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  1. I'm inquiring on the behalf of an incoming professor about the quality and safety of the following places: Alexan Main Street 8333 Braesmain, Houston, TX 77025 Sawyer Heights Lofts 2424 Sawyer Heights St, Houston, TX 77007 The MacGregor 2380 S MacGregor Way, Houston, TX 77021 Any information about these places would be very much appreciated. And if I need to provide any more details, please post to let me know.
  2. Notice the platted grid shown in the middle of 5, 6, 9, and 10? The HCAD plat maps say that it is a subdivision called Institute Place. Aerial photos show several houses right up near the still-active Columbia Tap tracks; the owners apparently really really like palm trees. The houses look like they were built around the 1950's or 60's. But most of the platted street grid doesn't exist and the forest that once covered the platted area was scraped early last year. I've seen the acreage advertised in real estate marketing materials as something vague which is "Coming Soon!" but don't know anything else about the history or future of Institute Place. Anybody else out there have information? http://www.hcad.org/iMaps/Pages/5354B.gif
  3. My wife and I were driving home from a function at Hermann Park yesterday when I suggested a detour down MacGregor and through Riverside Terrace as I have always read about the neighborhood here on HAIF but had never actually seen it for myself. So we did and we drove around a bit and I was quite impressed by some of the terrain and landscaping and some of the big beautiful houses over there. After about 15 minutes we turned a corner onto Parkwood Drive and came up on an older black lady standing next to her car (a beat up late 80's Nissan Z, it looked like, with old faded Lee Brown bumper stickers on it) in the street talking to a letter carrier. We drove around them and kept driving, kind of slow to check out the scenery, and then about 3-4 blocks after we passed the lady and the mail carrier, I pulled over at the side of the road to look at my key map to figure out how to get out and back to the freeway. When I looked up again, I realized that the lady in the Nissan had pulled up beside me and pinned my pickup in behind a parked car and was sitting there with her window down. I rolled down my window and asked, "Can I help you?" "Can I help YOU?" "Um, no. We're just driving around admiring the houses and the neighborhood." "If you're driving, then home come you're stopped?" "Uh, because I'm looking at a map?" (I flashed her my key map) "How come you're driving through this neighborhood?" (by this time I realized that she wasn't being friendly) "Because I've always heard this was a pretty neighborhood?" "How about I show you the way out?" "No thanks." (and I rolled up my window) She sat there for a while with her window down, then she pulled forward and drove slowly before she pulled over and started following me again. She followed us about two more blocks until we came to Bowling Green, where we could see MacGregor on the right, and my wife was sufficiently freaked out enough to beg me to go back to the freeway, so we did. And yes, I'm sure this topic will generate the obligatory, "how does it feel to be reverse-racially profiled?" responses and I suppose that's fair, but for the life of me I can't figure out what she would have thought we were doing at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon with my wife and kid in his car seat in the car with me and clearly visible to her. Jeez. I am self-aware enough to guess that she figured a large white man in a pickup must be suspicious, but with my wife and kid in the car? What are we going to do, throw a dirty diaper onto someone's lawn?
  4. Does anyone have any information on this house? http://www.flickr.com/photos/16968197@N02/...in/photostream/ I'm totally obsessed with it. It's on the 2200 block of Wichita Street, inside Houston, near 288.
  5. I've been in Riverside all my life, and my parents have lived in the neighborhood since 1979. My mom is a native Houstonian (from Studewood), but I've never heard her, or anyone for that matter refer to any part of the area as "Sugar Hill". I came across that while reading a portion of the Winter 1981 edition of a journal published about the desegregation of the Riverside/Riverside Terrace/Washington Terrace areas. So, where exactly is "Sugar Hill" in Riverside?
  6. A great town home that has an usually large private green space, great for someone who prefers a town house but needs a little more yard for a pet. $224,900 2605 Calumet
  7. Many of you may have seen my previous post offering $500 for the "this is our home, its not for sale" video. The reason I offered so much was becuase I was buying a house in the Neighborhood. Actually the house is on the west side of 288 and the neighborhood is called Almeda Place. My contract fell through so Im letting you guys know the house is still for sale and shes actually lowered the price to 190k. If your familiar with the area you'll know this is a STEAL!!! I've decided to tell the forum here becuase I know nobody here will knock it down and build townhomes. It was build in the 1930's, 2 story, original hardwoods, and is in pretty good shape. Its on a great streat with 2 large houses next door. I hope one of you gets it and restores it back to original shape. The owners name is Madelyn Burley and she lives next door towards almeda. If your interested I suggest you drive down there asap and meet with her. The house for sale is 1709 ruth st 77004 good luck!
  8. If you grew up young in Houston in the 60s, you had two choices. You could either wait until you graduated college and got married before you could have a drink in public, or you could join a club and have a mixed drink, even if you were under-age. Thanks, City Fathers, for saving me from a fate worse than death - including the inability to drink while I was in the Army. But, that's not why I started this thread. I'll leave the politics to others. About 25 or 30 of us Memorial seniors got tired of Brown Bag Houston and joined a club. Ray Barnett had a night club in Houston called The Cinnamon Cinder. You could dance but couldn't drink in there because it was BYOB and we were under-age. Great music! Really neat, friendly patrons. In his wisdom, Ray opened a private club inside The Cinnamon Cinder called The XKE Club and it was strictly private membership only, and therefor avoided the liquor-by-the-drink restrictions. We had more fun and met more people than The Catacombs. Ray had also opened The EVE Club, near Sage and Westheimer, later in the early 70s and I think was a partner in Bacaccio's 2000 near the KILT Studios on Lovett. By the time Pistaccios and After Dark came along the whole club scene changed as Disco was taking over. Thanks,Ray wherever you are!
  9. Crappy photo, but gets the job done. This house had been for sale for quite a while, and I thought was as good as gone. But the sign out front is gone, and it appears to be saved for the time being. You'll remember that this house was originally painted that dark red that typefies the work of Bailey Swenson, Len Gebhart and one Bolton & Barnstone house in Riverside Terrace. Hopefully they won't discover any problems with it.
  10. I drove by this house today and noticed that either the house is being readied for demolition, or more likely that a new roof is being put on. Some of the trim around the windows appears to have been removed, but there is a foundation repair company sign in the front yard. This house has needed attention for some time, and it may be getting it. Let's just hope it's not being torn down; two classic mods in the same week is inexcusable.
  11. Just some photos of some mods in Riverside Terrace that I really like. This one here's on N. Roseneath, built in 1947. And this one is on S. Parkwood, built in 1950.
  12. Behind the stately old Weingarten Mansion and Estate on S MacGregor there is a large wooded area facing Roseneath that is listed as a Cemetery by HCAD. Do anyone have any information on this.
  13. The old Wright Morrow Estate at 3028 S. MacGregor will be demolished soon. It was originally bought from it's former homeowner in 2001 with intention of the land being used by UT to build a four story Psychiatric outpatient center. Residents in Riverside Terrace fought the project and suceeded as it would bring high traffic and noise into the neighborhood. The land was put on the market again and purchased by a developer to put high dollar condos on, perhaps gated. Some relatives of Wright Morrow were allowed to remove some of the old furniture the other day, I saw them taking it out. The house appears to be gutted now, and some shingles have been removed from the roof. The house has been in disrepair since 2002 shortly after UT bought it. The previously meticulously manicured gardens and lawn became overgrown, the white fence bordering the estate started to fall apart, and the exterior paint on the house was peeling off. A sad end to a beautiful estate.
  14. Then she called Bob Garner. He was working at the Palladium Ballroom, at 3145 Southmore Blvd. tonight. It was Don Robey’s club, and the leading R&B and Soul Club in Houston. She told Bob about my arrival, and she also promised me free discs.
  15. Does anyone have any information on this deserted mansion at 5130 S. MacGregor Way? http://farm1.static.flickr.com/176/468536333_6fd930b378.jpg Or, What about this one at 5326 Calhoun: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/215/468510957_2659561dae.jpg There is another one at around 3200 Oakmont that looks haunted. If it isn't haunted it should be. I will post that picture later in the week. Chris
  16. Already option pending but still nice to look at. May fall through though. Looks like a forclosure but with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths on half an acre inside the loop with lots of terrazo it's a steal. http://www.har.com/2224041
  17. This house has been undergoing an extremely slow rennovation/restoration. It's located in Riverside Terrace on MacGregor Way overlooking the Bayou.
  18. Anyone have photos of this house? I found the one in the Architectural Guide. Looks like it was a great house.
  19. I finally saw this picture in my iphoto archive. I knew I had a picture of it. 3. 3403 N. Parkwood Dr - Willard & Hood (Lars Bang?) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v729/clockwatchers/DSC02115.jpg
  20. someone recommended the documentary "this is my home, it is not for sale," which is about the interesting history of the neighborhood (haven't had a chance to see it yet, though). there is a thread on the documentary here
  21. In my younger days (1960's), my mom's boss lived on Laurel Drive. His best friends lived across the street - two houses, two different families, and they were both gorgeous homes. I would like to go there to see what everything looks like. I wonder how much it has changed. Anyone else remember the "This House Is Not For Sale" signs? In the 60's, the neighborhood was full of them.
  22. My fiance and I will be moving from DC to Houston in May. She is originally from Houston, and while I am not, I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks in Houston this summer. We're both extremely excited to be leaving DC, and moving to a city where two young professionals will not be priced out of the housing market. I did quite a bit of exploring in the downtown vicinity during my time in Houston and I really like what I saw. In particular, I'm very intrigued by the Binz neighborhood for its proximity to Hermann Park, the Museums, and downtown. This area appears to be in the midst of being redeveloped and it seems like a tremendous bargain compared to properties just west of Main. I also like Washington Terrace, Riverside Terrace, and the other close neighborhoods east of 288. While I realized these areas are a bit sketchy, the architecture is great and all things considered the price seems right. My impression is that property crime (which I can tolerate) is more of an issue than violent crime (which I cannot), but I was hoping that some of you might be able offer a bit of insight on this. Likewise, I would greatly appreciate any advice that you might have regarding these neighborhoods. Thanks.
  23. A couple of very nice restaurants, that I doubt any here would remember, were Hebert's (pronounced A-bear's) and the Green Parrot. I'm talking 40's - 50's time-frame. Hebert's was in an old house, built in 1904, and was located at the southeast corner of San Jacinto and McGowen. Hebert's food specialty was French, New Orleans style cooking, along with excellent steaks and fresh seafood prepared a variety of ways. The Green Parrot was also in an old house located a few blocks east of Almeda in the MacGregor/Riverside area. Its specialty was southern style, home-cooking. They served delicious fried chicken, cat fish, shrimp, meat loaf, etc., along with beans, green beans, turnip greens, and salads. Dessert fare was homemade pies and cakes.
  24. Noticed today that a Bailey Swenson house featured in the AIA Houston guidebook was in the process of being razed after a bad fire. It was on N. MacGregor just west of the Mease hospital; if I remember correctly the Guide said "Swenson's version of the French manorial style had a definite 40's swing." It had a round turret in the front, with a shallow tile point at the top. Pretty house in its day. Hope it isn't replaced by something gross. Marty
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