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  1. As Spring arrives, everyone be extra careful with your bbq pits... Now that we no longer have a fire dept to come save us. Apparently Station 16, Richmond at Dunlavy, suffered a floor buckling today and is close to collapse. All personnel has been relocated and the station is closed indefinitely. http://swamplot.com/breaking-fire-station-news/2010-04-02/
  2. They got their taco truck renovated and it will be back in service in 2 weeks according to the owner. They've been using a much smaller trailer in the meantime.
  3. I was reading the publication The Thresher dated September 23, 1964 and noticed an article of Kramer Theatre located at 1423 Richmond Rd. Did HAIF know about this? Looks like this is the current location of El Pueblito Patio in Montrose. Kramer Theatre to present "Dove Road" As its contribution to the "Britain in Texas 1964" Festival, the Herbert Kramer Theatre, 1423 Richmond Ave. will present the English comedy "Dover Road" by British author A.A. Mine.
  4. The Bowery On Montrose was never built. I really liked the architectural design on this building. I wonder if they could re-use the architectural design for another multifamily building in a different part of the city? Rendering for the (now cancelled) never built project. Oddly enough, the project is still active, and displayed, on the developer's website (as of 10/05/2022) https://farbhomes.com/apartmenthomes/montrose/
  5. That building (1665 Westheimer) now houses American Apparel.
  6. New multi-family planned for a site bounded by La Branch, Blodgett and Crawford St. SubdivisionPlatPDF_PDF Chelsea at Museum Diistrict Plat_12-08-14.pdf
  7. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2013/05/17/maxs-wine-dive-to-open-new-location.html I suppose they will share parking with Cuchara?
  8. It looks like Les Noo'dle has closed and Blk Mkt Birria is taking over this location. They currently have a truck parked in the space and have changed signage.
  9. Heck, there’s a Swamplot article about it and it’s still not anywhere close to being done. Why would a tailoring business invest so much money into a building? Is there more than meets the eye here? Do we have a Walter White situation? http://swamplot.com/memorial-tailors-now-making-alterations-to-the-montrose-blvd-house-kaye-marvins-photography-left-behind/2019-02-19/
  10. Looks like an entity tied to Levcor (address 7800 Washington Ave - suite 800) has purchased the old church at 4910 Montrose.
  11. I noticed on my way home from work yesterday that the building that once stood adjacent to Niko Niko's newer (expanded) parking lot had been razed. I think it used to be a 1-story office building with darkened glass doors. Funny how you can't remember something that stood there for years. :-( Does anyone out there have info on what may be in store for that lot?? Lovett19
  12. My sister informed me that the little "Toddle House" on Shepherd and Harold was finally torn down. It had been a Chinese place for some years, but in the 50's/60's it was my favorite hamburger place, only a half block from our house. Masterburger, hash browns and a cold Dr.Pepper. Less than a dollar. Mmmmmm...
  13. Anyone know details about this second story expansion? Seems like a large scale expansion for a detail shop. Is there something else going in there?
  14. I was in class of 93 there and I suppose I started this thread cause I read some great ones on other schools. It would be cool to find someone who went there at the time around me. Lanier was something else. The building was magnificent and historic; 1929 was when they built it. As a kid I was just overwhelmed by how big the school was. Anyway, what are your memories of the school and who are the standout teachers? The school used to be so segregated in terms of who came there to learn something and who came there to eat lunch and go to gym. The vangaurd program was not all that hard but just involved tons of busy work. I think I did more homework there than in all of high school and college combined. I do recall that they used to burglarize the lockers in the gym dressing rooms quite a bit. The juvenile criminals were so brazen they would do it out in the open with everyone watching. They are probably in adult prisons being sodomized each day these days so oh well. Of the teachers a few stand out in my mind after all of these years: Mr. Siros - I will remember this guy till the day I die. He taught theater arts on the 3rd floor in that room with college style seating and painted all black. Whenever he was losing an argument or the class got loud he would scream "hey" and everyone would shutup. When we were in other classes you could hear this guy screaming from down the hall and you knew he was going insane. Mr. Siegel - 7th grade English lit. He was dating the Spanish teacher Ms. Barazi from across the hall for a while but when she dumped him he decided to become gay overnight. The dude was really creepy and would talk about weird stuff like how rubbing oil on your body to tan is dangerous in the sun. WTF? Mr. Wilson - 8th grade reading This guy was AWESOME! His clothes were always ironed to perfection and he spoke so well meaning he varied sentance structure and used advance vocabulary at a middle school level. His professionalism rubbed off on his students and I am so glad I decided to take his class instead of a foreign language so I could take an extra year of gym in high school. Mrs. Klemm/Ms. Miller - she was the 6th grade math teacher that had all sorts of love life problems. I think she was divorcing her husband while we were in her class. Anyway, she had an obsession with alcohol bottles that squirt to clean the slides on overhead projectors. The immage of dry erase marker watered up is burned in my mind for life. Mr. Yeargin - 8th grade English Lit. ...this guy was way too sophisticated and polsihed to be an 8th grade teacher. I felt pity for the man cause the students never respected him. I suppose having been forced to read Charles Dickens and Bronte bothered the kids and I admit I did not like it at the time as well. I dunno, this guy seemed highly intelligent to me. Mr. Garret - 7th grade science....he was working on his masters to get to become a marine biologist so he did not care much about what we learned or did in class. Rice uinversity had built a science lab in Lanier and we were using email to talk to kids in the UK back in 1992 (a very high tech thing for 13 yrd olds at the time). The emails were just BS....not a hint of educational content...more along the lines of "Hi how are you?" "Fine and you?"......This guy used to give etra credit like crazy and make us hold it until grade cycles were ending. Then you took up the papers he signed and he added your points. He issued so much EC people ended up with 108 points on a 100 point scale. He always made sex jokes as well. Mr. Holliger - WORST teacher in the school. I understand he is still there. He went to UT and played basketball there until his knees went out. God this guy only taught chemistry and physics to the 2 kids in the room that got 100% of what he was saying. He would have these TAs work as slaves for him to write his notes and lessons.
  15. Where was this Located? An 80s-90s article from the Press or Chronicle said there were 5 coffeehouses on San Jacinto in 1957. I believe one may have been La Maison.This was late 1960. Does anyone know if it was somewhere else. The peak of popularity according to Google listings was 1959-1960. Apparently Arnett Cobb played there regularly.
  16. http://swamplot.com/your-chance-to-own-half-of-chapultepec-lupita-and-all-of-its-richmond-ave-next-door-neighbors/2018-12-04/
  17. I was walking by and asked some workers, who was move to the Dolce Vita location at Westheimer and Whitney- Surprise, Osaka is moving in from down the street!
  18. The Taco Bell is being demolished by Cherry. Any news on what is replacing it?
  19. "A 51-year-old Masonic lodge on Montrose sticks out among trendy restaurants, world-class museums and contemporary residential high-rises. But it might not be there for long." -Nancy Sarnoff, October 1, 2005 Houston Chronicle Is this section of Montrose Blvd. (south of 59) fated to become a row of high-rise condos and/or apartments?
  20. https://houston.eater.com/2021/4/2/22363522/inversion-coffee-montrose-houston-closed-permanently Longtime Montrose Coffee Shop Inversion Permanently Closes Its Doors Inversion, the longtime Montrose coffee shop known for its artsy vibe, creative coffees, and sense of community, has closed for good.
  21. Being a typical teen in the fifties I liked music. We lived on Sul Ross near W. Alabama and Shepherd. One of my favorite haunts was the Record Rack record shop. I bought a many 45 and 33 1/3 records in that shop. I was there so often that I got to know the owners personally. John and Helen Flintjer (I think that is the correct spelling) were great people and we stayed in touch over the years. We reconnected later years when we all belonged to the car club Convertibles of Houston. They sold the record shop either in the seventies or eighties and it lasted for quite a few more years. A couple of years ago during a visit to Houston I drove by the old location and it was no longer there. It was an old shop and was first opened in the forties. It was sad to see it gone. I am sure that others from that area also remember the Record Rack.
  22. Already went into a bit of detail on the blog, but does anyone have any clue what's going on? Thrift Store suddenly closed, doesn't look like the property was sold. Maybe rebuilding?
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