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Found 12 results

  1. I never knew this hospital existed. Very cool! Dr. Greenwood's Sanitarium, Houston, Texas. For Nervous and Mental Diseases - Alcohol and Drug Addictions. All buildings new and built especially for the care and treatment of such cases. Buildings steam heated, all modern conveniences, sanitary plumbing, electric lights, hot and gold water in every room, and screened throughout. All outside rooms. Everything first-class. Personal attention given all cases. Situated South Main Street, on OakHill, the coolest part of Houston. JAS. Greenwood, M.D. Supt. - H.C. Maxwell, M.D., Ass't Physician. https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/greenwood-james-sr Greenwood, James, Sr. (1878–1949) James Greenwood, Sr., neuropsychiatrist, was born in Seguin, Texas, on April 18, 1878, the son of Judge James and Corinna (Henderson) Greenwood. He attended private schools and the John H. Bishop Academy for Young Men in Seguin. In 1901 he received his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Greenwood was on the staff of the San Antonio State Hospital for Mental Diseases from 1902 to 1906, when he went into private practice in Seguin. In 1908 he returned to UTMB as instructor in pediatrics, clinical medicine, and physical diagnosis. He left Galveston in 1912 to establish the Greenwood Sanitarium for treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases in Houston. From the Houston Public Library Digital Archives: https://cdm17006.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p17006coll10/id/1707/rec/1 Description: Photograph of the front and side yards of the Greenwood Sanitarium that was located at 9218 South Main Street. Date: 1920-1939 Era: 1920; 1930
  2. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post date November 29, 1906 and came across a business listing for The White Sanitarium, Inc. We Cure Whiskey, Drugs, and Tobacco Habits. In eight to fifteen days without pain or sickness. Cure effected before requiring one cent of pay. No experiment but a thoroughly test cure. We allow the patients to be sole judge of the cure, and should they fail to be satisfied the treatment costs absolutely nothing. See us before taking treatment elsewhere. Address or call on The White Sanatorium, Inc. 1517 Texas Ave. Houston, Texas. Mervin Rives, M.D. Physician in charge. Eph Roddy, Manager. Old Phone 5051.
  3. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated November 29, 1906 and came across a business listing for South End Sanitarium. South End Sanitarum. A quiet, secluded sanitarium for ladies during confinement. All private troubles of women carefully attended to. Home found for infants. Terms moderate. Mrs. Edith Drennan, 3210 Main Street. Old Phone 5433.
  4. I was reading the publication "Houston Gargoyle, Volume 4 dated in 1931 and came across a business listing for The Montrose Sanitarium And Nurses Registry located at 3508 Milam Street. The Montrose Sanitarium and Nurses Registry. 3508 Milam - Hadley 232. Mrs. Catherine Hunt, Mgr. An institution where the sick are cared for both day and night, with private or semiprivate rooms.
  5. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated August 26, 1899 and came across a business listing for South Texas Sanitarium located in the Kiam Building, 302 Main Street. Dr. W.W. Lunn Dr. E.D. Lunn Surgery and Diseases of Women, Catarrh of Ear, Nose, Throat, Lungs, and Stomach. The South Texas Sanitarium Kiam Building, Houston, Texas The Sanitarium is now fully organized for treatment of all Chronic Diseases, most especially those of hour hot Southern climate, as the doctors in charge have practiced for many years in South Texas. The Sanitarium has the finest X-Ray Machine in Texas, as well as other instruments for treating and diagnosing disease. A special feature of the Sanitarium is the treatment of Catarrh, inhalations of medicated vapor and the proper application of electricity. Knowing that many having Catarrh, which if neglect, causes consumption, would like to take treatment, but are unable to come to Houston. A Home Treatment has been organized. A 1899 Houston of City directory advertisement: The South Texas Sanitarium. Kiam Building, Houston, Texas Phone 688. Treat all chronic diseases by Electricity, Electric Massage, and Dry Heat Sweat Bath. Dr. W.W. Lunn. Diseases of Women and surgery specialty. Graduate of University of Louisiana, University of Pennsylvania, New York Polyclinic, New York Operative Surgery. Attendance at Tulane University, Bush Medical, Battle Creek Sanitarium. Dr. E.D. Lunn. Diseases of Nose, Throat, Eye, and Ear a specialty. From University of Louisville, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic; New York Polyclinic, New York Post Graduate, Fredrick William University of Berlin, Germany.
  6. I was browsing the newspaper The Austin Statesman and Tribune dated October 31, 1915 and saw a business listing for The Purdy Sanitarium located at 1516 Ovid Street. Drug and Alcoholism A secluded home for the cure of those additions The Purdy Sanitarium Dr. Edward Purdy 1516 Ovid St. Houston, Texas
  7. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated September 5, 1908 and came across a business listing for J.G. Boyd Hospital And Sanitarium located at 1706 Main Street. Dr. J. G. Boyd. Phone 1042. Office 501 1/2 Main St. Private Hospital and Sanitarium. 1706 Main St. Rates $2 to $4 per day. I wonder if there are any photographs of the old sanitarium?
  8. I was looking at old Houston hospitals and sanitariums and came across the Blair's Sanitarium. John M. Blair of Houston; Physician and Surgeon. Born in Indiana on February 4, 1859. Educated at Rush College, Medical Department. Chicago University. He bought the building in 1900. It was still listed as Blair’s Sanitarium in the 1930 census, so it was apparently a comparatively long-lived institution. Company letterhead: Blair's Sanitarium ** Dr. J. M. Blair, Proprietor. A thorough equipped Sanitarium, for the treatment of all kinds of surgical cases and all forms of chronic disease. No contagious diseases admitted. 1212 to 1220 Liberty Avenue. Houston, Texas March 8th, 1908. Building photos: Portrait photo of Dr. Blair: Note: I had some help from the McGovern Historical Center. https://library.tmc.edu/mcgovern/2011/06/03/blair-sanitarium/
  9. I was looking at the Standard Blue Book of Texas Houston Edition dated 1907-1908 and came across a few cool, old, hospitals. The book indicates an address of 602 Lamar Avenue. I went onto researching more and found an article in the newspaper The Houston Post dated November 27, 1903 that had an address of 810 Walker Avenue. I am not sure which one is accurate. Or perhaps there were was an earlier version of the sanitarium? For this thread, I will choose the Walker address since it's more concrete. Although, the other article has a photograph of the building, so that must be accurate too! Convenience and hope comforts. Trained nurses in attendance. Rates 2.00 to 5.00 per day. S.W. Telephone 1374. Ida J. Rudisill Sanitarium. Mrs. Ida J. Rudisill, Proprietous. 810 Walker Avenue Houston, Tex. I then found an article that states George Hermann and this person named "D.R." was interested in buying the hospital. A little confusing, to me, but this was one of the first Hermann Hospitals? I know that Hermann Hospital started out as a Baptist hospital in a downtown tower. So maybe this predates the big downtown hospital? wow!! From the book The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record, Volume 45, November 2009: D.R. Approached Houston oilman and philanthropist George H. Hermann, who was interested in a hospital but not one controlled by Baptists. Timely assistance from a woman at First Baptist finally enabled Houston Baptists to move forward. For $18,000 D.R. Secured the Rudisill Sanitarium, an eighteen-bed facility in downtown Houston, from Mrs. Ida J. Rudisill. Rechristened the Baptist Sanitarium and Hospital, it was chartered in September 1907, the first such Baptist institute in Texas. D.R. Was named superintendent, but Mrs. Rudisill “was in reality the manager or the four years she remained with the institute,” giving the Baptists time to learn what they were doing.
  10. While browsing the Houston Public Library Digital Archives I found this old hospital in The Heights. Did the hospital merge into a different hospital system? Perhaps it went out of business if it didn't merge with another company. Any details with this one? https://cdm17006.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/images/id/5642/rec/158 Exterior of the Texas Christian Sanitarium, located at 341 W. 19th Avenue. circa 1911.
  11. Is there a topic to discuss all the Historic Houston Hospitals? I know Houston is considered a "Medical City" due to the largest medical center on the planet, Texas Medical Center. Who has information on all the old hospitals in town? What hospitals were active prior to the Texas Medical Center which was formed in the mid 1940s? What about all those old hospitals within the TMC that were "aged-out" and demolished? What were the original Herman Hospital, MD Anderson, Houston Methodist, St. Lukes, and Baylor hospitals that have since been demolished? Share your knowledge, and go!
  12. Baptist Sanitarium & Hospital. Founded in 1907 by Rev. Dennis Pevoto as the Baptist Sanitarium began as a two-story, wood-framed building at the end of the trolley line on Lamar and Smith. It had 17 beds and eight trained nurses on staff. It was the second general hospital established in Houston after St. Joseph Hospital which opened in 1887. It was also the second Baptist-supported hospital in the United States. The other was the Missouri Baptist Sanitarium in St. Louis. The Baptist Sanitarium Training School for Nurses was the first chartered nursing school in the city, graduating its first class in 1909. Graduates from the school received a Registered Nurse certificate as well as a Sunday School Teacher certificate. All three collections are rich with historical materials from the nursing school, depicting students, staff, and activities.
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