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  1. Worthy of a new thread.... Construction set to begin on high-rise by summer 13-story condo to be built on site of former River Caf
  2. By Olivia Pulsinelli – Assistant managing editor, Houston Business Journal After Randalls announced the closure of its prominent Montrose storefront more than a year ago, a new tenant has been lined up. Minneapolis-based Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) confirmed to the Houston Chronicle that it leased approximately 63,000 square feet at 2075 Westheimer, the site of the former grocery store. More details, including the opening date, were not available. The Montrose Randalls, located in the Shepherd Square Shopping Center at the corner of Westheimer and Shepherd Drive, was one of three that the grocery store chain announced it would close in late 2018. Houston-based Wulfe & Co. built the Shepherd Square Shopping Center, one of its first inner-Loop projects, in 1989. Randalls signed a lease in the property, a 128,000-square-foot shopping center at 2075 Westheimer Road, and opened its fourth flagship store there. But the company's late founder, Ed Wulfe, told the Houston Business Journal in 2018 that the Randalls closure didn't come as a surprise. "They have been struggling as a supermarket for some time now and not producing sufficient sales," Wulfe said at the time. "This used to be one of their best stores in the city." Wulfe noted that the storefront would be a desirable piece of real estate for any number of uses — a liquor and wine store, a high-end furniture store, a fitness operation — and could be divided up to occupy several retailers. "You can’t find a 61,000-square-foot big box space that’s in the heart of the city," Wulfe said. In January, Randalls announced five other Houston-area closures, adding to the several closed in recent years. Some other former Randalls stores also have been given new life, including a Cypress store becoming a location of Star Furniture & Mattresses.
  3. I'm confused. There was more than one hospital in Montrose? I only knew of the Hedgecroft Hospital & Clinic located at 5010 Montrose Blvd. What's the deal with this place? Does anyone have any family medical history from this hospital? From The 1947 American Hospital Association's American Hospital Directory: Montrose Hospital Clinic - 4410 Montrose Blvd. Established - 1946 Annie Mae Wait R.N., Supt. Zone 6 Tel Li-3911 A decade later it seemed to change ownership/management. From the publication called Hospitals dated 1954-06: Vol 28 Iss 6. Montrose Est. 1945 – 4410 Montrose Blvd- Zone 6, & Tel Li-3911 A.M. Grath R.N., Supt. 15 Beds, 35 Adms, 375 Cen 15 Exp: Pay $37, 116 Assetts: Plant, $27,494 Total $28,142 Pers: Pd.20
  4. Found this in the publication Diseases of the Nervous System Volume 1 dated 1940. A little weird. I thought the Keightley Hospital was in Almeda On Anderson Road? I'm thinking it this was a second, more smaller location? I know Vivian Keightley started the company in Almeda, TX. Also, wasn't 1319 Richmond the original location of the Kinkaid School? I see the advertisement mentions new building under construction. I wonder if this was when Kinkaid moved out and sold their land? Okay, looking on HAIF I see the Kinkaid school was built in the 1920s, and was removed from directories in the 1940s. Keightley Hospital 1319 Richmond, Houston, Texas Jackson 21539 (New bldg. under construction) Member, Texas State Hospital Assn. Registered with A.M.A. Facilities for care of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  5. Haven't checked to see if there's already a demo permit, but the windows have been taken out, the entire building is covered with graffiti, and there's a prominent "FOR SALE' sign. . Corner of Westheimer and Mulberry St.
  6. Somebody said a convent was there and Tremont owners threw the nuns out and that was why it went to hell it was cursed.
  7. July 27, 2005, 4:09AM A major bequest for the Menil David Whitney's collection includes a few masterpieces By PATRICIA C. JOHNSON Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle The Menil Collection will receive a trove of modern art
  8. wow! I found a hidden Houston museum. Never heard of this one. Looking on opencorporates, this business was active in the late 1960s to early 1970s. I believe Preston Weatherred was the owner/manager. Did anyone ever go here? Any memories of this place? Nine To Ninety Antique Toy Museum, Inc. 3900 Montrose * Houston, Texas Open 1:00 – 9:00 Daily Closed Mondays
  9. I saw on a neighborhood yahoo group that Late nite pie might be closing? Could that be true?
  10. This thread was originally created December 14, 2016. I'm reposting this because this post and other content from me are no longer available in the forum. The original thread is archived here. 223 Westheimer Rd in the Avondale neighborhood of Montrose in Houston. Street View: http://i.imgur.com/zxPJAov.jpg
  11. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/La-Colombe-d-Or-to-take-luxury-to-new-heights-9191635.php Site:
  12. http://swamplot.com/new-owners-to-montrose-apartment-dwellers-everybody-out-by-the-end-of-august-were-tearing-these-places-down/2014-07-28/
  13. I heard a rumor today at a real estate office that this property has been sold. Has anyone heard?
  14. I drove by a couple months ago, quickly glanced and thought I read a sign that said "open soon" or something similar. Can anyone tell me if Ruggles on Westheimer near Montrose is still open? It looks like it is on their website, but when I called I just received a busy signal. Any info is welcome!
  15. Saw some workers painting the outside and there's a front window that is out. A bunch of boxes stacked up. The 4X optical plus 5X digital zoom on my new Pixel juuuuust not enough to discern what was in the boxes from the TJ's parking lot.
  16. Looks like something is happening here. Maybe a car wash to compliment the one across the street?
  17. http://thecampanile.com/images/4503/4503-Montrose.jpg map: http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&...7&encType=1 http://thecampanile.com/home.htm
  18. Saw this in Cohen's enewsletter- $25,000. Doesn't seem like much to begin developing a park.The "future Park" is one city lot, covered in black top and surrounded by wrought Iron fence, Cyprus trees in the ROW on Whitney street side.COH/parks is beginning to hold community meetings to gather residents input. Hopefully a name will be chosen. Seems most residents would like simple, minimalist park because of size--something that might pay tribute to Avondale development in 1907. I took that to mean that everyone is hoping it won't be a grass lot with many 20 gallon ubiquitous live oaks trees. Some of the residents were concerned about the "current" trend in developing green spaces after watching the "beautification" MMD is putting in on west side median at Lovett and Montrose? Yep, a n updated green space of concrete and live oaks. The developers of Avondale pooled their money in 1911 to have a box card load of palm trees delivered brought to Houston.many were planted down the middle of MEDIAN down Montrose Blvd south towards museum district( all were removed last time MONTROSE Blvd got redone--MONTROSE Blvd conservancy would like to put back the median but won't consider replanting palm trees due to COH restrictions.) and a few can still be seen within Avondale.So everyone is hoping Live Oaks won't be the tree of choice. Not sure if there will be access to water at this park, so probably xerescaping should be considered plus keeping the wrought iron fencing might not be a bad idea either. Would using recyclable materials keep costs down? no idea. Still everyone seems to love the idea of recycling so guess that should be considered also. That seems a lot to keep in mind when developing a park, the next open meeting is Aug. 16 upstairs at The Women's Home 6:30pm.I was hoping the Civic association would offer a money prize to university architecture students to submit a plan for this park, keeping all those restrictions in mind. It would be great to see what the young talent of Houston could come up with. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but it seems an opportunity is presenting itself why not take advantage of it. _________________________ PARK UPGRADES - $355,000 This funding provided for new park design costs, playground equipment replacement, sidewalk repair, and other improvements to parks throughout District C. $240,000 - TC Jester Park: Playground equipment replacement $60,000 - Meyerland Park: Playground equipment repair $25,000 - Future Park at 424 Westheimer: Design costs $20,000 - Oak Forest Park: Tennis court repair $10,000 - Peggy Shiffick Park: Sidewalk repair
  19. Anyone know details on City Vista apartments that are being built on Dallas and Columbus (near Montrose). they're supposed to be completed this spring, and the concept drawing on site shows what looks like possible ground floor retail. I just bought a condo down the street so I was curious.
  20. Montrose, near the intersection of Dunlavy and Westheimer is getting a small boutique hotel. This was on the April 25th agenda asking for a variance request. From the renders it looks like it will be 9 rooms. Its nice that the area is getting stuff like this. I don't know of any other hotels except for the AirBnB hotel concept that is near Agora. Anyone else know of more info? Images Below: Apparently this is being held up due to some strange situations in city ordinances that dictate that a hotel that is under a particular threshold of units can't be built in a high percentage of residential. The variance is to argue the case that its near a major transit corridor and commercial corridor and that the normal methods which enforce this particular restriction doesn't have merit because of the specifics of the site. Interesting situation, but I hope this goes through. Nice Fine grain type development.
  21. Looks like some dirt is being moved on the empty lot between La Grange and Buffalo Exchange. Does anyone have the scoop? Based on a quick Google search it looks like this was planned to be a Bunkhouse hotel back in 2008, but I'm assuming those plans have been scrapped.
  22. Learned something new today! Joseph Finger designed a Battelstein's Department Store in Montrose located at 2010 South Shepherd Drive. Very cool!! I wasn't aware of this store. From the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated May 6, 1964: Now Available at Battelstein's The Amazing New Finnish Sauna Portable Sauna Bath Have a Beauty SPA in your own home for pennies a day! It cleanses the body, relaxes tension, offers much pleasure and well being. Battelstein's 2010 South Shepherd Interior photo I found online: Interior of Battlestein’s Department Store, 2010 South Shepherd, ca. 1950. This suburban Battlestein’s was designed by Joseph Finger who also designed earlier downtown incarnations of Battlestein’s. The store’s interior was reminiscent of Foley’s Department Store, which opened in 1947.
  23. The Montrose (Ghetto, Disco) Kroger has stripped their aging flooring. According to the cashier, they're planning a complete renovation, to be completed in 7-8 months. Guess the coming competition from H-E-B has roused them from their coma. While some fresh paint will be welcome, I hope they'll also become more conscientious about replacing wilted produce and forego their tradition of unmarked or overcharged items.
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