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Found 12 results

  1. Seabrook Town Center "...The Seabrook Town Center, just north of the intersection of State Highway 146 and Repsdorph Road, has been in the works for some years, but finally all puzzle pieces seem to be in place for the project to become a reality. Houston-based HS Development Group, typically focused on multifamily and student housing, acquired the 19.5-acre property earlier this month from Santa Barbara, California-based Pacific Ridge. HS took over the contract from Houston-based WMF Investments in February, HS Development Group COO Steve Helm said... ...The plan includes a four-story, 322-unit apartment complex and 19,000 square feet of retail and restaurants surrounding a plaza with event lawn as well as some office space. “We’ll have a stage. There'll be a turf surface for kids to play ball or whatever on and four … pad sites,” Helm said. “They could be restaurant or retail pads out front along (Highway) 146.” The 19.5-acre development will be called The Edge at Seabrook Town Centre, the spelling of “center” notably different from the overall Seabrook Town Center, which includes a few more acres to the south..."
  2. The City of Seabrook is in the process of developing a plan to develop the Old Seabrook District into a "Livable Center". Looks like the consensus is either stay the same or more development. Hoping to see this develop into a more urban area. That part of town needs an urban center to give the community as a whole a gathering place instead of just endless suburbia.
  3. Just north of where Repsdorph intersects NASA Road 1 a good size tract has been cleared of underbrush and most trees (many of which were dead anyway). Late this morning I also saw a survey crew. They were even pulling manhole covers to get the elevations of the storm sewer inverts. This tells me there must be some type of construction imminent. This is within the city limits of Seabrook. https://www.google.com/maps/place/2200+Repsdorph+Rd,+Seabrook,+TX+77586/@29.565271,-95.0414771,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x863f62664b1ca85f:0xbe406590798c3d41
  4. It is the talk of the town in Seabrook and some say it's for all the wrong reasons. The Ku Klux Klan is spreading its message of hate and residents are upset about it. "It was in a clear plastic bag with a rock thrown from a truck," said Gordon Marsh who received the letter. "It's disturbing." Scott was alarmed when student Gordon Marsh showed him a letter found in his driveway. "It's hate literature. It's ignorant and bigoted," said Marsh. He wasn't the only person who received this KKK recruitment letter. Seabrook police say Sunday they received at least 20 complaints from residents. Police believe that's just a portion of the total letters. The distributors even dropped an envelope containing the letter to a supervisor at the police department who did not see the actual contents until the end of his shift. full article
  5. Well I was'nt able to find a thread for this but,...Is this still a possibility? I've found renderings of the Westin-Bay planned for Seabrook (don't know if there 'new' or not). Old rendering from the Endavour Magazine. New Rendering: Additional Renderings: http://wischermannpartners.com/westin_houston.php Any additional info would be great...
  6. I searched the site but could not find anything. If this topic has been discussed, please shoot me a PM to the thread and close this one. Someone on another forum was asking about and talking about the Seabrook Murder Mansion aka Toddville Road Mansion aka List Mansion and was looking for more information. Supposedly it was haunted and a pretty nasty murder occured there back in the 70's. Many urban legends surrounded it. I found the following site that as a little tidbit on the story which interested me so I thoughh I would post up here to get the real scoop. Couldn't really find much more. Anyone got any pictures of the place and or credible stories or sources for more information? Who was Bill List? http://www.texasghosthunters.com/stories/east/list_mansion.html Thanks ahead of time.
  7. I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere in the past, but I don't recall seeing the topic if so. Anyway I picked up a print copy of the most recent issue of the magazine the Endeavour Companies produces and was caught by the proposal for an office building & Starwood Hotel/Condo project for Seabrook. It looks like they want a Westin based on the renderings. Check it out online, type in page 16.
  8. Back in the 50s, I was a brownie from 2nd through 4th grade. In those days, you didn't become a girl scout until 5th grade. At the end of 4th grade we went on an overnight camp-out at Camp Tejas. I'm not sure exactly where it was, somewhere near Clear Lake I think. I heard later that it was destroyed by Hurricane Carla, but not sure about that. Anyway, in those days I was a really picky eater, so all I had to eat all weekend was the sack lunch I brought for dinner on Friday night, the oranges they served along with breakfast, and the two Girl Scout cookies which were dessert after lunch on Saturday. When I got home, and told my mother that I didn't like it very much, she said that there was no point in my becoming a Girl Scout the next year, so that was the end of my "scouting career." Fast forward 25 years - an acquaintance and I were asked to play the piano and sing for a National Girl Scout convention that was meeting in Houston in the early 80s. Robert McNamara's wife was one of the officers and he was the guest speaker. After singing, we were asked to sit at the head table with all of the high mucky mucks of girlscoutdom. Of course the first thing they asked us was if we had been Girl Scouts. I told them my embarrassing little story about camp and not eating. They got a big kick out of it and said that I could still be a Girl Scout leader. I was very honest with them and said that I could never camp anywhere where I couldn't plug in my hair dryer in the morning, and that I considered it to be "roughing it" if I had to stay at the Holiday Inn.
  9. Lakewood Yacht Club How does your city compare to Greater Houston's fab yacht clubs? I have been to these two, but would like some feedback on which clubs are tops in Texas. Houston Yacht Club
  10. Pretty cool stuff. Couldn't find anything on this, but please delete if a duplicate. TexCom Breaks Ground on 35 MGPY Biodiesel Plant in Seabrook, TX Houston, TX -- TexCom, Inc. (OTC Pinksheets: TEXC) held a groundbreaking ceremony on December 21 for its Houston Biodiesel, LLC plant at the LBC Houston, LP terminal site in Seabrook, TX. "This terminal is ideally suited as our initial plant location. The site affords us the capability to bring in our raw materials such as soybean and other vegetable oils by vessel, barge or rail, " said Lou Ross, CEO of Texcom. The rest here...
  11. http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm?new...32240&rfi=6 I found this just now.
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