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  1. Found this article and thought you would like it. http://www.dancing-times.co.uk/DT200409/da...es200409-2.html
  2. Anyone remember this place? I saw Cheech & Chong here-seems like it was on mid-lower Westheimer.
  3. I think you are giving the theater 2 more screens than they actually had. The Shamrock may have been the first theater to have more than two screens. I remember the theater. It didn't take it long to go down hill. Now the space is a parking lot for the Medical Center.
  4. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 23, 1964 and came across a business listing for Palms Theatre. Palms Theatre - Sugar Land, Texas 10 Min. Out On S-W Frway. I never even heard of this theater. I don't see anything on the famous cinematreasures.org archive website either. Was this possibly rebranded? Is there an exact address for this place? Looks like it's somewhere off 59 South/Southwest Freeway. Very cool find! Anyone ever been here?
  5. What's the story with this theater exactly? It was sold and later became Jerry Lewis Twin Cinema? Anyone ever go here? What about a date when the theater was active under that name?
  6. That big hill at 610/59 was definitely a waterslide at one point. My brother's girlfriend (at the time) worked there, so I'd rike my bike over & she'd let me ride for free. I was trying really hard to remember when that was, but I know that I was either nearly out of elementary or just starting junior high - so that would put it around '80-'82 ?
  7. Anyone remember Electric park in galveston? Any info on it? i heard they had a good wooden coaster.
  8. Is the Alley theater a big deal in Houston any more? And what's it's History?
  9. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated November 29, 1906 and came across a theater listing. I couldn't find this on Cinematreasures. Pretty cool, effectively a rare theater! Big Tent Theater. Corner Prairie Ave. and San Jacinto St. H.D. Rucker's Famous Korak Wonder Co. Matinee today. "Beyond the Rockies" Admission 10c, Tonight "A Southern Romance". Friday night- Ten Nights in a Barroom. Saturday Matinee and Night- Uncle Josh Whitcomb or The Old Homestead.
  10. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated June 29, 1907 and came across an advertainment for Chutues Park Galveston, Tex...on Seawall Boulevard. Now open for the summer with all new and pleasing attractions. The greatest amusement resort on the Southern coast. You'll find these in the park- the famous Katzenjammer Castle: One continuous scream of laughter. The Palace of Wonders. Presenting the latest hand-colored imported animated reproduction's of the beautiful Fairy tales. The Parisian Illusions Theater. In which the world's famous SunGard's present the latest European sensation, "Aga, or the Floating Princes." The Fun Factory. Sixty laughs in one minute- don't miss it. The Famous Mystic Chutes. As 1100-foot science boat ride through underground tunnel and science regions. You pass through the Black Canyon and Royal Gorge of the Rocky Mountains, Fairyland, etc. A $15,000 attraction. The Caragraph of Tours of the World. The finest ever presented in the South- 500-mile ride for a dime. Armand's Novel Battle of the World and the City of Yesterday. This is the attraction that created such a big sen action at St. Louis World's Fair, where the admission was 50c. Now you see it for 10c. See it. You'll like it; everybody does. Hooligan's Crazy House. WHAT IS WHAT? Do you see what? Well, just guess awhile and guess again. The Great Delta Baseball Game. The only one in the South The Arctic Refreshment Parlor. The finest ice cream and soda resort in Texas for children, ladies, and gentlemen. Another ad from July 2, 1908: Some Attractions at Chutes Park: Happyland. Chutes Park on the Beach Vaudeville, Pictures, Songs, Music, Refreshments. Open All Day. Herrle, Brick, & Hubbard The G.T. Theater. The popular Play House Moving pictures, Vaudeville, Illustrated songs. Prof. Leo Beers, Musical Director All for Five Cents, includes a Glass of Cold Spring Water For the Best Ice Cream and Soda Water on the beach go to. Jamison's Parlors Next to Snug Harbor Hotel. We use Willis & Sullivan's Cream
  11. What's the story with the Electric Park in downtown Houston? Wasn't this simply a name change from the other 1900s Houston park? Either the Highland Park that was located under the present-day Interstate-45 highway? Or the Colonial Park near Fannin? If I recall correctly, Highland Park was developed by an electric street car company. The names ad up, but not the locations? This ad from The Houston Post dated August 15, 1907 lists the location: San Jacinto, between Caroline and Prairie. The Houston Post dated February 18, 1906 has the article: The New Electric Park and Theater The Plans of the Building and a Forecast of Attractions for Houston's New Amusement Place. Matters in connection with the new summer theater and park, "Electric Park," are being rapidly pushed and soon the contractors will be at work constructing the buildings and laying out the grounds. Herewith is given the architect's drawing of the front elevation of the park, showing the theater entrance and the grand stand. In regard to the light, Electric park is to be "electric" indeed. More than enough power will be turned on to supply the lights and the place will be as bright as day after dark. The contract for the state appliances has been let to Clancy & Co. of Buffalo N.Y. but wherever possible the management intends to use home materials and employ home labor. A total investment of at least $20,000 seems likely from present indications and the figure may run as high as $25,000.
  12. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated in 1918 and came across a film listing for The Key Theatre. I am unsure of an address. I searched Cinematreasures and couldn't find any details about this place. Must have been rebranded at some point? Opening Today For Three Days The Great Nazimova In Her Most Wonderful Picture "Toys of Fate" A tale of destiny's darling. A drama that thrills your very soul. See the world's greatest actress in her great triumph.
  13. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated March 26, 1917 and came across a film listing at the Rex Theater. I searched Cinematreasures and couldn't find any details about this one. Do we have an address for this theater? Rex today (Tuesday) 10 cents Carlyle Blackwell The Handsome Hero Meets the Girl of His Past in "The Social Leper" Don't miss this speedy, surprising story. Starting Thursday "The Girl Who Doesn't Know" Well illustrates an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Coming- Clara Kimball Young In "The Price She Paid."
  14. I was browsing The Houston Posted dated February 23, 1919 and came across an ad for Hulsey's Zoe Theater - Houston's Movie De Luxe Cinemateasures has the following: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/29421 The Zoe Theatre opened on October 14, 1914. By 1919 it was operated by E.H. Hulsey who also operated the Queen Theatre. The name was changed to the Capitol Theatre on March 19, 1922. The Capitol Theatre is listed as a first run house in 1925. Not listed in 1930 so it’s possible that this was a silent era theatre. New Art Film Company presents Dorothy Gish in "Boots" a Paramount Picture. Old shoes are a strange place in which to look for romance, treason and intrigue, but Dorothy Gish found them there.
  15. I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated October 16, 1942 and came across an article about the Little Theater located at 707 Chelsea Blvd. Little Theater Opens Tuesday An event of interest to the Institute theater-goers who have bee left in the cold since the disbanding of the Dramatic Club, will be the opening Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. of the first production of the season by Houston Little Theater. The offering will run through Saturday night, although the last night the house will be given over in a large part to Soldiers. The play will be "The Heart of the City", by Lesley Storms, and the direction will be in charge of Dr. Friedrich Jessner. The Little Theater is located at 707 Chelsea Boulevard. Dr. Jessner, who comes to the Little Theater from the drama department of Yale University, has a wide and varied experience in the theater bot in this country and abroad. I'm not exactly sure what this is. Doesn't sound like a film theater, but a theater of the arts. Maybe this was apart of the Rice Institute's courses? I see talk about a drama club.
  16. I found another location of the Main Street Theater. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated January 15, 1981 and came across a movie listing for "First Night of Pygmalion" Now playing at the Main Street Theater 6265 South Main Street * 524-6706 "First Night of Pygmalion" A comedy based on the correspondence between Georg Bernard Shaw and the original Eliza Doolittle, about the riotous circumstances surrounding the first production of Shaw's masterpiece. I know of other locations of the Main Street Theater: Main Street Theater At 2540 Times Blvd. Main Street Theater At 4617 Montrose Blvd. Main Street Theater At 6265 South Main St.
  17. I was reading the newspaper The Thresher dated September 14, 1972 and came across a movie advertisement for Art Cinema located at 6140 Village Parkway. This was an adult theater. 6140 Village Parkway - 528-8186 - In University Village - 1/2 Block East of Kirby Dr. between Times & Amherst.
  18. I was browsing the newspaper The Jewish Herald-Voice dated August 23, 1973 and came a business ad for Dean Goss' Dinner Theatre located at 2525 Murworth Dr. Cool artwork. Did anyone ever go here? It's not that long ago so maybe someone on HAIF knows about this place. Any pictures to share? Wonderfully, Impossibly, Funny "The Impossible Years" directed by Marietta Marich. 2525 Murworth - Near domed stadium.
  19. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated February 25, 1924 and came across a weekly film showings schedule. One of the advertisements was for the Rialto Theater. Here is what Cinematreasures says: Located across Main Street from the Queen Theatre, the Rialto Theatre was opened April 13, 1922 with Harold Lloyd in “A Sailor Made Man” and Florence Vidor in “Woman, Wake Up”. It was a ‘reverse’ movie theatre, having the screen at the front behind the façade. It remained a silent theatre when it closed in February 1927 with Reginald Denny in “The Cheerful Fraud”. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/50205
  20. I was browsing The Houston Post dated February 23, 1924 and saw this movie listing for Lincoln Theatre located at 711 Prairie St. Looking on Cinematreasures, this theater was awesome! Opened in 1916 as a vaudeville theatre. It had a 20ft x 24ft stage, 18 sets of lines and two dressing rooms. By 1921 it was operated as an African-American movie & vaudeville theatre, operated by the Bijou Amusement Company. It was demolished in 1977 and the site became a parking lot for the Houston Chronicle. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/11383
  21. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated May 7, 1922 and came across this ad for Nutt Stock Co. I assume this was a theater? Very cool find! Never even heard about this place. This listing is included in the Week's Attractions that includes all the Houston downtown theatres. Cozy, Crown, Capitol, Iris, Isis, Liberty, Majestic, (Nutt Stock Co.), Prince, Rialto, and finally Strand Theatre. Nutt Stock Co: Nona Nutt and E. V. Dennis in "Way Down East."
  22. I found a very obscure theater found today. I was looking at the newspaper The Texas Jewish Herald dated January 10, 1935 and came across a film showing listing for The Strand. Very cool! There was an article a decade afterwards about one of the founders/operators who owned a lot of other theatres in downtown at that time. January 10, 1935. Mrs. Millie Schulman, 69, who together with her husband, A Schulman operated a number of motion picture theatres here between 1910 and 1928, died at her home, 612 Harold Street, at 2:15 p.m. Friday. Mrs. Schulam had been a resident of Houston for the past 24 years. She and her husband operated the Pastime Theatre located in the 200 block of Main Street, from 1910 to 1915, and the Texas Theatre, located near Congress and Main Street, from 1915 until 1921, the Stand Theatre, located near Travis and Texas, from 1921 until 1928, and two or three suburban theatres from 1917 until 1928. Their son, Morris Schulam, now resident of Bryan where he operates a theatre, aided them for a number of year in the operation of the various Houston theatres.
  23. I was browsing the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated August 15, 1947 and discovered, yet again, another South Main Drive-In Theater! This one is brought to you by Weber's Root Beer Stand. Combined Movie, Drive In To Be established: A new idea in entertainment, drive-in drink service with free motion pictures, is soon to be inaugurated in Southwest Houston. Establishing the new enterprise in the 10,100 block of South Main will be a Weber's Root Beer Stands, which were popular in Houston a decade ago and now are making a return with the new stand, the only one of its kind in Texas and perhaps the nation. One five acres of ground about midway between Playland Park and South Main Drive-In Theater, adjoining Prince's yacht, the drive-in setup will accommodate 250 cars. The opening date probably will be between Sept. 1, and Set. 15, Ray Jelinek, who will be manager of the stand said. "This will be the largest drive-in drink stand in Texas." Mr. Jelinek said "It will be a paradise for teen-agers free movies, and a mug of root beer for a nickel." "And those teen-agers who don't remember Weber's root beer should ask their mothers and dads if they recall how good Weber's root beer was when they were younger and it was sold in Houston." At that time Weber's was located at the end of Main Street, which was Main and Bellaire Boulevard, and now Weber's will establish a new "end of Main Street" stand. Another feature in a newspaper dated 1940s. May 26, 1948. Looking at the addresses of the boat restaurants, the only one that would make sense is Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf since it's located at 10200 South Main. If the Weber's Superior Drive-In Theater is located at 10,100 South Main then it's a match! I also read "adjoining Prince's yacht.” Do they mean one of the seafood restaurants made out of a boat? There were four that I know of: Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf At 10200 South Main St. Captain Benny's Oyster Bar At 7409 South Main St. George Dentler's Pier 21 Restaurant At 7001 Fannin St. The Yacht Restaurant At 10200 South Main St. Awesome find. A very obscure drive-in theater!
  24. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Informer dated June 28, 1919 and came across this business ad for The American Theatre located at 611 San Felipe Street (now Dallas Avenue.) J.B. Caffey, Manager.
  25. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Informer dated May 15, 1920 and came across this business ad for Ideal Theatre located at 514 Milam Street. Looks like the grand opening was Saturday, May 15th, 1920. W.R. Smith, Manager.
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