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  1. I was browsing the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated December 26, 1935 and came across this business ad for Y.W. & Y.M.H.A. Hall At Chartres & Clay St. Very cool find! I've never heard of this, sounds like an underground theater. Given the time frame it would be a scary time in history. Paramount Movie Service (A Houston Organization) Presents Shlom Aleichem's "Laughter Thru Tears" With a cast of 1000 Y.W. & Y.M.H.A. Hall Chatres at Clay Admission: 50 cent adults 25 cent children
  2. I was looking at the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated May 13, 1959 and came across an usual location for the Alley Theater. Back in 1959 the Alley Theatre was located at 709 Berry St. in Midtown. Now playing thru May 30 on stage Tennessee Williams Orpheus Descending directed by Nine Yance. There also used to be a Alley Theater Academy which is very cool to see.
  3. I was browsing The Texan newspaper dated March 29, 1972 and came across a business listing for Jerry Lewis Twin Cinema located at 2610 Fondren at Westheimer in the Piney Point Shopping Center. The newest in the Jerry Lewis Cinema chain of beautiful, luxury neighborhood theatres. Designed for your pleasure and entertainment. Anyone remember this place? Pictures or stories from here?
  4. I was reading the publication The Thresher dated September 23, 1964 and noticed an article of Kramer Theatre located at 1423 Richmond Rd. Did HAIF know about this? Looks like this is the current location of El Pueblito Patio in Montrose. Kramer Theatre to present "Dove Road" As its contribution to the "Britain in Texas 1964" Festival, the Herbert Kramer Theatre, 1423 Richmond Ave. will present the English comedy "Dover Road" by British author A.A. Mine.
  5. These were in the Houston calendars that were published a few years back. Alabama Theater (now Bookstop). Iris Theater, Travis between Capital and Texas. Now the site of Chase Tower. The first downtown tunnel connected this to the Texas Theater on Capital. Bluebonnet Theater., 1015 Broadway near Lawndale Yale Theater, Washington at Yale Shepherd Drive-In River Oaks Theater, the only one here still showing movies. Heights Theater, 319 W. 19th. Tower Theater, now Hollywood Video
  6. I was browsing The Citizen dated November 14, 1947 and came across a business listing for Underwood and Ezell Drive In Theatres - The Main Drive In located at 9900 South Main St. and Winkler Drive In located at 205 Wrinkler Dr. A little confused. I thought the South Main Drive-In Theater was located at 11510 South Main St. You also had the McClendon Triple Drive-In Theater located At 11991 South Main St. Was this an earlier location of the South Main Drive-In Theater? Pretty cool find!
  7. While browsing old issues of The Rice Thresher dated January 27, 1984 I noticed a business ad for The Dome Theater & Club at 2525 Murworth Dr. 666-9846. The business listing reads: Dance to Calypso, Soca & Reggae. Island Weekend A Johnny Nash production featuring the Yard Band International Drinks 4 for 1, 5-8 pm Friday and Saturday. Has anyone ever been here during the 1980s? Share your memories and stories! Was this club by the same people who started Dome Shadows Night Club at 9218 Buffalo Speedway?
  8. So cool! Super excited about this since I own a condo a block away! https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/08/08/rooftop-movie-theater-will-open-soon-in-h-town.html The Rooftop Cinema Club, based in London, will open a sky-high movie theaterin the Galleria area in early October. The unique open-air venue will offer sunset screenings of recent releases and cult classics, food, craft cocktails and cozy seating. The movies are shown on a giant rooftop screen with state-of-the-art HD projectors. It will be located on the rooftop of the BLVD Place at 1700 Post Oak, with views of Uptown and downtown Houston. “Uptown’s skyline and the BLVD Place location are a perfect fit for our film experience,” says Gerry Cottle Jr., Rooftop Cinema Club founder. “We’ve found that movie-goers don’t always want to sit quietly in a large dark room, but instead make it an experience they can share with friends and family.” Houston marks Rooftop Cinema Club’s fourth U.S. city to open following its international expansion from London, where it began in 2011. The first U.S. venue was opened in New York followed by two in Los Angeles and one in San Diego that opened in April 2018. Tickets for opening weekend go on sale Wed., Aug. 29 and start at $17 per person for a single deck-chair. Read more from KHOU here.
  9. Another article here about the theater...i wonder if they would want to make it be a 1 or 2 theater instead of the 3 it was....i seriously hated the upstairs theaters with the odd angles and small uncomfortable seats... so either open back up the upstairs to be a balcony as it was or turn those 2 tiny theaters into 1 theater that way there would be 2 theaters total. One of the most exciting things though is that i am sure (i hope anyway) that they will replace all seats with wider and more comfortable seats..like the ones they have here: just basic information here: https://www.houstoniamag.com/news-and-city-life/2022/02/star-cinema-grill-river-oaks-theater-houston 💯
  10. A gentlemen named Don Lewis has photos on flicker of movie theater architecture some of them of Houston. Majestic, North Main, Garden Oak Loew's/Metropolitan
  11. Two or three years ago I was at the Continental Club downtown and saw they had one of the signs from the Cinema West theatre backstage. Does anyone remember this theatre? I believe it was an adult theater on Richmond or Westteimer in the 70s (before VHS tapes). Was it a chain of theaters?
  12. Anyone remember the "Shamrock 6" a six screen theater on South Main across from the Shamrock Hotel. First movie I saw there was "The Andromeda Strain" in 1971. I seem to recall them advertising themselves as Houston's first multiplex. Early on, it was quite easy to see two or three movies with one ticket--go to the bathroom and return to another screen. Eventually, they started checking tickets to crack down on the practice. Googled around, one site claimed they closed down in 85, not sure that's accurate. Compared to today's stadium seating, it was kind of cheezy, and so were some of the movies. "The Stewardesses" in 3D. Which I can't remember if I saw or not. Just remember the ads.
  13. While the GRB at least made a stab at mid-1980s post-modern stylishness, this monstrosity was ugly from the word go. The ugly plain exterior is offset by a tacky, low-quality interior, highlighted by a strange plastic "sculpture." At least the front facade of the Wortham is partly hidden from the street by the trees in the plaza in front.
  14. I recall watching all the stars that showed up at the old Gaylynn Theather when they premiered "Urban Cowboy". I saw Andy Warhol, Charlie Daniels, and of course John Travolta drive up. I knew the ushers and we walked the place afterwards.....bumped into the unknown Debra Winger and then tripped all over the empty wine and champagne bottles in all 3 theaters. It was a big night for that old theater. Does anyone also remember the old Sinclair gas station at the corner of Southwest Freeway and Bellaire? We always got our gas there and also a case of Cokes (in glass returnable bottles in wooden crates). I also recall when the "Super Slide" was across the street from the Gilman Pontiac dealer.....you would slide down on burlap sacks...lots of fun. Lastly....does anyone recall the Food Giant that use to be in the mall (where Penny's ended up being located) and does anyone recall the old Eckards (??) drug store in the shopping center on Bellaire Blvd. near Burning Tree where there use to be a Dairy Queen and where there use to be a Rice grocery store in the early 70's? That old drug store use to have a drug counter where you could get a meal and ice cream, etc. It is amazing that a fountain dining counter was in as new a neighborhood as Sharpstown!
  15. I remember going to the Parkview Twin Theatre on Spencer Hwy. (at Burke) in Pasadena as a kid. It was a "Dollar Movie" up until (at least) the late 1990's, and I always remember it being as such. It was kind of gross and dirty with mildly greasy floors. It's now a Hancock Fabric store. Sadly, they gutted the place out and leveled the floor; all remnants of it ever being a theatre are gone. I also remember an old bank being on the opposite corner, as well as an old Wyatt's Cafeteria. They were both torn down in the mid 90's to make way for a Walgreen's and Eckard's (now a PetCo). Anyways, does anyone ever remember going there? Did they ever show first run movies, or was it always a dollar movie theatre? Does anyone have any pictures of the theatre, Wyatt's, or the Bank?
  16. I drove by the El Capitan theater in Pasadena today. A few years ago it had been refurbished on the outside. Today the neon appears to have been taken down and the marquee dismantled. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
  17. http://ultimatefortbend.com/stories/327839-rosenberg-development-corporation-approves-agreement-with-imperial-performing-arts Rosenberg's Development Corporation agreed to the plan put forward by Sugar Land based Imperial Arts. The plan would generally allow the company to take office space near the Post Office, and would commit to restoring the old Cole Liberty Theater on Third Street. Ultimately, the goal is to create a "cultural district", sanctioned by the state's Arts Commission. And the original press release from last year... http://www.ci.rosenberg.tx.us/index.aspx?page=26&recordid=405&returnURL=%2Findex.aspx
  18. I'm now 47. When I was between 4 and 6 years old I lived in Houston. I remember my parents and I going to the Winkler Drive-In Theatre, which closed down many years ago. I found out that it was located at 205 Winkler Drive at Telephone Road. Does anyone out there have any information about it? Chet Cuccia
  19. That's a funny story. Does anyone remember the Delman theater at Main and Wheeler? It burnt down a couple of years ago. It was boarded up but I think for a while you could get in the front area at least. It looked and smelled so bad it wasn't worth it though.
  20. On Hempstead Rd. just west of Dacoma Street, there used to be (according to aerial photographs), some sort of large arena or theatre located on Hempstead Rd. It only appears in photos prior to 1973, and then it was replaced by what looks like industrial buildings. I am curious as to what this place was, because there seems to be no obvious references to the place, and it's unique structure alone makes it worth learning about. From aerial photos taken in the 1950's and early 60's, the place resembles a seashell, and is not huge, but not small either. It definitely stands out on a black & white photo map. When you overlay road labels on the picture, it reads Fairway Park Drive. Any information on this ancient place would be greatly appreciated.
  21. What's the story about The Playhouse Theatre at 4816 Main Street? It is a Houston Landmark Designation. According to the city, it was built in 1950 and was the first permanent structure in the United States built specifically for professional “theatre-in-the-round.” Did this supersede the Playhouse Theatre in the Texas Medical Center on South Main near the Houston Medical Towers designed by SOM? The Playhouse Theater was on South Main St. at Southgate Blvd. I believe the Playhouse Theatre at 4816 Main Street is now a museum? Who recalls the history?
  22. Of course I know the Landmark River Oaks, and it’s defunct sister location in Greenway Plaza have always occasionally shown old films, and then there’s Rice U’s theatre, but I was wondering if there ever were any true dedicated revival house theatres in Houston? I can imagine, Houston being Houston, if there were, they all died out in the 80s when everyone got VCRs.
  23. History According to the Schulman Theaters website: “In 1926, Abraham Schulman moved to Bryan with his son Morris. Together, they purchased the Queen and Dixie Theatres on Main Street. The old Bryan City Hall was purchased in 1928 and converted into the Palace Theater - a premiere facility offering both Vaudville stage shows and the new talking films. The Queen Theater was torn down and rebuilt in 1939 with the first "conditioned air" system in any theater west of the Mississippi. After that, the Palace Theater was upgraded to include conditioned air as well. The three Bryan theaters ran successfully for many years, but days of single screen theaters passed and the Palace was the last of the three to close its doors in 1985.” The Queen Theater is an instantly recognizable landmark in Downtown Bryan and a favorite of photographers, both professional and amateur. There are numerous pictures of the Queen on the net, most from the past twenty years. Many are linked at the Cinema Treasures site and more can be found at Flickr. (Don Lewis’ photos of old signs and theaters are extraordinarily interesting and worth an hour or two alone). Here are some selected links to pictures of the Queen at Flickr: Queen and Dixie (circa 1986-88). The Dixie Theatre can be seen in dreary grey just a year or two prior to its reinvention as The Stafford Opera House in bright yellow. Queen (circa 1986-88) Queen (approx 2006) Close-up of crown A close-up of crown from another photographer, with more pictures from 2006
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