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  1. Anyone know what the plan is for 4444 Montrose? Used to be Etheria Salon & Day Spa, but looks like it was sold to HWM Properties, LLC in 2020. Lot size is 17,325 sq ft. HWM Properties appears to be owned by Wayne Martin, founder of Applied Finish Systems, a drywall company. Martin also owns Chateau Cocomar.
  2. I noticed a few public notice signs at the apartments at Washington and Waugh announcing an application to redevelop. Anyone have any idea what's up with that?
  3. Couldn't find if there was an existing thread. But the pier one imports is being demolition and replaced with a chase bank. Drove by today and noticed half the building was already gone. Chase has an entire building directly across the street, could they be rebuilding and moving? It would make sense because they've done this with their other locations like the one on Westheimer and Beltway 8. If they did, their current building across the street could be redeveloped into something big! Building across the street
  4. Does anyone know anything about this building? Looks boarded up and abandoned, no signs of life online
  5. There were 3 demolition permits issued this week for this. Anyone know what's happening here? Loopnet listing https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1732-1744-Richmond-Ave-Houston-TX/3832638/
  6. I was browsing the newspaper The Thresher dated October 3, 1930 and came across an advertisement for Rio Rita. Rio Rita Miniature Golf Links Houston's Newest and Best Perfect Putting On Carpet Greens On Montrose Blvd. across from Plaza Hotel.
  7. Anyone remember this place? I saw Cheech & Chong here-seems like it was on mid-lower Westheimer.
  8. The building on the corner of Colquitt St. and Driscoll St. is being demolished. Not sure if it's going to be a part of the 3 others properties GIA bought but is next to them. Gia guy told me they bought the 3 houses for a future project like the 1836 Richmond Gia apartments.
  9. A permit to tear down this old house has been awarded.
  10. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated December 1, 1923 and came across an advertisement for W.C. Munn Company "The Fastest Growing Department Store In Texas." Santa and Mr. Horwitz land at the Flying Field at West Alabama and Shepherd's Damn Road at 9:30 this morning. First, however. they will fly over the city several times before landing. Everybody is invited to the flying field to see him. On leaving the field Santa will use a "Lincoln" automobile to ride in the procession to Munn's store, where he is scheduled to arrive at 10 o'clock.
  11. There was a huge moving truck outside today--What's going on?
  12. I was looking for the residence of one of the original MD Anderson Foundation trustees Horace Morse Wilkins. He was a very powerful man. Worked at two downtown banks. He was the Vice President of State National Bank, and I believe, in the younger days a cashier, or assistant at another bank. According to the City of Houston 1922 directory this is what is listed for him: Wilkins, Horace M (Mary) V-Pres State National Bank, Treas State Bldg & Inv Assn, r 2 Bellecourt Apts, Tel Had 2220. 1922 listing for Houston apartments specifies: Bellecourt The 1405 Webster Av Anyone have pictures of The Bellecourt Apartments located at 1405 Webster Avenue?
  13. I was reading the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated February 8, 1978 and came across an address for Herman Pressler. H.P. Pressler was another famous person of the Texas Medical Center. DAR Schedules Month's Events The John McKnitt Alexander chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, has two important events scheduled in the month of February. The annual Valentine party given for the veterans at the Veteran's Hospital will be at 4 p.m. Feb. 14th following the February chapter meeting. Members are urged to bring cookies for the veterans to the meeting Hostess for the event is Mrs. Larry Morris, 5326 Mandell. Mrs. Jane Bruyere and Mrs. P.G. A. Singleton are in charge of the veteran's Valentine party. In observance of George Washington's birthday, a tea will be given at the home of Mrs. Herman Pressler, 2133 Pine Valley Dr., honoring Mrs. Ford Hubbard and new chapter members. The hours are 2 to 4 p.m. Mrs. Robert E. Lee is chairman for the tea.
  14. http://blogs.chron.com/primeproperty/2010/09/iconic_montrose_club_building_1.html
  15. Anyone know what is going in at the old Teala's on W Dallas? Lots of activity. Looks like a complete interior demolition and refit... thx
  16. There's a large (for this neighborhood) steel-framed building going up on the north side of Westheimer in the 500 block (approximately where the Happy Budda used to be). Also, across the street a smaller building is going up in a former vacant lot (wedged between the strip center and the VA services building.) Anyone know what businesses are going into these new buildings? edit: I'm also curious about the lot at Whitney and Westheimer (northeast corner). An old house was moved to this site a few years ago; for a while it was used as offices for a used car lot, then a short-lived nightclub called Da House. I see everything above the first floor has been removed. Is it being moved again? Any idea what might go in its place?
  17. I was reading the publication "Houston Gargoyle, Volume 4 dated in 1931 and came across a business listing for The Montrose Sanitarium And Nurses Registry located at 3508 Milam Street. The Montrose Sanitarium and Nurses Registry. 3508 Milam - Hadley 232. Mrs. Catherine Hunt, Mgr. An institution where the sick are cared for both day and night, with private or semiprivate rooms.
  18. I rode by these today, it looks like a small apartment project with first floor parking. Anyone know what it is? My pic is from Hazard St.
  19. This thread was originally created June 3, 2017. I'm reposting / reupping this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum due to a mod removing my account and its content in "error" (supposedly). The information may be outdated or no longer relevant, but reupping provides an archive to what was posted. It also provides a place to post future updates about this property if and when it's redeveloped An archive link of thethread before its deletion is coming. The empty lot at 120 Westheimer, next to the strip center with Jus' Mac near Bagby will become a strip center.
  20. I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated October 16, 1942 and came across an article about the Little Theater located at 707 Chelsea Blvd. Little Theater Opens Tuesday An event of interest to the Institute theater-goers who have bee left in the cold since the disbanding of the Dramatic Club, will be the opening Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. of the first production of the season by Houston Little Theater. The offering will run through Saturday night, although the last night the house will be given over in a large part to Soldiers. The play will be "The Heart of the City", by Lesley Storms, and the direction will be in charge of Dr. Friedrich Jessner. The Little Theater is located at 707 Chelsea Boulevard. Dr. Jessner, who comes to the Little Theater from the drama department of Yale University, has a wide and varied experience in the theater bot in this country and abroad. I'm not exactly sure what this is. Doesn't sound like a film theater, but a theater of the arts. Maybe this was apart of the Rice Institute's courses? I see talk about a drama club.
  21. I was browsing the newspaper The Texas Jewish Herald dated October 11, 1934 and came across a business ad for Kaphan's Restaurant located at 700 Waugh Drive. This restaurant came after their 7900 South Main Street location? I never knew they had another location on Waugh Drive. Kaphan's reopened tonight in their beautiful new home at 700 Waugh Drive. Same policy, same cooks, same genial atmosphere. Weldon Burke and his Tropical Serenaders Dine, Dance, and Make Merry from 8 P.M. Until 3 A.M.
  22. I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated February 1, 1951 and came across a business ad for Angelo's Cafe And Oyster Bar located at 1012 Westheimer Rd. In the 1950s this location of Angelo's was advertising a lot of steak choices. The restaurant is nicknamed "Angelo's Steak House" or something similar. Serving the infamous KC Steaks. Angelo's had other locations as well. I know of the following places. I wonder if there are more? Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf At 10200 South Main St. Angelo's Lobster Trap At 7525 South Main St. Angelo's Restaurant And Oyster House At 6643 South Main St.
  23. This tiny building is getting demolished, I believe it's currently used as La Tapatia parking (restaurant is across the street). Anyone have any idea what may go here? It feels like such a waste for more parking.
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