an adult video store for quite some time and there was a good bit about its controversial construction and opening in David Welling's _Cinema Houston_ book. For the past few years, it has been the office for Sunshine Car Wash.
  9. Oops. The Hobby Center has already made into an architectural book. Yes, it is included in The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture as one of the "greatest buildings of the 21st Century."
  10. If you go through the shots by Browning the San Jacinto Monument and a lot of the others are dated 1946. However, this picture appears to be part of an another undated series. I'm guessing they go together by both the sequence and similar shadowing. The series seems to include Market Street Drive-In Theater, "Long Warehouse by Railroad Tracks", "Rural Warehouse by Railroad Tracks", "York Supply Company Buildings", "Rural Homes and Businesses" (the shot in question), "Rural Industrial Facility", "Rural Shipping Yard" (2), "Rural Industrial Complex and Cargo Ships", "Industrial Facility and Docked Ships", and some other ship-building ones. So my (new) guess is that these might have all been taken on a single aerial photography trip over the east side to the Ship Channel, focusing on rural industry and shipping, and it makes sense that a pipeline company would be in that part of the city. I'm looking at Historic Aerials in that area but haven't found it.
  11. Starts out in Katy, winds up downtown Houston.
  12. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/06/star-cinema-to-open-in-baybrook/
  13. It's always nice to see an old theater from that era being saved. http://www.chron.com/life/article/Fifth-Ward-theater-s-renovation-part-of-5242725.php?cmpid=houtexhcat#photo-5899566
  14. The Cineplex Odeon Spectrum on Augusta opened in June 1988 and closed in 2001 when Loews entered bankruptcy proceedings. I miss that place - it was the state-of-the-art of Houston theaters in its day as far as presentation standards, and had several screens with 70mm capability (a relative rarity by the 1990s). Seeing a stunning 70mm print of the 1989 restoration of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA there on a huge screen was one of the most memorable filmgoing experiences I've ever had.
  15. Just did a google search for the Majestic and the Metropolitan theaters of Houston and the search came up with the same photos for the 2 theaters. Is there a place that would have photos of each of these theaters that are of each theater? And what ended up in their locations once they were torn down? Also were there any other theaters in downtown Houston that were as grand as these 2 were?
  16. Here is an even more obscure Theater. The Park III Cinema which was in the Kroger strip center on W. Gray. Very small theaters with very few seats. They showed mostly Repertory films before the R.O. took over that function. I remember a long run of Fritz the Cat at that theater in about 1972.
  17. Does ANYONE have info on this movie house? Its on jensen drive...just south of Tidwell. It looks like it mightve been a big deal...back when the neighborhood in that area maybe wasnt so ghetto. Its locked up. Been boarded up for years: anyone ever remember going there? How old is it? It looks like an old style movie palace...relatively speaking...at least from the outside.
  18. I just found out about it from this. Does anyone know where it was located in Clear Lake? Thanks.
  19. Downtown in 1943. Can anyone identify the stores?
  20. A movie theater/bowling alley/restaurant/bar (Santikos Theatre Palladium 22) is in the bidding stages for the NE corner of Grand Pkwy and West Bellfort.
  21. Sweet. Love the Alamo Drafthouse! Vintage Park is an awesome place, love to see them fill the rest of that place up with great tenants! http://impactnews.com/articles/vintage-park-sold-to-new-owners,-announce-alamo-drafthouse-cinema-as-new-tennant
  22. Just a head's up: Since just after Christmas, at least two Cypress-area residents have given accounts of their family members being robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot outside of the Cinemark Theatres at 290 and Spring-Cypress. In each, guns were pointed at or pressed up to victims' heads and/or chests. In neither case was the victim alone, they were part of a pair or group of 3 who were accosted by 2 gunmen. Both incidents were at night.
  23. Hello all, I'm taking my date to the movies in Pearland this upcoming weekend. I was wondering which movie theater is the best. I was searching online and found a small, neighborhood theater called Premiere Lux Ciné 6 located At 5050 Broadway St. How would you rate this cinema compared to the big chains around town? Smaller, more romantic feeling? How's the sound quality? Video quality? How is the seating? Thanks guys, and wish me luck!
  24. I'm trying to follow up on a reference I've seen to a Capitol Theater, presumably in Houston, which was razed sometime in the '60s or '70s (in an 1977 magazine article, a Houston resident is said to have scavenged "roof tiles from the old Capitol Theater"). Googling around produces nothing ... not even from sites dedicated to historic Houston theaters. Anyone know anything about this place, if, in fact, it ever existed at all?
  25. There's been a lot of interest in preserving River Oaks Plaza, River Oaks Theater and the Alabama Theater buildings. I hope that the same attention will be given to the Tower Theater, on Westheimer. IMO it's just as worthy of preservation.
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