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Found 24 results

  1. JSC is building a new Emergency Operations Center to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane. The facility will house primary and redundant hardware for command and control. This will be the home of the center's hurricane rideout team.
  2. Got this from Ellen Cohen newsletter: Council Member Cohen and her colleagues on the Budget & Fiscal Affairs Committee received a presentation from Director Mario Diaz of the Houston Airport System regarding the viability of planning for a future commercial spaceport in Houston. Director Diaz noted that Houston's Ellington Field Airport is particularly well-positioned for becoming a global hub for commercial spaceflight due to Houston's current aerospace infrastructure within the NASA community and our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Latin America.
  3. When Houston was chosen to be home to the new space center, NASA built a temporary facility in Houston while the Johnson Space Center was being constructed in Clear Lake. Does anyone know where that facility was? It is still in operation today as an office park.
  4. Morning everyone, For those of you who have been living under a rock lately, today SpaceX and NASA are launching the Demo-2 Mission to the ISIS with two astronauts today May 27th at 3:30 central time (4:30 EST). Anyone else going to watch? It will be the first time Americans will be launched from American soil in a decade (since the Space Shuttle was retired), and the first time we have launched astronauts from a rocket on American soil since the early 1980's. If this mission is a success then no more hitching rides with the Russians. https://www.spacex.com/launches/ https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive You can probably find a stream of the actual launch either through NASA or SpaceX on youtube or there websites.
  5. Did a search and couldn't come up with many posts about NASA, especially in the early 60's when it was new. I had the opportunity of living practically right across the road from NASA when I was a kid and watching it get built. I remember going to church in Webster with several astronauts, including John Glenn. It was a pretty desolate area before NASA, but it quickly changed. I was wondering if anyone had any photos from NASA and that area from the early 60's?
  6. Article: An Extraordinary Budget for NASA in 2016: Congressional omnibus would increase the space agency's budget by $1.3 billion Prompted by a discussion on the front page of Reddit this morning, I shared this link on /r/houston. Seems relevant to Houstonians in general. Perhaps some positive news amidst the energy industry downturn. And perhaps a step closer to the vision of Johnson Space Center seen in The Martian. Also, for those unaware, Houston-area Congressmen have significant influence over this budget: Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the chair of the science and space subcommittee within the Senate commerce committee John Culberson (R-TX Houston) is the chair of the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS), and Related Agencies subcommittee within the Appropriations Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives Background links on these two on space and science funding: [1] [2] [3]
  7. So what if we didn't get a real shuttle...we're getting one from Star Trek! http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Famed-Star-Trek-ship-finds-a-new-home-in-Houston-4502809.php#photo-4601337
  8. Considering the amount of traffic we get at HAIF from people working at NASA, I wonder if this note was caused by anyone we know...
  9. While looking at the map on this announcement, for some reason I can't quite put my finger on the place, except perhaps where maybe where that old hotel is at and such. here is the article and map. It should be interesting to see what the final plans show.
  10. 40 years ago this week, Apollo 13 was a pretty big deal. Now, our space disasters barely register in emotional importance. With the shuttle program ending, several key people from NASA's history have called for Obama to rethink cancelling the Constellation program. Is NASA still relevant, and should we continue to send people into space? I say yes, but then again, I'm a Carl Sagan nut.
  11. I was reading the Chron's blog on historic Houston, when I came across this picture of JFK touring a NASA facility listed as being at "6040 Telephone Rd". Does anyone here remember that facility? According to Google Maps, there's still an industrial looking building standing there, perhaps the same building that housed the facility. I don't know what it houses now though.
  12. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/outlook/6557448.html Thoughts?
  13. They were cool to see at 9:16 this evening, but I must say, I did not get chills. Have I/we become jaded?
  14. JohnCoby got himself in the Chronicle and in Federal Computer Week magazine. It's been a while since I've seen him post on here, but it was always ridiculously leftist and pretty inflamatory stuff. He probably does as much damage for his cause as not, really. And I know that HAIF has other NASA folks that have posted political opinions and probably on their time, but it doesn't surprise me at all that this one got singled out.
  15. From CNN.com: Gunman opened fire at NASA building, police say NASA evacuated a building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston after a person with a gun was seen and a shot was fired, a NASA spokeswoman said Friday. Brandi Dean said it was not yet known if anyone was hurt. Local police were on the scene, she said. NASA spokesperson, James Hartfield, told CNN there were gunshots heard in the building. He added NASA security rules do not allow weapons on the property.
  16. This was before Disney came in and built the Space Center Houston. You used to drive up to the security booth at NASA, tell them you were going to the visitor center, and just go. You would also drive your car to the Rocket Park that the tram takes you to these days. Sure they did not have the tram tours that took you to the training and R&D areas of NASA but I liked the old museum so much more. The Space Center Houston really seems like a playground for kids. The old museum had things like actual presidential pens that signed key doccuments in the space program, trophies, more actual equipment that was once used by NASA, etc.... I always felt like the old building and display was the I Dream of Genie NASA in her glory days of the 1960s. Best of all it was 100% free. Anyone have old photos of that place? The mural near the theater was such a pure NASA/Houston thing....it is burned in my mind.
  17. The Gragg building comes up from time-to-time. Nice link on the NASA history from the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department. http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/images/Parks/Gragg003.jpg http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/graggflash.html
  18. The Engineering and Sciences contract with NASA, which was held by Lockheed for over 42 years going back to the Mercury and Apollo programs, was lost last week to Jacobs Sverdrup. Lockheed had designed everything from radar used on the lunar surface, to space shuttle and space station avionics, to the new mission control center, and all supporting tasks. Unlike other contracts that are primarily operations and support, Lockheeds contract was the premere pure science, and design engineering team for Houston's Johnson Space Center. It is being felt hard within the troops, where unique talent that can only be transfered by working with the elders, is being broken apart. Contrary to popular believe, manned space travel is difficult, and requires many years to master the harsh and unforegiving nature of space. My termination date will be January 31st, 2005. I have been with Lockheed for 18 years. Merry Christmas Regards, 2112
  19. What happened to the rocket outside that used to be lying down horizontally beside the two upright rockets? I was in that area yesterday and didn't see it. It seems a buiding is in its place. Wasn't it to the right of this picture? Or am I just turned around?:
  20. Ok. I am a little biased, being that I have been at Johnson Space Center for 18 years now. But this following thread just really rubs my fur the wrong way. Don
  21. DeLay's Push Helps Deliver NASA Funds Mon Dec 6, 7:57 AM ET Top Stories - washingtonpost.com By Guy Gugliotta, Washington Post Staff Writer Without a separate vote or even a debate, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) has managed to deliver to a delighted NASA (news - web sites) enough money to forge ahead on a plan that would reshape U.S. space policy for decades to come.
  22. I saw in one of the buisness journals about IBM building there 3rd cednter in the world right here in Houston. Any word on this project or the NASA Center as well as the New Bio-tech campus supposidly starting here in H-town.
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