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Found 50 results

  1. I noticed someone putting up some fencing around this property this morning. The northern section was demoed a few months back. The property is now owned by YALE & I 10 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC, which looks to be related to or controlled by this guy: www.caspian-enterprises.com.
  2. The Morgan Group is proposing a multifamily building at Yale St. & W 4th St. ZC is the architect. http://zieglercooper.com/urban-residential/
  3. Anyone know if this is an actual project? Couldn't find it on HAIF but doesn't mean it doesn't exist here. This is from Cisneros Design Studio. Is this even at the Astorian? Looks like that general area.
  4. Yes. https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/houston-planning-commission-oks-ottos-bbq-catering-project/
  5. There is a move afoot to build a swim and social club in the Heights. http://heightsswimclub.org/ No location yet, but they say they need a 1 acre site which they estimate will cost $3.2MM, pre-construction is estimated at $80k, and construction at $850k.
  6. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed fencing had gone up around the Shell station near the corner of N Durham Drive and N Loop West. Within a few days, equipment had been brought to the site and the station was demolished. I haven't had the chance to take any pictures of the activity, but they have removed almost all of the building above ground and are now working on removing the remaining structure underground. Does anyone know if there is a project scheduled to go up on this site? (If this topic has been touched upon in another thread, it would be great if someone could link it here.) Here is the site: https://goo.gl/maps/iCPmBW81wcq.
  7. http://swamplot.com/heres-an-8-story-office-and-apartment-complex-for-heights-studewood-low-point-on-white-oak-bayou/2018-06-04/
  8. https://www.surgehomes.com/houston-tx/hamptonheights-0
  9. New project by Mill Creek Residential, block bounded by Durham/Blossom/Floyd & Sheperd. SubdivisionPlatPDF_BUFFALO-NORTH-PLAT.pdf
  10. Apartment project planned for the block bounded by Duhram/Nett/Sandam & Center St. SubdivisionPlatPDF_Fore Washington Apartments - 51978 - 141020.pdf
  11. My wife and I are opening a workshop that will specialize in building furniture incorporating salvaged architectural elements sourced from New Orleans. We are also planning to have a stock of these salvaged pieces to offer on a custom design basis for clients. Planning to offer vintage window and door repair and construction as well. We are interested in what the readers of this forum have to say about this and welcome any suggestions. Thanks!!!
  12. Proposed residential at 5020 Larkin St. http://www.andersoncanyon.net/portfolio.html Site:
  13. Hi everyone. My wife & I have lived here in Houston for a little over six years, but are finally ditching apartment life in search of a home. The problem is, we've signed with a realtor we're not very happy with - we'd like to buy in the Shady Acres/Heights area but that is definitely not her expertise. I think we can get out of the contract, but trying a few other routes before going there. I found a few dated postings on this board about this area, but I just wanted to see what was the story. We were looking around 25th St west of Durham, and the area looked nice - but it's hard to really tell if it's safe, friendly and/or a growing area. A lot of this has to do with us just not having a knowledgable realtor, but any general suggestions or questions to ask? I know flood insurance is a great idea for the area. If anything, any restaurant/coffee shop recommendations? Neighborhoods to seek out/avoid? Heck, I will buy anyone on here a beer/latte if they want to meet up and make friends with a young couple looking to learn and embrace where we hope to spend the next 20+ years. We just feel like we're flying blind a bit as first-time homebuyers and want to make sure this is where we'd like to be. Thanks in advance for any replies/suggestions.
  14. Proposed 4-story office building. There's a rendering on the planning commission agenda. Site:
  15. Hi, The builder developing the community I live in sucks. I wish I knew before I bought my house but too late for that now. There are still several homes being built in there but quite a few homes are occupied at this point. The builder has been littering and polluting the ravine with a lot of construction debris and hasn't cleaned it up in 6 months. Several homeowners have complained and nothing has been done. I was informed that they can be fined for this. Where would I report it to have them fined so they will stop? I already called 311 and they put in a request but I think that is a request to have the ravine cleaned. I'm not looking for anyone to clean it. I want the builder to be fined so THEY will clean it and won't do this anymore. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  16. Love that I have a bin so full of recycling fodder and wished I had two. Can't find how profitable the curbside program is and wanted to know if there's a way to get two recycling bins. Suggestions anyone?
  17. Good morning! I currently own a townhouse in Near Northside. My partner and I have decided we want to buy another home together and lease my townhouse out as a rental property. We have been diligently house shopping since January, and have found a few houses we love here and there - but there is always one major thing that we can't compromise on, lack of garage space, single bathroom, etc... We want to buy in the Heights(ish) or Timbergrove sub $450k pricepoint. Big factors for us is garage space, kitchen and storage, as well as entertaining space. We are ok with a house that is 1500 sqft as long as it is useable space. So, with that back story, we are not in any hurry - we want to find "the right house" it doesn't have to be "right now" - we all know we are in a sellers market, is it a bad idea to be looking for a house now? Should we wait and see if the market settles down a bit and things become more affordable? We have two fears: 1) That the market stays hot for another couple of years and we become priced out of the neighborhoods we want to live in. 2) The market only stays hot in the short term, and we end up buying a house that is overvalued, and value isn't sustained based on the current "sellers" market pricing. So the big ($450,000 question is) do we buy now, or later? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Thanks in advance!
  18. Does anyone know where this market was located? Just curious of it's history.
  19. Howdy! I'm looking to move to the Heights with my boyfriend in a month, and we have had quite some bad luck in finding a house to rent. Does anybody know of a friend, brother, neighbor, barber, whoever, that has a house that we can rent? We make really good neighbors We are neat and tidy and looking to start a little family of our own in the Heights Criteria: #1. we have a small dog. She's 6, and a dachshund and will lick you to death. #2. Max budget around 2000 #3. would prefer a garage or atleast an outside area to keep tools for woodworking projects #4. 2 bedrooms Non smokers, good credit, good steady jobs. Can anyone give me any leads? We've been on har.com every single day...
  20. Hi all, I've recently started looking to purchase a townhome in the shady acres area of the heights. The problem is my fiance and I would really like a small back yard and private driveway. It seems most builders are packing as many townhomes as possible on a lot and very few (if any right now) offer yards or private driveways. We have decided to try to begin looking for a lot to build on instead. Does anyone know how builders acquire lots in Shady Acres or Timbergrove area? Lots rarely come on HAR but I see builders building everwhere. We wouldn't be looking for anything large since we would just build a single home.
  21. The Heights Arts Studios and Gallery has taken over what was previously a grocery store at 129 Aurora St, at the corner of Aurora and Harvard. Just two blocks from their first building, a 9 studio gallery on 27th St., the new building on Aurora houses 20 artist studios. Their first public event is this Saturday, December 8th from 12pm to 6pm, right before Lights in the Heights! Enjoy refreshments and art for days while you take a tour of the facilities...some of the studios include
  22. I was looking on the GOMETRORAIL website and checking out the construction updates and maps. This is probably been said before but I think it would be cool if some how metro could connect the Uptown Rail at Northwest Transit center with the end of the Downtown rail at the Hobby Center. It would run Northwest from downtown maybe on Washington Ave or along I-10 and connect at the transit center and maybe stop at I-10 and Antonie. I would make a complete circle for the Central Loop West Area (Downtown, Midtown, Upper Kirby, Greenway Plaza, Uptown, Northwest, Rice Military, 1st Ward, 4th Ward and back to downtown). And with all the the people that live along Washington Ave, could you imagine the ridership of light rail if it went along there. Tell me what you think, good idea, bad idea ?
  23. There's an article in BisNow today about the portion of the Washington Heights project that isn't Wal-Mart. I thought about posting this in the very very long Wal-Mart thread, but thought it might get swallowed up and become hard to find for people who want to know what else is going in there. Here's a link to the full article: http://app.newsletter.bisnow.com/e/es.aspx?s=2636&e=9465&elq=94d3b170bf7c40c3bfda94cbddad69c3
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