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  1. TxDOT To Shut Down U.S. 59 In Sugar Land On June 2 And July 7 Weekends by FortBendNow Staff, Thursday May 18, 2006 Slow traffic and confused motorists can be expected in early June and July, as demolition of two bridges over U.S. 59 in Sugar Land will result in closure of the major highway
  2. Most of the stores in New Territory are located in the Randall's anchored shopping center, right off of The Grand Parkway (99) and New Territory Boulevard. There are a few cleaners, and other small establishments at the intersection of 99 and 90. Many other shooping establishments are a (relatively) short drive away, such as the River Park center, at 99 and 59, which is anchored by an HEB. If you go East on 90, all the way to Hihway 6, and go southbound, there is a center there anchored by a Sam's club, as well as a Wal Mart. Of course, if you wish to drive a bit further, you can easily reach the many shoping areas in the First Colony area(including the mall, and town square). And yes, that stretch of 59 should be better, once construction is done. Currently, the main way to get to 59 from NT is New Territory Boulevard, which currently is detoyred through the streets under construction in the new Telfair subdivison. I once got stuck there for over an hour, and this was NOT during the morning commute. Thintgs should get better, though, as soon as the proper NTB route is established, and the diamond interchange with 59 is completed.
  3. The largest remaining stretch of available commercial land in Sugar Land has been purchased by a partnership that plans to develop a mixed-use project there. Weaver Davis & Jacob Realty Group said Monday that it represented Hwy 6 & 90 Ltd., a single-asset limited partnership, in the purchase of the 112-acre tract at the southwest corner of Highway 6 and Highway 90. Bizjournals article.
  4. With Asians making up about a quarter of the population in Sugar Land currently are there any other towns or cities that can compare in the south?
  5. I've heard of a proposal that would develop the area surrounding Flour Daniel (Lakeside/Flour Daniel Dr.) and transform it into a retail/housing hub capped off with a Condo Complex consisting of up to 4, 10-Story condominiums. Hermes Architects is slated to do much of the development, but I've heard of some fuss from the homeowner's association ("Old Sugar Land", if you will) that might nix it before it gets off the ground.
  6. We bought a home to construct at Reserve at Glen Laurel a month ago. We have to still complete design center appointments and haven't signed a mortgage yet. Some friends of mine say it's very bad location....resale ponit of view, schools...everything. They say New Territory is better option. According to them, I'll lose almost $20-30K when I sell it. I definitely look at my house not only a place to live, but also a huge investment. We have paid $2500 towards processing so far. Could anyone shed some insight into this? I'm very stressed over this and breaking my head. TIA, San
  7. What new restaurants would you like to see in these two new developements (Town Square and FC Mall Restaurant Plaza)? Here are a few I'd like to see: The Grotto Brio Goode Co.
  8. Sugar Land is adding 3,147 new residents as Avalon and Brazos Landing become Sugar Landians. The city keeps growing and with the addition of Town Square is more and more becoming the "city outside the city" to live in. Houston Business Journal Article
  9. my husband and I are looking for a new house. We currently live in tanglewilde. We love being in the city, but we already have a two year old daughter and another child on the way. We have outgrown our home. We would love to stay in the city but it is too expensive. We are looking for a house that is 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms for $250,000. We are considering sienna plantation, riverstone, the new development telfair and new territory. I am worried about property values. we don't want to be stuck with a house that we cannot sell later. Is it better to live in a newer development in sugarland or buy a house in a more established area like commonwealth. Plus is there a big difference between sugarland and missouri city? Any comments and thoughts would really be appreciated.
  10. Forget all about Missouri City. That place is nothing but trouble, lots of robberies right in your own driveway. Find you a nice home in New Territory. There is also a great subdivision, right off of 59 past hwy. 90 that goes into Stafford, right behind Dulles high school. There are a couple of golf courses, Sugar Creek and River Bend Country clubs are back there. For some reason the name of the subdivision has escaped me, but my wife and I seriously considered the neighborhood before moving to Katy.
  12. Yesterday I was in home depot in Sugar Land and I saw a Big Lots sign in the back of a trailer being towed by a U-Haul. They had stopped into Home Depot to buy something. About 10 minutes later I saw the truck parked by the street in front of the empty parking lot of the old Target building. There was a maintence guy out there doing something with the mounting posts on the street. I checked Big Lots website and i see that there are job postings for Sugar Land, but no Sugar Land location listed. I am 99% certain Big Lots is coming to Sugar Land and that it'll be in that old Target building. Right next to the Dollar store. Sugar Lands slums??? hehe..j/k I love closeout stores like that, so I think it'll be pretty cool to get a Big Lots here. I drove near there today but forgot to look to see if there was a sign mounted. If it is coming, there is probably a sign on the street now. Anyway, for most people this is nothing, but since their nearest store is 13 miles, it's good to see them come to Sugar Land. Plus, most people would be happy just to see someone fill that large space.
  13. Currently under construction Prices range from $240,000- $700,000 I have actually looked at some of the prices at some of the condos in Sugar Land Town Square, and they swear to themselves they are located in downtown with those prices. lol.
  14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Council erects "firewall" around mayor By: SESHADRI KUMAR, Reporter, HCN, 03/08/05 Sugar Land City Council members have expressed their "disappointment" over Mayor David Wallace's business relation with a developer who plans to redevelop the Imperial Sugar Mill property. City council has concurred with City Manager Allen Bogard's proposal to create a "firewall" between Wallace and the Imperial redevelopment project. Bogard released a press statement last week, incorporating Mayor pro-tem Cyril Hosley's comments. The statement is believed to be the result of a consensus among all council members that their concern be made public. Simultaneously, Wallace also issued a statement, as requested by Bogard. Hosley states, "I am very disappointed that Mayor Wallace's business interest has put the City in this situation. The City Council cannot force the mayor to choose between his business interest and his political career. Therefore, I want to assure the citizens that decisions we make are in no way influenced by the Mayor or his relationships. I believe that my fellow City Council members join me in my concern for the Mayor's relationship with Perry Interests and the perception it has created. I am confident the City Manager, the staff, and the City Council will provide a reliable process resulting in continued quality development that is in the best interest of the City of Sugar Land." Bogard says he has been continuously thinking through the many challenges that have and will come before the City since the announcement regarding the sale of the Imperial Sugar Property, two weeks ago. "This is a critical project for our City - the potential impact on our neighboring residential and business communities and the preservation of our history." Bogard adds, "The relationship of Mayor Wallace and Perry Interests has created an additional challenge for the City in ensuring the integrity of the development process to the public." Bogard has asked Wallace to relinquish his involvement in all aspects of this project and make a public statement to that effect. "I believe we must create a "firewall" around the Mayor regarding this project. I commit to the citizens of Sugar Land to provide due diligence on their behalf and uphold their confidence in an open, trustworthy development process," Bogard says. Bogard will serve as the single point of contact for the developer and will lead his team of professionals at the City to work with the developer through the public development process established by ordinance. A meeting was held last week with Cherokee Investments and their team to make introductions. This was the first of many meetings to occur. At the City Council Meeting on March 15, Bogard will request the creation of a City Manager Task Force made up of three city council members to serve as a sounding board and to provide oversight for the project as he and the staff enter into negotiations with the developer. Additionally, Bogard will be presenting and asking the city council to approve a resolution that outlines the City's intent for the property including the need for a Development Agree-ment to adequately address the various aspects of the project, the project plan, and project timing. Hosley concurs with Bogard that his approach allows the city to begin on the right path to ensure that the development /redevelopment process proceeds in a timely, efficient, open and trustworthy manner. Hosley adds, "The Imperial Sugar project is very important to all of us. We are excited about the involvement of Cherokee Investments. Their experience in projects of this nature indicate an ability to develop this site in a manner consistent with the vision and goals of our City." Councilman Russell Jones says the strategy being developed by council and the city manager should be given a chance. "I would like it to work. At this stage, I am not asking for the mayor's resignation. If that strategy does not work, then we will have to revisit the issue," Jones says. Councilman Tom Abraham echoes the sentiment of other council members and says what the mayor did was unfortunate. He would work his best to ensure that people have confidence in the process that is being proposed to deal with the Imperial redevelopment project. Councilman Dennis Parmar says he would have liked the mayor to have his business dealings elsewhere and not in the city. "We as city council and residents need to have some questions answered," Parmar says. The Imperial redevelopment is way too important and to ensure that the project is not harmed in any way, rules of engagement need to be defined so that it builds trust in the process, he says. Mayor's statement Following is the statement issued by Wallace: "At the request of our City Manager and my fellow City Council Members, I am offering this statement to the public regarding my non-involvement with the sale and future redevelopment of the Imperial Sugar Property. Imperial Sugar announced on February 18 that a preliminary agreement had been reached with Cherokee Investments and W.C. Perry Land Development for the sale of the Sugar Mill property in Sugar Land. As I previously stated, I have consummated a business transaction with W. C. Perry Realty Investment Fund, LP and W. C. Perry Properties, LP whereby I will serve as Chairman of the Investment Committee. This business involvement is not associated in any way with W.C. Perry Land Development, LP, or any other entity involved in the Imperial transaction. I have relocated my business office to Perry's office in Sugar Land in early January. I would like to reiterate that neither I, nor the W.C. Perry Realty Investment Fund, LP or W.C. Perry Properties, LP, will have any economic interest, either directly or indirectly, to either W.C. Perry Land Development, LP, Cher-okee Investment or Imperial Sugar, and I (including W.C. Perry Realty Investment Fund, LP & W.C. Perry Properties, LP) have not or will not benefit directly or indirectly, from any such transaction. In consultation with the City Manager and the City Council, I agree and am fully aware that I have a responsibility to the public and am therefore providing this additional commitment. I am committing that I will relinquish any and all involvement in all aspects of the Imperial Sugar Property Sale and redevelopment. This includes any involvement regarding this project with City officials, the developer and development team, Imperial Sugar Company and the city staff. This also includes any and all involvement with State Representatives, the General Land Office and other members involved in the sale of the adjacent property known as Tract 3. Lastly, from and after the date of this statement, I relinquish all of my discussions regarding the Imperial project with representatives of adjoining properties, neighborhood interests, and all of the public as well as the media (except for statements pertaining to my non-involvement). I join the City Manager and my fellow City Council Members in taking this additional step in ensuring an abundance of precaution regarding this project. I ask the public to respect this position and direct all inquiries regarding the project to the City Manager." Management district In a related development, Perry Land Development on Feb. 23 published a full page notice of intention to introduce a bill in the Texas Legislature toward creating a special management district for the Imperial property. The city was caught by surprise and had no idea why such a move was made without even informing the city. City council, at a workshop presided by Wallace on March 1, discussed the notice and directed the city manager to oppose the bill, if necessary. Will Perry of Perry Land Development told the Fort Bend Sun that there was insufficient time to initiate the legislative process and the company's attorneys had to rush to print the notice as a 30-day notice was required before introducing the bill. Bogard said Perry had explained the circumstances and apologized for what happened. Perry says his attorneys are preparing a brief to explain to the city why such a management district is needed for redeveloping the property. If the city is not satisfied with the need for a management district, the bill will not be filed, he says. Perry has about a year to conclude the deal with the Imperial Sugar Mill.
  15. They're finally releasing some details on Newland's development of the former state prison tracts! http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/business/3053187 ------------------------------------------------------ Community to rise where inmates toiled Developer wants Sugar Land project to have the tree-rich charm of Savannah By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle A swath of Fort Bend County land that was once farmed by hundreds of Texas prisoners is set to become Sugar Land's newest master-planned community. Newland Communities broke ground this week on the 2,018-acre development, which it says will be modeled after historic Savannah, Ga., with its landscaped neighborhood squares, shady liveoak trees, colorful gardens and fountains. The project, dubbed Telfair, is named after one of the oldest oak-lined squares in downtown Savannah. Scores of shade trees and flowerswill be planted for almost year-round displays of color, said Travis Stone, senior vice president of operations for Newland. "I think we have somewhat similar climates," Stone said. "We don't have 100-year-old oak trees with Spanish moss hanging out of them, but we're going to plant them so maybe in the future that does happen." The property is on U.S. 59 at University Boulevard just south of Texas 6. Newland purchased the former prison farmland from the state for about $37.5 million in 2003. Along with large subdivisions of single-family homes, Telfair will have a series of pedestrian-friendly "traditional neighborhood developments" that will blend a variety of housing styles with shops, restaurants and civic venues. Anchoring the development will be a 16-acre traditional neighborhood surrounding the 1939 Central State Farm prison building, a Greek Revival-style structure that served as a dormitory during the site's early farming era. Newland is studying ways to preserve the building for civic or commercial uses. The San Diego-based company's other Houston projects include Greatwood, Cinco Ranch, Seven Meadows, Grayson Lakes, Eagle Springs and Summerwood. Complete in 2011 Newland hasn't identified the builders that will be involved in the project, but it expects the first homes to be completed in the spring of 2006. If all goes as planned, Telfair will have up to 4,500 homes when it's completed in 2011. The land is surrounded by such neighborhoods as Greatwood, First Colony and New Territory. Housing analyst Mike Inselmann of Houston-based Metrostudy said Telfair's Savannah theme will help set it apart. "There are lots of communities along the highway, so differentiation is really important," he said. Recreation in mind The developer has set aside more than 400 acres for lakes, parks and recreational centers with swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds. Some 390 acres fronting U.S. 59 and Texas 6 have been designated for commercial uses. Stone said medical groups, grocery stores and other retailers have already expressed an interest in this development. The city of Sugar Land plans to buy 95 acres south of U.S. 59 and adjacent to the University of Houston System-Sugar Land for the Texas Energy Center, a proposed research center that will focus on clean energy and deep-water drilling. Telfair, which was annexed by Sugar Land, is in the Fort Bend Independent School District. The master plan reserves almost 100 acres for three proposed school sites, including two elementary schools and one high school campus. Another parcel on block There has been a spate of recent developments in Sugar Land. Sugar Land Town Square, a Main Street-type project has been rapidly developing,and First Colony Mall hasbeen undergoing an expan-sion. Last week, Imperial Sugar announced plans to sell its former sugar refinery site to a group wanting to develop aproject mixing condominiums, single-family homes and retail space on the 160-acreparcel. And the state plans to auction off a tract nearby that's nearly as large as Telfair. On Tuesday, the Texas General Land Office will open sealed bids for 1,942 acres of land near the Grand Parkway and the proposed extension of West Bellfort. "Sugar Land's a good address," Stone said. "I think it has gotten to a point in its maturity that it can support a lot of what's going on."
  16. SUGAR LAND, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 2005-- The urban living trend, readily found in downtown Houston, is now burgeoning in Sugar Land, Texas. Threshold Interests One, L.P. has announced that they will begin construction on two major residential projects that will introduce Sugar Land to luxury high-rise living. Pre-construction sales have begun on Lake Pointe Vista; a new luxury mid-rise residential project in Lake Pointe Town Center -- a 190-acre, urban-style village that will be located at the intersection of Highway 6 and U.S. 59 in First Colony. Additionally, Threshold Interests is planning to develop a 10-story luxury tower, the Tower Lofts located in Sugar Land Town Square. "Urban living is gaining momentum in Sugar Land, and the development of these luxury mid- and high-rise homes represents a shift in the character of the Sugar Land residential property market," said Les Newton, president of Planned Community Developers (PCD). "Lake Pointe Vista and the Tower Lofts will bring a new 'urban residential' lifestyle to Sugar Land." Lake Pointe Vista Lake Pointe Vista architectural features will include 11- to 13-foot finished ceiling heights with extensive floor-to-ceiling windows, wraparound terraces and high-end fixtures throughout. In addition, homeowners will have the ability to customize floor plans by combining units in order to create larger residences. The one-bedroom to three-bedroom units will range in size from 1,300 to 2,400 square feet and be priced from the high $200,000's to over $1 million. Lake Pointe Vista will offer homeowners incredible lakefront views from all 36 units in the 6 residential floors. Lake Pointe Vista will be located in the heart of an emerging town center in First Colony called Lake Pointe Town Center. Lake Pointe Town Center will lie between the 37-acre lake and 1.5 mile of frontage on Oyster Creek. Lake Pointe Town Center will integrate one million square feet of office space and more than 200,000 square feet of retail space, with a boardwalk and trail system that will connect residence to unique restaurants, retail shopping, and the new Lifetime Fitness Center. "We are very excited about moving into the First Colony market with our new project," said Ric D'Amico, project manager for Threshold Interests One, L.P. "Lake Pointe Town Center will provide a unique opportunity in Sugar Land, creating a new residential lifestyle within a beautiful, natural environment. The Tower Lofts at Town Square The Tower Lofts at Town Square will provide a new option for Sugar Land residents who want stylish living and premium service in a true downtown setting. Tower Lofts is being built for sale within Planned Community Developer's 32-acre Sugar Land Town Square lifestyle center that offers short walks to Cafe Express, PF Changs, Perry's Steakhouse & Grille and Baker's Street Pub & Grill, among other notable tenants. This desirable location will help target prospective residents seeking a true 24/7, live-work, urban lifestyle. This development will also capture a distinct blend of historic charm by implementing design elements of the original Imperial Sugar factory's architecture with twenty-first century amenities focusing on interior design, exquisite finishes and unparalleled horizon views. "This will be the first luxury high-rise in Sugar Land, and it represents a significant step in the growth and vitality of downtown Sugar Land," said Newton. "This project will enhance the lifestyle-center atmosphere of Sugar Land Town Square and truly integrate the concept of live, work and play, because it will be within walking distance of some of Sugar Land's finest shopping, dining and entertainment." Located near the corner of Town Center Boulevard North and Highway 6, Tower Lofts at Town Square is planned to be a 10-story tower building of approximately 50 units. These loft-style units, with individual unit sizes of 700-1300 square feet, will offer buyers the opportunity to combine units in order to create a substantially larger custom residence. In addition, homeowners will also be given the choice to tailor their traditional, transitional or contemporary home through a selection of premium finishes for flooring, countertops, cabinets and appliance packages. Each of the one to three bedroom units will boast 10- to 13-foot ceilings and panoramic views. The units will be priced beginning in the $200,000's with combination unit possibilities likely exceeding $1 million. "Tower Lofts at Town Square will provide a choice in high-rise living that is not currently available in the Sugar Land market," said Doug Crosson, president of Threshold Interests One, L.P. "We were attracted to the Sugar Land Town Square development because of the strong, overall market. We are confident that our design team's creation will be well-received by homebuyers looking for a prestigious, and yet, low-maintenance lifestyle." Construction on both projects, designed by Zeigler Cooper Architects, is scheduled to begin this summer, with first units available in summer of 2006. For further information on these two projects or on pricing and floor plans, contact the marketing team at 713-523-5638. Ziegler Cooper Architects, whose expertise includes high-end condominium projects such as Villa d'Este, and Montebello in Post Oak Uptown Park, as well as Threshold's Waterway Lofts will serve as architects on these projects. Threshold Interests One, L.P. is a real estate development company specializing in niche markets requiring individual attention and unique product knowledge, as demonstrated in the firm's recent success with the Waterway Lofts in The Woodlands, Texas, the Hermann Lofts and the Bayou Lofts condominium project downtown. The firm was established in 1991 by Douglas R. Crosson, whose real estate experience also includes the re-construction of the historic Pillot Building, Houston's second oldest commercial building. Planned Community Developers (PCD) is the developer of the 9,700-acre First Colony master-planned community in Sugar Land, Texas. In addition to overseeing the development of Lake Pointe Town Center and Sugar Land Town Square, PCD is also currently supervising the development of River's Edge, a new 370-acre community in Richmond, Texas. PCD focuses on community master planning, high-quality retail and residential development.
  17. Jan. 27, 2005, 9:13PM Lofts move to suburbia 10-story Sugar Land project brings new dimension to area's residential landscape By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Loft living began as a downtown phenomenon. But this hip housing trend is beginning to show up in suburbs many miles from the city center. ADVERTISEMENT Developers are planning a 10-story loft building in Sugar Land Town Square, a suburban real estate development designed to create an instant downtown. Houston-based Threshold Interests One, which designed a similar project in The Woodlands, is developing the Sugar Land project.
  18. Ruth's Chris closes Sugar Land location Allison Wollam Houston Business Journal Ruth's Chris Steak House Inc. has closed its Sugar Land location. Dave Cattell, Ruth's Chris vice president of real estate and construction, says despite the restaurant's best efforts, this address was not a match for the upscale steakhouse. Cattell adds that the location, at 14135 Southwest Freeway, did not prove to be the best to sustain and grow the customer base for Ruth's Chris type of dining experience. The restaurant is currently exploring potential locations throughout the Houston area, including Sugar Land, says Cattell. Employees of the Sugar Land location are being given the opportunity to apply for positions at the Ruth's Chris Steak House located at 6213 Richmond Ave., as well as other Ruth's Chris Steak House locations in Texas.
  19. Well, if you are even in Sugarland, try Thai Cottage II, located in the Sweetwater Shopping center. The food is good, and the prices are not bad! (bring 10$, and you can get an order of something, a drink, and enough change for a good tip!)
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