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  1. Does anyone know what is being built at the pad site beside the HEB gas station on Pin Oak?
  2. Has anyone heard what is happening with the commercial development by Regency at the SE corner of 1488 & 2978? I've heard they've actually purchased about 80 acres total now and I've seen a preliminary site plan by the civil engineer. I'd hoped that because of the proximity to The Woodlands they would try to do something fairly "nice". From the site plan, I don't know if that's going to happen. Looks like just a fairly typical large commercial development at this point (trees just screw up the site work and drive up the cost and all that). I'm sure there is plenty of talk between Regency and The Woodlands Development Corporation to extend Research Forest to the west since it would go directly through the Regency development. In fact, the site plan shows a Research Forest right-of-way along the current southern edge.
  3. They've started moving a lot of dirt around and there have been some construction vehicles on the patch of land directly in front of Lifetime Fitness on Cinco Ranch Boulevard. Anyone know what's going to be built there?
  4. From WTAW: "The Bryan City Council voted Tuesday night to unanimously approve an expansion plan that will allow for a new mixed-use development on the east side of Highway 6. ...some parts of the project could be breaking ground in late spring. The new Highland Hills project will be between Briarcrest Drive, North Earl Rudder Freeway and Boonville Road. ...Among the interested developments are three restaurants, a large service oriented business and an entertainment option that does not currently exist in the BCS area." and from The Eagle: "Bob Oliva, president and CEO of RMC Texas Real Estate LLC, said the "Highland Hills" project will be worth about $53 million once complete. City Manager David Watkins said he was confident the project would be a boost for the city. He said the city's general fund would not be used to pay down debt if the development wasn't as successful as projected. The company will be responsible for any financing shortfalls, he said. "We're starting to see real demand for that area, and retail, as we all know, provides sales tax revenue that we all need," Watkins said. Oliva said his company was comfortable assuming the risk of the project because of the area's stable economy. ...The company is negotiating with four potential tenants, including restaurants and retail stores. There will be 14 lots available in the development. "I feel very comfortable that at least three of them should be going from letter of intent to purchase agreement very soon," said Oliva, who previously served as vice-president of the company that developed the Bryan Towne Center."
  5. http://www.wdgdallas.com/ Click Master Plan then click Nassau Bay. There are 2 renderings. Anyone know more about this?
  6. My wife wanted me to ask... she heard it is a $0.99 floor store like the one up on 45.
  7. Driving home a little while ago on 518, I noticed that there is a new sign in front of the Pearland Town Center which says that the grand opening will be July 30, 2008. Buildings are springing up faster than mushrooms there. A week or two ago I was coming out of HEB and and I looked up and noticed a new cast-concrete structure with a "Macy's" banner on. I'd thought the projected opening seemed optimistic -- and it may be, if we get lots of rain again this year -- but the progress is pretty impressive. The facade is also going up on the building which (I think) is going to be the hotel. Across the street, the building in front of HEB next to Wachovia Bank now has signs on it for Mens Wearhouse and T-Mobile. Thinking it all over, I realize we've been singularly blest in our community to have these two new developments which exemplify the wonderful absurdity of life in contemporary Texas. We actually have not one, but two town centers! There are located directly across the street from each other! And neither one is actually anywhere close to the center of town!
  8. I am happy to see another restaurant opened up in the space that was previously occupied by On The Border. Its called Rico's Grill. Tried it and liked it. Its Mexican/Tex-Mex (?) Don't know exactly. -Gary K
  9. Any body know any news on the Villagio development going in at peek and westheimer parkway? Tenants, schedule, sketches?
  10. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County has fast-tracked its plans to partner with private developers on real estate deals throughout the county. In its latest deal, Metro will join forces with a private commercial developer to build a $32 million mixed-use shopping and transit center at the corner of Skinner Road and U.S. Highway 290. The project marks the second joint development agreement engineered by the transit agency in the past month, but the first of its kind for Harris County. Under the agreement, Metro will pay Houston-based NewQuest Properties $17 million to build a multilevel parking garage and bus transit center on undeveloped land owned by Metro. The garage will accommodate 1,500 cars. In addition, Metro will contribute 11 acres of public land to a joint partnership led by NewQuest that will develop an adjacent $14.3 million retail project near the park-and-ride facility. In exchange for its contribution, Metro will own 25 percent of the development. The still-unnamed project will be made up of 28,000 square feet of restaurant space and 92,000 square feet of retail space. UPDATE Apartments added to retail in new Metro Park & Ride Houston Business Journal - July 28, 2006by Jennifer DawsonHouston Business Journal Northwest Houston commuters soon will be able to roll out of bed and board a bus to get to work downtown. The newest Park & Ride facility being developed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County will include 252 apartment units. This project was originally described as a RETAIL project, however it is now also to include an apartment component? I'd like to see the plans for this. Metro is a public entity, so this development needs to have a forum for public debate. Further, I'm not sure if Metro has any business doing commercial/residential real estate development anyhow. Need more info.
  11. Anyone know why Ace hardware on Spring Cypress went out? I loved that place! What about PlayNTrade on Louetta and Stubner-Airline? It was always so busy. My kids are bummed!
  12. I heard they are going to demo that 'landmark' building to pave way for mixed-use development. Anyone has any info on that development?
  13. Is it just me or does the Times Square Shopping Center, near the south western corner of I-10 and Grand Parkway look crappy with all of the street signs out front. This is the gateway to the South Katy region with very high traffic counts and it seems every tenent is competing on the curb with temp signs to get your attention. Some even park seldom run vehicles out front with signs on them as well. Are there no code violations taking place here? Does the landlord require permanent signs? It is a nice place, but it has the appearance of Harwin Dr. in the Sharpstown area.
  14. Anyone have any idea when the Buffalo Wild Wings at 1093 and 99 will break ground??? I see a sign in the pad site, but that's it.
  15. Am I mistaken or did the Sharpstown Mall recently disappear? I went down to Sears there last week and wondered why the parking lot was empty. It looks like it recently changed into the Southwest Corporate Center or something like that and Sears is the only retail tenant left. I didn't hear anything about this and was surprised when I noticed. What's the story?
  16. Don't forget Randall's & Whole Foods on Bellaire Blvd, plus the Randall's on Weslayen. The grocery market in the West U area is already saturated; when the "super Kroger" opened, it took a lot of business away from the Weslayen Randall's. The new HEB will probably put the nail in the coffin for the Weslayan Randall's, as it is the oldest grocery store in the area, and was designed to 1980s standards.
  17. Anyone know what is coming in the front of Cypress Town Center by Spring Creek BBQ? They just poured a large slab but no signs yet
  18. There's a big lease sign up on the Kroger west of Kirkwood. Its got to be one of the oldest and most depressing grocery stores in the area. Does anyone know if Kroger is finally closing up shop?
  19. I am curious about how lower Galleria (mainly the area surrounded by Fountain View, South Rice, Bellaire blvd and Westpark) will look like in 10-15 years. Do you guys think apartments in this area will be demolished and new townhomes and condos will take their place? The location is perfect, but area is full with low income apartments . Is it a good idea to buy some land or an apartment complex right now before the gentrification takes place?
  20. Any idea what else is going in the new retail center at Kirby & 59? I saw a Corner Bakery going in, and the website lists it as 2615 Southwest Freeway, but I've been unable to find any more information on it. I've searched on here and couldn't find any info either, my apologies if I just missed it!
  21. So far it is mideivel looking, but they've been working on it a while now - but no sign on it as to what it is going to be. Anyone know for sure? It's on El Camino before Bay Area Blvd.
  22. Does anyone know what is going in at the new buildings in Fairfield at the corner of Cypresswood and Mason? These are the buildings that were in mid construction for a year+ and just got restarted. Steve
  23. wxman

    Sage Plaza

    I apologize in advance if this is either built or has been posted here already. Just looking online and came across this. Anybody know of it? http://www.wdgdallas.com/ The description is 33-story, 307 unit residential with 83,000 sqft. of retail. Look under Retail.
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