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  1. I moved to Sugar Land when it was Sugarland, but way after segregation. I was told that the old part of town with numbered streets were the white houses and the part of town with lettered streets were for black residents. With this in mind I recall the old M.R. Wood School on Avenue F, which I thought had a very nice design. It apparently has now either been torn down or rebuild beyond recognition. I realize that it probably needed to be enlarged, but I'm sad that another of our old buildings have been lost. Question #1: Where is the former "Sugar Land High School"? From 1950 to 1953, Ken Hall rushed for 11,232 yards for Sugar Land High School. Where is that school today? Question#2: Are there any older existing schools in the area? It seems they all have been torn down. I know both Sugar Land and Mo City each have an old auditorium, but I think that's about it. Of these 3 cities, Stafford is the oldest established town, yet, I have never seen an old school that serviced it. Question#3: Do either Mo City or Stafford have areas which were once segregated and where are they located? Question #4: Does anyone know the history of the large house facing South Main (90A) near Present Street? Question #5: Does anyone have a photo of the old M.R. Wood School they could post? Any information or memories you'd like to share would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone give me any information on Eaglewood subdivision in Sugarland???? The neighborhood looks nice, but I keep hearing so many bad things about it and the schools...Mary Austin Elementary and Hodges Bend Middle School. I'm considering a move there, but I'm not familiar with the area and I don't want to make a bad decision. Yet, on the other hand, I don't want to not make the move based on what little I've heard. Please help!
  3. Mrs Cottonmather0 and I are moving down there as soon as we can sell our house here in Timbergrove. Lots of personal reasons for doing so, but the main one being that she works at Schlumberger down there and has no need to commute 35 minutes each way everyday, especially when I run my business from home and neither one of us needs to be near downtown anymore. Not to mention that we have a second child on the way and we could use more space and are thinking about better schools than the HISD ones we're zoned to right now (Sinclair... BLACK MS... Waltrip). Anyway... The conventional wisdom we are running into from most people - including our realtor - is that for our price range (up to $500k) we should not be looking at any area other than First Colony - that the schools are the best and that it's the most desirable area to live in. Nonetheless, from what I can glean from the houses I have seen down there, anything we can afford is going to be at least 15-20 years old and in need of updating, and, aside from being close to the mall, the location is TERRIBLE for getting out quickly, with winding roads and cul-de-sacs and layers upon layers of subdivisions. For my wife working at Schlumberger, which is roughly at 90 and 59, First Colony seems to be one of the worst possible places for us to buy if we're really worried about location. So, for other areas: We thought about Sugar Creek for a while, but most of the houses in there are pretty old and need updating, and my wife is rather concerned about the quality of the areas to the south and east (along Dulles Blvd) and that it's beginning to encroach into Sugar Creek proper. We also really like Greatwood a lot, especially for the value of the some of the newer homes right now, but it's just so far away - and also pretty sprawling - and it's not in FBISD. I personally like Telfair a lot, especially considering the value that can be had for newer construction these days. There are a lot of foreclosures and excess builder inventory right now, but if we're going to live there for more than 5-7 years, at least, I don't see how that can be a problem for us. Similarly, as far as my wife's commute, the location is just about perfect, especially considering that they'll soon be opening the entrance onto Highway 6 soon. Not to mention easy access to 59, too, compared to First Colony and Greatwood. Also, the existing elementary and middle schools are both rated exceptional and that they'll have the new high school built long before my son is old enough to attend. Problem is, our realtor has just about convinced my wife that buying in Telfair is a bad decision because of the quality of buyers it will be attracting given the market right now (no matter where we look, my wife is very concerned about, ahem, demographics, much moreso than I am) and the risks that sometimes come from brand new construction. I just don't see how such a great location can be a bad decision. And before anyone asks, neither one of us care much for New Territory or any of the older neighborhoods along 90 towards the Sugar Mill, fwiw. So, I guess my question is this, is First Colony REALLY worth the money and the hassle? I am not at all denying its advantages benefits - I just don't see how buying an older house back in the maze that's 20 minutes from the freeway (especially as you move south along Elkins) is really worth the premium that other people seem to think it is, especially considering what we could get for less money in either Greatwood or Telfair along with a better location as near as I can tell. Any perspective is appreciated.
  4. I've heard that Sugar Land schools are excellent, and I've heard good things about a lot of different subdivisions in Sugar Land. I'm hoping someone can help me narrow my search a bit by telling me: 1. What are the BEST elementary schools (and high schools, for future reference) in Sugar Land? 2. In terms of access to freeways, and mature trees, are First Colony and New Territory my best choices? Are there others that are close to freeways (and as close to Houston as possible) that also have mature trees? thanks for any advice/suggestions.
  5. Can any area long-time residents or Sugar Land area experts tell me about this specific area - the southern half of FM 1464? Subdivisions would be Orchard Lakes, Old Orchard, Chelsea Harbor, Shiloh Lake Estates, the subdivisions near Austin High and Garcia Middle, and now Aliana. These are all zoned to Austin High School (which I understand to be a good school). Then you've got Nick's Italian Restaurant, Texas Safari Ranch, Houstonian and Shadow Hawk golf courses, and not much else from what I can see. I've heard a developer bought the open farm land on the west side of the road across from the gas station, and was supposed to be developing a subdivision of single family homes with little lakes, similar to nearby developments. Not sure what's going on with that. What about the prisons in the area? I know the one in Sugar Land off Hwy 90 is supposed to be relocating so that the airport can expand, but what about the one on the west side of the Grand Pkwy in Richmond? What about New Territory and Telfair directly to the south; will the establishment of a new high school in Telfair cause a bunch of rezoning of the New Territory students out of Austin High? How do you see this impacting Austin High? I noticed Perry Homes has some very nice, large homes in Old Orchard... in Telfair the same exact home models are going for nearly $100k more! Seems extreme to me, as these areas are only a few minutes from each other. One concern I have is these subdivisions on FM 1464 are not in Sugar Land or Richmond city limits; in fact, though they have Sugar Land / Richmond postal addresses (depending on what side of the road they're on) they are all technically in Houston ETJ when looking at a map. How might this affect things - is it anything to be really concerned about? I would imagine Sugar Land or Richmond would want someplace like Aliana in their city limits to get the taxes, but as of now only Houston would be able to annex it unless there was an ETJ swap like what happened with Katy Mills Mall. How do you see this area 10-15 years from now? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for the "creme of the creme" area so to say; just something family-friendly, with good schools, relatively affluent, convenient, and easy on the eye (meaning not a bunch of billboards and unattractive surroundings as in parts of Houston).
  6. http://www.fortbendnow.com/pages/full_stor..._story&open=& A citizen task force appointed to evaluate the feasibility of Sugar Land's proposed cultural entertainment district has recommended city council move forward by pursuing minor league baseball and an indoor concert venue, but without utilizing property taxes to fund the projects.
  7. Below is the text from an email I sent to friends and coworkers. This happened yesterday in the parking lot at Nick's Italian restaurant on FM 1464 north of Safari Ranch. The getaway car was waiting at Safari Ranch. The moral of the story is to always be aware of your surroundings. I must live a charmed life. As if having Corinne diagnosed with leukemia wasn't enough to have a bad 2008 we had a close brush with danger yesterday. A not so nice looking fellow tried to carjack us in broad daylight in a restaurant parking lot in Sugar Land. I had seen this fellow walking along the shoulder before I pulled into the lot and thought nothing of it. As Jen & her cousin Lori were getting Corinne out I heard him yelling jibberish and thought he was just inebriated. Jen yelled through the car to me that he had a gun, sure enough as he came around to my side he was waving what looked like a .45 revolver but I could not tell if it was real. He was not pointing it directly at me and was speaking incoherently but when he said "Give me the ------- keys" I did not tempt fate as my first thoughts were about my family and threw them in the seat and said have them. As we backed away w/ Corinne, Jen's dad had seen the whole thing from the lobby and had already called 911. When Lori realized he had the keys and was not just robbing a purse, she insisted the gun was fake and her adrenaline must have kicked in as she bravely yet crazily went back over to the car. Opening the door and claiming to get a bottle for the sick baby, she then wrestled him for the keys as he could not get them in the ignition, he tried pulling the trigger but the hammer was not cocked, and he got scared and ran away down the road. One of the waiters chased him to the next parking lot where he got in a waiting car and sped off. This was @ 5:45 PM yesterday and all happened in less than a minute. All of us are safe & OK; I think Corinne only got upset because she saw her mother get upset. The sheriff we filed the report with said this was the second attempted carjacking in the area yesterday and was probably the same crew. The license # from the waiter was incomplete and could only say it might have been an old light blue Merceedes. I don't expect much to happen but you never know. Though I am happy I did not have to deal w/ stolen vehicle reports, claims, etc; and am glad to still have our car, and admit that a girl ended up keeping our car from being stolen, I do not condone trying to take on an assailant unarmed. I don't care how expensive your watch is, your handbag is, or your car is, they are only possessions and are replaceable. Your life is not replaceable, your safety and that of your family is what is most important. Always be aware of your surroundings and of those around you. I certainly did not expect this during the middle of the day and am usually pretty aware of what is going on around me, but will be moreso from now on. Please do the same.
  8. According to KTRH, there's going to be a test of the Sugar Land emergency phone system today. It's like 911 in reverse. http://www.ktrh.com/cc-common/mainheadline...article=3865610
  9. Sorry if this has been talked about before, i just didn't have time to look but has Sugarland's population reached 100k yet? I may be moving out there if this job works out and i'm growing more interested in Sugarland. I drove through there likse the Town Center, First Colony Mall, etc and it was nice. It's sort of like The Woodlands except I think The Woodlands may be a tad better because of the mock riverwalk and Market Street. But if i get this job, it's definitely a place i wouldn't mind moving to.
  10. What can anyone here tell me about the Sugarland area?Almost 3 years ago, my wife and I had twins and started looking for a house - knowing that our apartment wouldn't be big enough for the 4 of us. Now we still have our apartment (being used for storage and a place for our cat) but are living with my Mother until we find a home.We've looking in Houston, Pearland and Friendswood and now after hearing good things about Sugarland, we wanna look there too but first want to know what parts are safer.We're lookin' for a $200,000 - $275,000 home in a safe area with lots of kids for ours to play with. Peace
  11. They just received a $2mil grant for a "feasibility" study on future expansion on the airport for possible use as a support center in the avionics industry. While initially they are talking about buying out the prison and surrounding areas, I find it interesting that they are doing this just as SL residence are finally getting some "peace and quiet" from the new railroad improvements that were passed only just recently. Once this airport gets the nod (backed by Congressman ® Lampson), I'm sure things will move on relatively quickly. I imagine this will pretty much squash any hopes that pearland's hopes of expansion (as discussed here).
  12. I found that there is a new elementary school will open in sienna plantation sugarland in 2008. It is near the riverstone community. I am considering to buy a house in riverstone. Any information about this new elementary school? I think riverstone will be rezoned to this school because it is closer than the Settlers Way elemetary school. School is my first consideration. Should I take this risk for this new school? any recommendation will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  13. According to the Chronicle, the Unocal Building Chevron Building One Sugar Creek Plaza is getting a makeover Read all about it: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/busine...te/5430106.html
  14. Sugar Land could see 3 new hotels. Though the previously mentioned second Town Square hotel looks to be off the drawing boards. 4-story, 110-room Marriott Springfield Hill Suites - 2700 Town Center Lake Pointe 203-room Hilton Garden Inn - University & Hwy 6 View the full story.
  15. Here is a nice video from Fox 26 on the 2007 Christmas Tree Lighting at Town Square if you couldn't make it out. Christmas Tree Lighting
  16. LINK HERE Houston-based Read King Commercial Real Estate purchased 134 acres from the state of Texas with plans for a mixed-use development near the entrance of an enormous upscale residential development. The Sugar Land parcel is located at the entrance into Aliana, a 2,044-acre master planned residential community featuring more than 5,000 homes, office, retail and apartment sites. "This property was attractive because it has frontage on Grand Parkway and Harlem Road," Owens, a senior associate with CBRE, told CPN today. "Aliana is going to be to the east of the property, Waterside Estates is an existing single-family neighborhood to the west." I wonder just how mixed use it will actually be.
  17. Let's wait for the Sugar Land "haters" to spin this one. ' "Sugar Land 5th Safest"
  18. People advised me to move toward midtown but I can't stand being in an area that has a high crime rate. I am from the OC in So Cal and looking for that type of vibe. Suburbs with some things going on and within driving distance to the action on the weekends. Commute to work is not a factor since I can telecommute. The things that attracted me to Sugarland are the following. * I sense Orange County of Houston vibe. * High Asian population. * Low crime rate? * Quiet neighborhood? I am looking at 200k for a house. Again, size of the house does not matter since again I am a single guy, actually I prefer the smaller the house the better. So. What area of Sugar land should I be looking at? If you can provide the zip codes that would help. I am visiting soon and would like to know if there are anything I should check out at Sugar Land, it will be during the weekend. Maybe the mall? Are there any condos in sugarland? How much should I plan for electricity bills, let's say for a 2000 sq ft house? Are there certain things I should look for in a house? Like energy efficient or maybe flooding wise? Thanks for you help. I worked in the entertainment industry while in LA but really want a quiet neighborhood where I can sleep forever if need be. Inside the loop of Houston does not seem to fit that description.
  19. I've created a thread in the sugarland section of this website comparing pros and cons of Sugarland and Pearland as we are trying to chose one of them. (Actually I have posted the same in this section also but mods have deleted it considering it as double post.). Following is the link to the other post http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...showtopic=13522 Would appreciate your feedback.
  20. We are getting ready to enter market for a home and trying to decide between Pearland (Hwy288/FM518) and Sugarland (Hwy59/Hwy6). I tried to come-up with pros and cons of both. Ofcource, I would have missed something or got something incorrect. As you may infer, I am little biased toward sugarland but I would be more than happy to change that if needed. Add your comments please. Pearland Pros * Near to Downtown/Medical Center/Galleria (Easy access to these palces on non -peak hours) * Just started booming Cons * 288 getting worse day by day (May take 40 minutes to downtown on peak hours) * 288/518 area getting over crowded * Brazoria county, meaning hefty home insurance premium (windstorm) * Flooding in 288 when it rains heavily * Alvin/Pearland school District (some MasterPlannedCommunities Zoned to Alvin) * Average price of homes near 288/518 is $85 sq.ft. * Landfill expansion issue (the news itself, irrespective of whether it expands or not) sugarLand: Pros : * Established area for family living * fortbend ISD and good established schools * No (Few) flooding issues * No high insurance costs (flood/windstorm) * 59 upgrade/constructon completed till Hwy6 - Traffic not as bad as 288 or 290 or I10 * ALT 90 becoming another freeway by end of 2008 (?) and would provide alternate route to Medical Center / Downtown/ Galelria (if needed) * Average price of homes near 59/6 is $90 sq.ft Cons : * Alarming crime rate (though it varies by n'hoods) * Far from Downtown/Galleria/Medical center (Delayed access to these palces even at non-peak hours)
  21. There is talk by the city of Houston and Sugarland with regard to speed light cameras. They want to send you tickets in the mail for speeding just like they are doing for red light cameras. Anyone have more info on this?
  22. While going through historic photos of Sugar Land, my friend and I found this picture of the Sugar Land Mall. Does anyone here happen to know where this was located? http://texashistory.unt.edu/widgets/highli...1280.jpg&q=
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