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  1. I hope and pray to the development gods that the SL district along HWY 6 doesn't follow the trend of strip malls aplenty beyond the county line. I take the Hwy 6 route into SL at least 3 times weekly and am hoping for a less generic solution to that areas growth problems. I am specifically talking about the location on the east side of Hwy 6 between the city line and Hwy 90. Anyone in the know regarding how that area is to be filled?
  2. Since its creation in 2006, the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation has been gathering and cataloging historic artifacts left behind by the Imperial Sugar Company. The artifacts line the shelves of the foundation’s temporary museum space at 198 Kempner Street, but the museum has now found a permanent home. Sugar Land City Council approved the final location for the Sugar Land Heritage Museum at the Sept. 16 meeting. Council determined the museum will occupy about 12,600 square feet on the second floor of the former container warehouse near the eight-story Char House within the Imperial Sugar Land redevelopment. “The museum will present how Sugar Land grew from a small company town into one of the best places in America to live and work,” said Dennis Parmer, executive director of the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation. “It will be a must-see for any one living in or visiting Sugar Land.” The museum, which will be built above the future Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center, will showcase several exhibits categorized by the city’s timeline. The “Pre-1821” exhibit will highlight the area once inhabited by the Karankawa Indians; the “1821-1836” exhibit will show the first settlements formed; the “Plantation Era” will cover Sugar Land during the Civil War; the “Company Town Era” will display the growth of the Imperial Sugar Company; and the “Modern Era” will present Sugar Land as it is today, according to the foundation’s plans. The Johnson Development Corporation, the developer behind Imperial Sugar Land, has an office on the site as well. Imperial Sugar Land’s General Manager, Shay Shafie, said the Heritage Museum is an important part of the master-planned community’s future growth. “Our goal all along has been to create a new community that preserves the rich heritage and tradition of Sugar Land,” he said. The museum is slated to open in early 2017, Parmer said. In the meantime, the current space will remain open to the public on Saturdays from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. The Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center, which is expected to break ground in the first quarter of 2015, will take up the first floor of the warehouse. The 10,000 square-foot venue is slated to open in 2016 and will feature six exhibits and an outdoor space. “I see a lot of good synergy that can happen here,” Parmer said. http://impactnews.com/blogs/sugar-land--missouri-city/sugar-land-heritage-museum-finds-permanent-home/
  3. Does anyone have any details, road layout, and/or schedule for the extenstion of Mason between Long Meadow Farms and Waterview Estates (south of its intersection with Grand Pkwy). I've seen plans for future sections of LMF and they show Mason hugging the east side of the development, so I assume it will split off of Farmer just south of Oakland Elementary, and become the main thoroughfare up to the intersection of present day Mason/Farmer/Skinner. There is alot of construction work happening in this area and I just got a quick glimpse of it recently while driving through. If I remember correctly, Mason is being widened between Skinner and FM 359. Will Farmer Rd between Oakland Elementary and the entrance to Pecan Grove eventually be closed?
  4. The Fiesta Market Place in Sugar Land is closing less than a year after it opened. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/03/sugar-land-area-fiesta-is-closing/
  5. The new Texas Instrument broke ground on the three-story 165,000 square foot Class A structure. The 7 acre site at the northeast corner of U.S. 59 Highway 59 and University Blvd in the Telfair commercial development is expected to be completed by 2014.
  6. Aurora LINKS: http://www.miradorgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/AURORA-AT-LAKEPOINTE_SPREADS_03-28-2012.pdf http://www.miradorgroup.com/residential/aurora
  7. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2013/12/nalco-champion-to-build-new-sugar-land.html
  8. Where do you all see the future of Fort Bend County ? Our population has reach 627,293 and is growing more and more everyday with no signs of stopping. I live in Sugar Land and I can definitely see the growth. If we were a city we would be the 7th largest city in Texas, just after El Paso ! I'm starting to wonder if Fort Bend is going to have to start thinking like a big city rather than a suburban area. For example, with transportation, Hwy 59 (I-69) is always backed-up and needs relief. Highway 6 is a nightmare, Highway 90 is starting to get crazy. Thankfully the Grand Parkway is being built out to 59. Maybe turn highway 90 into a tollroad, connect the Fort Bend Tollroad to South Post Oak in Houston, Commuter rail that reaches all the way to Richmond and Rosenberg, and maybe turn the Fort Bend Transit System into a full bus service system. Thats just one area of concern. I even see the day when the Sugar Land Airport turns into Houston's third major airport. It's just a Regional airport now but flights are constantly coming one right after another, even at night. It's the busiest small airport I ever seen. What do you guys think in other areas as well like education, real estate, economic development, crime, health care, etc. All these issue are coming up fast in this county and we have to find some answers soon.
  9. Just wanted to ask people around Fort Bend County if you have ever rode on the Fort Bend Transit buses and what was your experience. Seems to me they are becoming more and more popular. There are already plans to put permanent park and ride facilities in Missouri City and Rosenberg. I think it's cool to have public transportation in Fort Bend. It's the second largest pop county in the area. The 2010 census for the county was at 585,375 and it's growing more every year, which is basically the size of Portland, Ore. We have to have alternative ways of getting around the area. The traffic, especially in Sugar Land is getting ridiculous What's your take on it. ?
  10. Sugar Land used to have a big prison called the "Central Unit" - Just recently it closed to make way for development. What are your thoughts on the matter? Airport development is expected to go there.
  11. Every other week it seems I read about some new corporate relo, expansion, or some new restaurant opening in Sugar Land. Here are some of the latest to look forward to: First expansion of Flying Saucer http://blogs.chron.com/beertx/2011/04/flying_saucer_expanding_to_sug.html First suburban location of Churrasco's http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/02-18-11-sugar-land-gets-the-first-suburban-churrascos/ First Houston-area location of Coal Vines http://www.yourhoust...12b018dfa9.html
  12. My husband and I are looking to buy our first house. I am just looking for some ideas cause apparently we have bad luck with realtors. The first one lied to us about a house being sold when it was actually still on the market. The second one required us to have a preapproval letter (not a prequal letter) before he could show us any houses. We called our bank and they said they would not issue a preapproval letter until we locked in our loan. We are just so lost and confused. We have a list of about 10 houses that we would like to see but the realtor didn't want to waste any time until we have the proper paperwork *sigh* Sorry for the whining but we need to find a house fast because our lease ends in two month. I can do my own research and am pretty good at finding houses. However, I just moved here 06 months ago and are not familiar with the area. I am looking for a house in a safe neighborhood anywhere in Sugar Land or Richmond and maybe south Katy. I was considering Eaglewood but had to back out after reading a post here. I just graduated and is still looking for a job; therefore, anything like Cinco Ranch or Telfair is impossible, although it would be nice to live there :-) I don't have any kids so school is not a big concern. And our max price is $130,000. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2009/07/13/daily40.html
  14. http://www.ultimatefortbend.com/stories/221127-sugar-land-ballpark-architect-releases-more-images
  15. LINK HERE Houston-based Read King Commercial Real Estate purchased 134 acres from the state of Texas with plans for a mixed-use development near the entrance of an enormous upscale residential development. The Sugar Land parcel is located at the entrance into Aliana, a 2,044-acre master planned residential community featuring more than 5,000 homes, office, retail and apartment sites. "This property was attractive because it has frontage on Grand Parkway and Harlem Road," Owens, a senior associate with CBRE, told CPN today. "Aliana is going to be to the east of the property, Waterside Estates is an existing single-family neighborhood to the west." I wonder just how mixed use it will actually be.
  16. I think the City of Sugar Land should try to attract limited commercial airline service to its airport, especially if the economy improves. Maybe American Eagle could fly from Sugar Land to Dallas/Fort Worth. I know back in the early 1990s that Conquest Airlines used to fly to Sugar Land (I think from Austin). Nowadays companies have relocated to Sugar Land and there is higher yielding (i.e. profitable) traffic in the area. If AA chooses to do this it should make sure that the service is still economically competitive with Continental and Southwest services to Dallas from the other airports.
  17. I just moved to the Cy-Fair area from Sugar Land and I'm not really familiar with the area beyond the massive traffic problems on Hwy. 290 every single day. Is there any big stuff going on around here besides transportation? I want to get involved, but have no idea what the issues are out here.
  18. We have a larger than average family so that limits our search because we really need 3 full baths. Also prefer a larger than 2-car garage (like 2.5 or 3 car). Here's where we've already looked: - First Colony (see my other posts about low inventory and way high prices in the Clements zone). Many of the homes needed tons of updating. Not looking to do that with toddlers running around the house. We found a few places off Dulles last summer but they went so fast we never got a chance to put an offer. We were worried about looking in Brightwater and surrounding area in Missouri City because apparently FBISD has tried to move nearby areas in that part of First Colony to the Quail Valley schools, which rank very poorly when I looked them up. - New Territory. Same problems we where having with First Colony as far as home size and low inventory. - Sugar Creek. Most homes needed extensive updating. And I don't think there was a subdivision clubhouse/pool - Sugar Lakes. Almost no inventory. - Telfair, hardly anything of what we wanted under 400k. Heard bad things about Beazer homes. - Greatwood/Riverpark area. Homes are fine, but just didn't like the location as much and from what I understand the middle/high school aren't good. - FM 1464. Now here is an area I really like the looks of the subdivisions (with all the lakes) and had the best homes for sure, but that intersection of Hwy 99 and Hwy 90, what a headache! And all the open land concerns me. If there's no control of the area by any kind of city entity or MPC, who knows what can get developed and how the area can change? Can anyone help me? We need good schools (don't have to be the best schools by any means, just better than average), prefer a newer home (late 90's or later) OR an area where everyone is remodeling the homes, and need a larger home (3000sq+). One of us works near Alief (I know, yuck) and I'm between jobs but most places I'd end up working would likely be in the west or southwest parts of town such as Galleria, Greenway, etc. Looking for around 300k or just over. Are we just going to have to wait years and years to see empty-nesters move out of First Colony, Telfair prices to correct, FM 1464/Austin High School area to finish out so we can see what goes in, or the new development centered around the Imperial Sugar to be done? With the current economy, who knows how long that might be! Ugh. Do we need to bite it on the commute and start looking in South Katy instead? Luckily we're renting, so have plenty of time to keep looking.
  19. Found this listed in the Sept. 1959 issue: Idea Home Plan 2909-B In Sugar Land 123 Sorrento Built by: Leo E. O'Neal Decorated by: Foley's Talks of a hipped roof, shingled siding, a family "activity" center in the hub, enclosed garden next to the carport, has a one car garage , as well. Bedrooms are to one side of house, in a row. Has a fireplace you can walk around, on both sides. Has a narrow patio that extends around three sides of the main living area. Says the plan is an "unusual shape". It's 1712 sq. ft. Tried to look at this on GoogleEarth, can't tell much. Looks like the backyard is on a waterway. Wouldn't say it's one that really fascinates me, but it does have an interesting history.
  20. http://www.fortbendnow.com/pages/full_stor..._story&open=& A citizen task force appointed to evaluate the feasibility of Sugar Land's proposed cultural entertainment district has recommended city council move forward by pursuing minor league baseball and an indoor concert venue, but without utilizing property taxes to fund the projects.
  21. We're moving next month and I'm going to go ahead and bite the bullet and join a place for the first time since I quit my corporate job and lost access to the company gym. I need a place mostly for free weights and some machines, although I usually get my cardio exercise outside running or biking. I read on Yelp that the Lifetime Fitness on Hwy 6 is really nice but expensive. I've also read that the LA Fitness in River Park is also pretty good, but sometimes pretty crowded. Any other recommendations?
  22. I have been waiting and hoping for AT&T to come to Sugar Land zip code 77479 and offer U-verse and their other fiber optic technologies to compete against Comcast and Entouch. Living in Telfair most of us signed up for Entouch, but the cost is high. Its the "preferred provider" for the 'hood. We wouldn't consider Comcast after being former Time Warner customers and we don't want satellite (had it twice with different providers). I know that pockets of SL and in this area code have AT&T service. I've seen postings that Greatwood has AT&T and U-verse. When I called recently to inquire, I was told that AT&T couldn't get access rights to many areas of SL. That they were effectively blocked from providing any service. Apparently they could offer hard line telephone service, but nothing more. I asked for more information but the rep just said "keep checking back with us" and disconnected. I've found nothing on any SL website, either for the city or county that talks about this issue. Does anyone understand or know about the rules surrounding how different service providers can offer their services in SL? Is it something where the folks who originally installed the infrastructure get to keep out other providers for set period of time? Infrastructure companies often get fees from any service providers that use their infrastructure, so I don't see this as an issue (but probably wrong). Is it due to other factors? I'm at a complete loss, so someone who knows about SL/FB government, telecom services and telecome industry issues would be welcome to help educate me and probably a lot of others.
  23. Anyone here lives in riverstone ? It appears riverstone is a very large community and the schools are zoned 'all-over'. Are they going to have more elementary/middle/high schools coming-up (if so, when ?) inside the community ? Also, is their any tax difference between the Missouri city portion of Riverstone and Sugarland portion of Riverstone ? Any potential 'annexing' issues ? (honestly, I don't know what they mean when people use that word in this context). How about the commute from Riverstone to Downtown ? It seems theres a 6 miles drive thru Hwy 6 before getting to 59 ? Someone mentioned earlier about a 'sewage facility' next to Riverstone. Is such a thing really exist and isa concern ? Any past flooding issues in that area ?
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