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  1. There are currently quite a few apartment complexes going up in Katy and on the south of side of 1093.
  2. Southeast corner; has been vacant for several years (was the site of the notorious French Quarter theater.) Lot was fenced in a month or so ago, and dirt is being moved now. Also, holes have been punched in the side of the parking garage just east of this lot (Elgin @ Milam, former parking for High Fashion Fabrics.) Any info on what's being built?
  3. Does anyone know what this is? It's directly across from Aragon middle school, and looks to be a higher end extended stay suite of some sort. I just thought that was an odd place to build something like that.
  4. http://www.media.rice.edu/media/NewsBot.as...EW&ID=10132 I believe construction has either started or will be starting very soon. I heard bad things about the other graduate apartments in the village, so this is good news. I wonder if this will be for students only (like the grad apartments on Bissonnet), or if they will allow families and married students too.
  5. wxman

    Sage Plaza

    I apologize in advance if this is either built or has been posted here already. Just looking online and came across this. Anybody know of it? http://www.wdgdallas.com/ The description is 33-story, 307 unit residential with 83,000 sqft. of retail. Look under Retail.
  6. Guest

    Alexan Silber

    "The defunct Courtesy Chevrolet dealership -- which fell victim to the Katy Freeway widening project last year -- will soon become the site of hundreds of luxury apartments. The Chevrolet dealership was well known because it had an advertising jingle promoting its high-profile site -- 7777 Katy Freeway. Now, up to 400 residents could have that catchy address when the apartment complex is finished in June 2009. Trammell Crow Residential broke ground at the site on Halloween on its latest Alexan-branded apartment complex. Located on the busy freeway near Silber, the Alexan Silber will have 402 apartments described as ultra Class A by the Atlanta developer. The complex will have four floors of residential surrounding a five-story parking garage. The project will include two pools, a 6,800-square-foot clubhouse, fitness center and wine tasting room. Designed by Wallace Garcia Wilson Architects Inc., the stucco and brick exteriors will have a traditional feel." Bizjournal article. It's nice to see the feeder roads being used for something other than garrish retail. Having a view of the rat race could be interesting as long as the noise could be lessened somehow, although I'm thinking that's something that can only partially be cured and would become only white noise after a time.
  7. Fantastic views of the city and in the perfect location to everything. Not to mention a wonderful staff! This I like. http://www.themuseumtower.com/home.html
  8. Who approved the new apt. bldgs. at Huffsmith-Kohrville and Spring-Cypress? It's like little Santa Fe over there. ...though I guess giving directions will be easier now, "just past the pink and orange and grey and blue and (my personal favorite) teal bldgs...." Thankfully, they kept up a nice shield of trees on one side, at least!
  9. Chronicle article here. Interesting to contrast this suburban-style development with the move towards denser, more pedestrian oriented retail developments inside the Loop.
  10. slightly off topic.... to anyone that knows the area: what's the feasability of building a 25-30 story high rise in the outlined lot? just curious.... for now. i borrowed your pic, mancuso... if that' all right.
  11. Post copied over from BLVD Place thread. Please kill this thread if someone truly in the know says that this tower is untrue. Yet, be mindful that my source is highly credible. I just don't want another crazy topic full of random speculation, hyperbole, depression, hope, disappointment, resent, resignation, anger and surprise (with a dash of joy sprinkled in). This is what I like to refer to as the 9 steps of HAIF-life. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Ok, ok. I'm going to ask for patience on this post here because I just have a nugget of information, yet I am uncertain where to place it. I attended the Houston Economic Development Forum this morning and spoke with a very trust-worthy area development executive about Uptown and BLVD Place. In the context of this conversation discussing BLVD Place, I was told that there is a 66 story tower being planned / developed in the Uptown submarket. Now I am uncertain if this is part of BLVD Place or an adjacent property as we started to discuss Randall Davis' impact in the Uptown area at about the time that I was told about the tower. (I do not think this is a Randall Davis property necessarily and I have also looked at the BLVD Place renderings as well so unsure there too.) I have scrolled through this subtopic looking for comparable comments on this tower because I haven't been watching all of the minutae in this discussion. Yet, I did not notice anyone else mentioning this tower. Additionally, you can't search in the forum for '66 story' tower so I am uncertain if this has been covered elsewhere. So, I am asking for patience on this kernel of valid info because it is such little to state here and I am uncertain of more details. Oh, last bit of related details... apparently the Uptown / Galleria commercial market is really, really tight (5% vacancy) so perhaps this tower will be a needed answer just like how downtown is getting a couple of towers. ~*~*~*~*~*~ In regards to the Houston Economic Development Forum, Joel Kotkin was the keynote speaker and his presentation was a fascinating look at Houston and the rest of the country. For those Houston nay-sayers out there, Kotkin believes that (1) Houston is the next to develop as a World-Class city in the US [NY & LA already are considered so by his standards] and (2) he was asked by American Enterprise which city is tops in the US with his answer being Houston. Finally, for those suburb / exburb apologists who dislike the City of Houston itself - Kotkin says that the outlying regions of the metro are important to Houston's success, but the absolute true key to this is to have a strong core city for growth (economic ~ residential & commericial // social ~ upward mobility & entrepreneurship). These presentations will be posted on the GHP website. Look for more info in the HBJ and Celebrate Enterprise websites.
  12. There is a fence around a parking lot on the northeast corner of Hidalgo and Post Oak in the Galleria Area. I heard that the lot was recently sold, but does anyone know what is going up or even who purchased it? I went by the Turnberry and no one seemed to know or care... which is strange. It was almost like they played it off as a non-issue. You think they would try to find out if their entire building is going to have all the views to the east blocked. Cheers
  13. http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...ml?surround=lfn Houston sucks again.
  14. Richmond just east of Kirby across from the VW dealership, a crane went up for a project called "Alexian" It has 207 units and is street front. The billboard had a picture, it look about the size of the new "Empire".
  15. I've looked all over and can't find a thread for it. Is there one already? I thought this would have been talked about plenty already.
  16. I'm an Apartment Locator seeking opinions on the proposed construction of the Abbey Woodlands Apartments to be built on Sawdust Rd near Grogan's Mill. Check out this article: http://blogs.chron.com/woodlands/archives/..._new_wynde.html
  17. There are several new housing develeopments in the medical center area. 1000 square foot homes are going for 170K or more. However, there are a glut of cheap condos very close to these developments going for 40k or more. How come developers do not demolish these relatively old complexes and build luxury housing? Do you guys think it is a good idea to buy these cheap condos for the investment purposes? I am just curious.
  18. an old commercial building was torn down and I didnt know if you guys knew anything about a possible project being undertaken in the memorial west area? tell me if theres anything new or is this just immenient domain. Denison
  19. Anyone know details on City Vista apartments that are being built on Dallas and Columbus (near Montrose). they're supposed to be completed this spring, and the concept drawing on site shows what looks like possible ground floor retail. I just bought a condo down the street so I was curious.
  20. I've been wondering what was going to go up on a prime (although the railroad, Clayton Homes and 59 are right there) parcel of 2.5 acres at Canal & Navigation. I'm a little disappointed to learn that it's not going to be a great luxury mid-rise as this area is just getting started and needs a big project to solidify the up-trend/conversion from industrial to residential, but that's just my selfish Sim-Houston side I suppose. With over 50 market-priced units, the lower-income population hopefully will behave themselves and the complex won't be allowed to degenerate, a potential hazard of all large apartment complexes. At 6 stories, there will be some great downtown views. Bizjournal article.
  21. I'm usually pretty familiar with projects going on around town, but I just today came across this gem, which I had no idea about, and had a laugh because it looks a bit foolish...and come to find out its an Irving Phillips. Anyone know any additional info on this one (who's developing it?, etc.)? Construction is 'supposed' to begin sometime soon. I do remember seeing a marketing sign a while back in that area for a mid-rise called The Point, but never heard anything else about that one. The following is what I found from Prime Texas Properties... "Sophisticated,contemporary (22unit) Mid-Rise approx. 1mile North of downtown. Designed by Irving Phillips. On a hilltop park setting looking over White Oak Bayou w/spectacular skyline views! Bike&hike trials along the waters' banks. All Steele&Concrete construction to beging Feb'06. Square Ft includes 404ft balcony. This is front unit w/views spectacular views of downtown to the south. Estimated time of completion for the building should be first quarter of 2007. Building's pool area w/views of downtown" Here's the rendering...
  22. jt16

    The Metropole

    Has anybody ever heard of this? Apparently it's a conversion of an abandon building in Greenway Plaza to residential.
  23. Is this that same complex on Champions Drive that posters have been complaining about? link to story
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