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  1. The Red Bluff was at the corner of Hwy 225 and Red Bluff Rd in Pasadena, on the south side of 225. A very long time ago there was also the Eagle Drive In on Red Bluff Rd way out near Spencer Hwy. I think the Eagle became the Town and Country. A lot of the old Red Bluff is still in evidence, but I don't there's anything left of the Town and Country. I have found some remarkable aerial photos of Houston's freeways that show the old Post Oak Drive-in and the old King Center Twin Drive-ins. The Post Oak was where Hidalgo now runs from Post Oak over to Bering. The King Center was on South Park Blvd (now MLK) at Holmes Road. Here's a link to the Loops Chapter in a remarkable E-Book on the development of Houston's freeways. http://www.oscarmail.net/houstonfreeways/e...272-321_150.pdf Scroll down through some truly remarkable photos. It's a big chapter with a lot of big pictures, so it'll take about a minute to download with a DSL. Be patient. It's worth the wait. BTW: you'll also see an incredible photo of that ammonia tank truck explosion on the west loop in May of 1976, taken only moments after it happened.
  2. When was the plaza torn down? I remember in the mid 80's going to Panchos and seeing most of the store front windows covered up with paper.
  3. Early 1970's - There was a little mom and pop restaurant on Spencer, close to Shaver, that was originally a little white frame house. It was converted into a restaurant and pie shop. No parking lot, just an open field. On Sundays, it could take a couple hours just to get in. Man, haven't thought about that for many many years. Anyone remember it?
  4. A Sunday Trip to Memorial Park in North Pasadena.... we also went to San Jacinto but most of the good pictures i took were from Memorial Park && The San Jacinto Photos (( We just stayed on the Battleship side and then we had enough , WAY TOO MANY MOSQUITOES AND LOVEBUGS)) and some of these pictures my familt took, not me
  5. http://pasadenachamber.org/ just visited the chamber website and was curious about the pictures on it.. does anybody have any information?
  6. Forgive me, I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic and that surprises me so maybe I missed a discussion somewhere. The City of Pasadena released the 911 tapes of the guy who observed two guys burglarizing his neighbors' house in broad daylight and went outside and shot and killed them when the cops didn't show up. There are more comments on the Chronicle story than just about any story I have ever seen. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5306638.html Seems that the slight consensus is that the guy is more a hero than a murderer, but personally I'm torn. I do think he did the right thing and I think if someone is going to be so brazen and disregarding of their fellow citizens as to break into someone's house in broad daylight and rob them, they deserve whatever they get. It's just wrong and a general lack of consequences - in all areas, not just crime - is what I feel causes a lot of the problems we have in today's society. That said, the guy was in his house next door and wasn't threatened at all (until he chose to go outiside and confront them), his property was not being taken, and he's recorded on the phone saying that he planned to go outside and "kill" them if the cops didn't show up, which is what happened. Techincally, that is a clear cut case of murder. I don't know what to think. I'm inclined to say he should be convicted of a lesser charge and do some probation but probably shouldn't go to prison. He needs to be punished, but not treated like a common criminal, either.
  7. slideshow of construction: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14431354@N04/...795714721/show/ library link: http://www.ci.pasadena.tx.us/library/index.html 9,300 sq ft addition Ronovation Details Central Library Closed For Renovation While the Central Library is undergoing construction, the Fairmont Branch will offer extended hours. As of April 1st, the branch is open: Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat 10-6 Tue and Wed 10-8:30 Sun 1-5 Also the central library
  8. I'm just curious as to what some of the readers on this forum may think of Pasadenas future in terms of being a good place to live, location in the general houston area, &/ the future of real estate there. I am hoping some of you may use the pasadena place subdivision as something to comment on in a thread since I've seen some nice, older renovated homes w/ sweet, elderly neighbors. I've just encountered quite a bit of condescension from those in the itl + katy when referencing pasadena as something that hasn't been recognized for the value it poses since ppl. have pushed out north and west of houston, but not quite yet to the east.
  9. What do you think of it? Pasadena's best church? (i think so) heres the website: http://www.stpiusv.com/ http://www.waysidedrive.com/pius/photos/outside4.jpg
  10. Wasnt there one in Pasadena named Candyland? Maybe on Shaver? It was very small but was there for quite a number of years.
  11. Cinema Latino is opening their 1st theater in the Houston metro area in Pasadena at Southmore and Burke. Taking over 20,000 square feet of space formerly occupied by a theater, they show 1st run Hollywood movies, dubbed/subtitled in Spanish, also Latin and Central American films. Everything is in Spanish, including the lobby and theater music, the concessions, and the advertisements. Opening is planned for May 19. [bay Area Houston Economic Partnership]
  12. This building is located near the southwest corner of Pasadena Town Square. It is at the corner of Pasadena Blvd. and E. Southmore Ave. I'd say it is roughly 15-20 stories tall and has the cool new look of the 60s with tons of right angles and straight lines. The word "Pasadena" was painted on the top and a ghost of the lettering can still be seen. What is the history of that building? I have seen it sit idle for over a decade and I think it is such a tragedy that ugly strip malls are popping up for professional services like tax prep, dentists, etc....when it could all go in this building. There is tons of parking already there and the Pasadena Police HQ is within walking distance so crime would be very low on the grounds. Post any info you have about this place. I'll have to grab my camera next time I go out there to snap some photos for people who do not know the place. I'd sign any kind of waiver and tour the building if they ever opened it for the public to see it for sales purposes. There have got to be offices in there that are time capsules sealed up as they existed in the 70s and 80s. A sign out front says it is available for use so at least they have not condemed the entire structure.
  13. Wow! Pasadena is a lot bigger than I thought. On 5atexasfootball.com, it lists Pasadena HS, Pasadena South Houston HS, Pasadena Rayburn HS, Pasadena Memorial HS, and Pasadena Dobie HS. That's five high schools in a suburb. But then again maybe there's something I don't know. I mean, for example, Garland is a big suburb of Dallas. It might have just as many high schools as Pasadena does.
  14. Can anyone tell me what project is being built across from the Centex homes on Fuqua. Located between Monroe and Blackhawk. It was once a cow pasture. Also, I was thinking about buying one of the Centex homes. Has anyone had any problems with flooding or other concerns?
  15. Well as politics go, Pasadena has had a colorful Political history, as do many Texas towns. Our current mayor , John Manlove pushed a major city charter change a little to fast for most folks. The whole list of charter changes were riddled with far too many unclear plans for a strong city maager governnent. The speed and methods used and orchastrated by the mayor and his hand picked charter review committee, of well known business persons, made the citizens against the drastic changes start getting the Vote No Movement all geared up. Most Vote No foks felt there was a hidden agenda, associated with how the mayor and some city council members mwere backing the changes and helping the mayor even though a vast majority of us realized we never asked for the changes. The masterplan was to hire a high priced city boss with what seemed like way too much power whilst stripping council members of controls that have been in their capable hands for several decades. " If it ain't Broken, don't fix it ' rally slogan came about from a group of citizens sponsered by many former mayors and council members that felt that the mayor was pushing a major change at voters without truely advising or educating them on the long term financial burdens and Governing format. At first the process was slow and easy and all of a sudden the whole plan was rushed to be voted on ( Non Mayoral ) at a time when fewer voters would bother to get out and vote. But thanks to the ones of us that were against the Charter Changes more citizens were United in stopping a plan that might have distroyed our Working form of Government. So now you have a little better understanding of why I stated in a Pasadena sub post " We have Spoken over here in Pasadena,Texas" I only touched on the Charter Changes this time but believe me far to many under the table dealings are going on at your city government level and unless you take an active roll in watching them and attending city council meetings the changes these folks that you voted into office may very well slip a change by you that will negatively change yours and your families lives for decades to come.
  16. They had a 1 1/2 story floor plan I liked, and I can't for the life of me remember the name. When someone remembers it, I'll remember it, too.
  17. Located on as seven-acre parcel of land just east of City Hall, the facility will be an 80,000 SF Police Complex and will include the main Pasadena Police Station, prisoner detention, and parking. A crime laboratory and forensics will eventually be incorporated, bringing the project total to approximately 110,000 SF. Design solutins incorporate sustainable principles and building hardening. Environmentally responsive design will minimize the building's impact on the exterior environment reducing consumption of energy, water, construction materials, and other resources, while enhancing the quality of the indoor environment. Physical security will incorporate accepted principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Building hardening techniques will heighten security protection and mitigate the consequences of structural impact like those caused by hurricane-force winds.
  18. Hello HAIF, I'm looking for information regarding an old (now demolished) Drive-In Theater. Can anyone help me? This particular drive-in was located in Pasadena, TX. I believe the name was simple, and just called Pasadena Drive-In Theater located at 2221 South Shaver Street. Does anyone have more information? I'm doing a project and need some additional knowledge. Thanks again!
  19. What used to be at mervyns? What about Office Depot? It has a standard 1st gen OD format(upstairs breakroom, narrow receiving.) I heard there was a Walgreens at PTSM where was it? I remember a Spencers, (a good jewerly store next to Jorneys) and an arcade that had skee ball and a full time attendant for prizes. My mom worked at the luby's 20 years ago and i remember the police tower beacon and we had a flat at the bank. Come on pique my interest!
  20. Does anyone recall a race track in Pasadena, TX near the intersection of Southmore Avenue and Tata Street (now Pasadena Boulevard) I'm trying to find some pictures of the track. Were there any promotional flyers handed out? I believe people are mistaking the oval track for being a race track? From the looks of things, this was the Pasadena Independent School District Stadium. Made for track & field/running events. Not racing! Please let me know more information about this race track. Thanks!
  21. Pasadena[/font] There are over 44% of Hispanics living in Pasadena at population of 144,500 people in it There can be many that does not know alot of English. If so for the city they could translate some things in the city for instance like. Roads Signs STOP - PARADA RAILROAD CROSSING - CRUCE DE FERROCARRIL NO PARKING - Ning
  22. the former home of gilley's nightclub, where urban cowboy was filmed is soon to be a middle school. read the full article here.
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