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  1. Says 31-stories on the slide, but it has been revised to 33-stories; the design is the same except for the top and facade details. I don't know much else unfortunately. HPA_Urban_Architecture_Digital2.pdf Edit: Revised design below.
  2. Carrying River Oaks within the name, but it's actually for the Upper Kirby area, sandwiched between Eastside and Bammel St. SubdivisionPlatPDF_Alta River Oaks - 52180 - 141222.pdf
  3. I received this email yesterday - I have no idea how I'm even on the list but... Apparently Randall Davis is building a new property behind the Carraba's on Kirby, starting in April 2012. It looks to be about six stories (five residential and probably one lobby/garage). The details, per the email, are below. I've also attached a rendering, which was sent with the email. I have no interest in violating their intellectual property by posting this here, but since the email was sent as an advertisement, I imagine they wouldn't mind the publicity. Here's the body of the email. It came from an email
  4. Guest

    Gables River Oaks

    Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal From the February 18, 2005 print edition An upscale inner-city sports landmark is about to become a high-end complex for apartment dwellers. Gables Residential Trust has gained control of the old River Oaks Tennis Center and will replace the courts with a multifamily complex in one of the firm's favorite Houston neighborhoods. Gables purchased two acres and executed a long-term ground lease for another four acres on the west side of Kirby between Kipling and Westheimer. The Hanover Co. was set to acquire one of the tracts at one point, but the apartm
  5. 21 townhomes starting at $1.3 million+. "Embassy-like" security. Being built off of San Felipe just East of Kirby by Rohe and Wright. Looks very similar to their wildly successful Cheyne Walk (London-themed) development on Sunset Blvd. near the Sunset Clinic.
  6. According to Swamplot two apartments complexes were ask to vacate right across the street from the Huntingdon. Maybe Mr. Linn brought the properties.
  7. Check out the new book from University of Texas Press on River Oaks and Highland Park http://utpress.utexas.edu/index.php/books/ferhig
  8. I just came across a CoH multi-family plat titled Uptown River Oaks for 3.4 acres along Briar Hollow just north of San Felipe. It's in today's planning commission agenda. According to the paperwork, it's planned for 311 units. The plat seems to include the property that the Briar Way cul-de-sac is within and the parking lot to the south.
  9. River Oaks/Welsh Building, 210 Welch @ Persa, (Vermont Place Subdivision) 77019 owned by Kaldis Realty rumored to be demolished to make way for new high-rise. Tenants to be vacated by April 25th.
  10. the title says it all.. im curious whats going on along the train tracks between Richmond and San Felipe? ive heard rumors that back in the day they planned for it to be a toll road/alternative to the west loop, though of course if it were true thats definitely not happening now. i had an awesome idea of commuter rail along these particular train tracks from where it intersects the hempstead rail road north of i10, down to the 90A rail road line in southwest Houston. it would make a great spur to connect the southwest side of Houston with the northwest side of town (they have proposed eventua
  11. For a view towards Downtown/MedCenter/Museum District why not go with: Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks2712 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX ‎ (713) 523-8448 ? If you want a view incompassing the Uptown skyline then something else would be needed. Unfortunately no one has yet to build a nice hotel of 10+ floors along Allen Parkway. That would give the best views of the whole city (in my opinion). Maybe you could approach a condominum in the area and offer to pay to film/photograph from an empty unit?
  12. There is a great new website about River Oaks Elementary, with a history of the neighborhood, of the school, and a large collection of class photos from the 1930's through the 1970's at http://riveroaksalumni.org
  13. EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the August 12, 2005 print edition Car dealership gives way to urban infill Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal A high-end development mixing retail, residential and possibly office space will soon be parked on an inner-city tract that has been occupied by auto dealerships for the past three decades. Trademark Property Co. is negotiating a long-term ground lease on six acres on Westheimer just west of Mid Lane, which is currently home to a Central Ford dealership. Trademark is the Fort Worth-based developer behind the $100 million Market Street project in The Woodlan
  14. Guessing from the clues again, I think this could be more multi-family. it's listed on the 4/14 Planning Commission Agenda as well. It's in the 77027 Developer and Company both are Jones & Carter http://www.jonescarter.com/ This requires the Parks and Open Space thingy and also says, "The building lines established along non-major thoroughfares for non-single residential properties shall have a 10-foot building line unless otherwise noted. Just b/c it's not single-family doesn't mean it's multi-family. But the park requirement leads me to believe so.
  15. Yahoo! Real Estate has put together a list of the 10 most expensive blocks in America. A portion of River Oaks is #7: http://realestate.yahoo.com/promo/americas-most-expensive-blocks.html
  16. I've seen some discussion of the new condos planned a block away at the NEC of Bettis and Bancroft, but I haven't heard anything about this site yet. The adjacent mini-storage building on San Felipe is still standing. It would be a shame to hide a nice new development behind such an inferior land use. What's the scoop?
  17. Can anyone tell me what's goin' up there? For the 1st 3 years of my life I lived at 2719 Kipling and there were tennis courts across the street. When my mother and I moved, my Godmother moved into our apartment until the complex was torn down and rebuilt in 1998. as far as I know the tennis courts were never used again (if they were, I at least know they haven't been used in the last few years) and I've been wondering what was gonna become of them. Well, finally it looks like they'll - or that area will be part of West Avenue. Is that area between Sacket and Ferndale gonna be a part of it
  18. Merge if a dupe. Came up w/ nothin on the search. Zom Living > Zom Projects > Projects Under Development http://swamplot.com/from-new-orleans-with-...ere/2007-09-26/ They also did the Bel Air EDIT: Location - I didn't realize this was so close to 2727 and the other one down the street. The name of it slips my mind.
  19. New Library in River Oaks is LEED Silver. Dave at neoHOUSTON went on a tour and posted a recap. Here are some of the vital stats, the full write-up is at: http://www.neohouston.com/2009/04/looscan-...eed-tour-recap/ if you're interested. Building Info Owner: City of Houston General Services Department, Houston Public Library Architect: Jackson and Ryan Architects Engineer: Walter P. Moore & Associates MEP Engineer: I.A. Naman and Associates Structural Engineer: Ingenium, Inc. Interiors: Bennett Design Group Contractor: Gilbane Construction Company Project Size: 21,175 sq ft. Total Proje
  20. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/Buildi...Saint_James.php Can anyone tell me who built the St. James Condominiums...my mom toured them when she was in college, when they were new, in 1975, and would like to remember who it was.
  21. Does anyone here have any pictures of the River Oaks Park (3600 Locke Lane) as it was in the 70s or even the 80s?The River Oaks Park is off Westheimer, between Larchmont and Maconda - or Locke Lane between Larchmont and Timber Lane.I grew up goin' to this park in the 70s and and have memories of the tall slide where it's just a grassy area for picnics now, the little red slide where some of the plastic slides are now, the The Pumpkin Stagecoach that's now outside of the playground area and other things. I now take my kids there and I'd like to see the playground area again as I remember it an
  22. I work near there and was curious if anyone had read or seen what is going to replace the Chevron on the corner? They've torn down the carwash as of Friday, but no signs of anything to come. There is already a Chase, Wachovia, and WaMu nearby, so hopefully it won't be yet another bank.
  23. What's the tallest condo tower in houston? Is it the four leafs? Is "the spires" a condo tower? How many floors is the spires cuz it looks pretty tall?
  24. I noticed last night that the gas station (Shell?) next to Central Market on the corner of Weslayan and Westheimer had been demolished and it looked like something was going on on that corner. Does anybody have any ideas? I didn't catch the sign when I drove by.
  25. Just curious if anyone knows if HPD has an event or big announcement today.... About an hour ago I was on an errand and the Montrose and Waugh bridges over Allen Pkwy were closed, figured maybe a motorcade was on the way. A while later coming back down Kirby, lots of officers were at a residence on Kirby and Del Monte. Easily a couple dozen motocycles parked in formation and as many cruisers. No sign of media. Looked like a rally, except cops instead of bikers!
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