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  1. I emailed the very responsive and helpful architect and he said the location for this project was at the Wheeler/Blodgett LRT station. I'm guessing this LINK is the station he was talking about even though the streets do not intersect. I'm not sure what piece of land it'll be on either. In one of the pictures it looks like it's right next to 59. I'd say it's that old apartment building to the northwest, but I think they recently remodeled it. http://www.powersbrown.com/projects/urban/flower.htm I don't like the railings at all, but maybe it'll look different once built. Overall it looks
  2. Public Hearing November 8 @ 2:30PM for a 64 Unit La Quinta Inn at Hwy 59 between McGowen & Dennis. This is on the 'other' side of 59/288 which seems to be a good signal on development, IMO. It also adds a much needed moderate priced hotel to the general DT vicinity, which is currently limited to the Holiday Inn Express and the Best Western on W. Dallas, which both still get rather pricey given the locations... http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=h&trf=0&amp...39545&mag=1
  3. I noticed there's a sign on the old Fu Kim location at McGowen and Fannin announcing the construction of a medical building, San Jose Clinic, I think, by Christus. The rendering looked reasonable, but I was in a hurry and didn't stop to take a closer look. Be nice to have a decent building there.
  4. I noticed some land was being cleared near Grey and Caroline. Anybody have any idea what's going on?
  5. Metro is buying two blocks along its light-rail line in Midtown from a developer the agency expects will buy the property back and build transit-friendly residential and business space. In a transaction unprecedented in the agency's history, the Metropolitan Transit Authority board voted March 22 to spend $7.2 million for the blocks bounded by Main, Holman, Travis and Winbern, next to the Ensemble station of Metro's light rail Red line. The idea is to sell the tract back to developer Robert H. Schultz of RHS Interests for at least the same price after Schultz's partnership is ready to build. S
  6. Any recommendations on realtors to sell my townhome in midtown? I'm unbelievably disgusted with the lack of response that my current realtor has been displaying.
  7. i vaguely remember reading horror stories about Perry construction on here, though i can't find it now, and i don't remember if it was localized or a general problem. I'm looking at a Perry Townhome in midtown - 2042 BAILEY ST. any thoughts, warnings? i'm meeting with my realtor tomorrow, but i wanted to get some real professional opinions that i can always count on from HAIF. i'm still not sure i'm ready to buy, but i am definitely moving, if i don't buy i'll probably go to AMLI on West Dallas and Montrose (only because an apartment in proper midtown is ridiculously expensive, though that's
  8. Does anyone know who this belongs to or what they plan on doing with it? Its amazing this much vacant land is still, well, vacant right next to downtown and midtown. I've driven around in it before and I can tell there used to be houses there... but what was it all bulldozed for?
  9. I found this posted in the Houston Construction thread on SSP. Anybody have news on this? It looks like a restoration for a mixed use property. Located near the old Central Square Building in Midtown.
  10. Sept. 17, 2004, 1:14AM Midtown medical centers on tap Two facilities expected to be physician-owned By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle A local development group is planning three health care facilities on the outskirts of the Texas Medical Center. The partnership, Midtown Medical Center, is under contract to purchase four blocks in Midtown where it plans to develop two 15-story physician-owned medical centers. The two Midtown buildings will be built at 3808 Main and 1400 Gray. The Main Street building, dubbed Main Medical Center, will sit just about a block away from a Metro lig
  11. Are there any gay districts in Houston, sort of like Dallas' Oaklawn area? Nice home, manicured lawns with artsy peeps?
  12. Check out inHoustonSearch.com (www.inHoustonSearch.com). inHoustonSearch.com provides an easy-to-use tool for users to search businesses in uptown, midtown and downtown Houston including the tunnel system and parking in downtown area. inHoustonSearch.com was formerly known as TunnelQuest.com.
  13. My fiance and I live in a townhouse in Midtown that was built in 2000. It is an older Perry floorplan and actually flows very nice. The unfortunate thing is that the finishes are sub-par and boring. We have already had to replace the carpet because the Berbar that came with the house was apartment grade and did not last 5 years. Our kitchen is all white and extremely boring. We are thinking about painting the cabinets, putting in granite countertops, and putting in a stainless steel sink. Our taste is pretty nuetral, but we might sell as soon as 24-36 months from now. I am n
  14. Over a year ago there was fire that wiped out Up to Date Cleaners on West Grey between Montrose and Taft. They have poked around for what seems an eternity and have finally started re-building. I use to use them for all my cleaning needs for years. Needless to say I was very suprised when I showed up one morning to get my cleaning and the place was gone. They had zero insurance and offered nothing for the clothing that was lost. Granted they lost their business, building and their livliehood so I did not make a big fuss over a few hundred worth of clothing, but I am wondering if th
  15. Does anyone know if the Sidelines sports bar inside 2016 Main closed? I tried to take some friends there on Saturday @ 6 PM and it was closed! Doors locked, no sign. The hours posted outside indicated they should be open. Their website says nothing. Just wondering... Ended up at the Wet Spot, down the street on West Gray... that place is pretty cool!!
  16. Midtown residents didn't plan on thefts 06:12 PM CST on Monday, December 13, 2004 By Carolyn Mungo / 11 News It's prime real estate now but not long ago, the part of Houston called Midtown was filled with abandoned buildings. Townhome owners in Midtown weren't prepared for the thefts that have plagued them. While recent high-end development has brought in plenty of new homeowners, many say they've gotten more than they bargained for. Visit any suburban neighborhood and you're bound to see holiday decorations. Residents in the newly developed neighborhood of Midtown say they tried the holi
  17. Nov. 27, 2004, 11:05PM Little Saigon tries to carry on City pushing for ways to give area new life By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle Lax controls over real estate development in Houston have led to the decline of some of the city's most historic and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. City officials and business owners in Midtown want to make sure that doesn't happen to the Vietnamese enclave at the heart of the neighborhood. The groups hope that taking small steps like posting Asian signs in the area or planting palm trees will help improve the image of this close-knit community
  18. I work at the HCCS building on Main and Elgin, I have been here for 4 years and I in the past 4 years the city has torn up and redone the same stretch of Elgin at least 3 times..anyone have any idea why? It's very frustrating everytime you turn around the streets are being torn up. Just wondering if anyone had any info as to why.
  19. I've been stuggling with this question lately . . . especially after the completion of The Calais apartments. I can't decide what is better, bad architecture or vacant, weed-filled lots. I must applaud the designer and developers of the Calais for trying something "different." . . . but it could have been so much better. One obvious goof in the project - they could have made the archway into a covered arcade - with commercial space underneath! Then it would have lived up to the billing as Midtown's "French Quarter." As it stands, you see unsightly burglar bars and the underside of cars in the
  20. i have a feeling this year we are gonna see some major changes in our neighborhood.
  21. What's the deal with The Downtowner on Hamilton and McGowen? I guess I'll leave it at that.
  22. Anyone know whats going on at that lot? It seems like its getting torn down and something else going up in its place. I always thought they needed to do a lot of work on the exterior of that place.
  23. Lowbrow

    Park Lofts?

    Any comments on the Park Lofts at 1602 Elgin, south side of Baldwin Park. 2/1.5 units seem to go for 175k. Thanks.
  24. This is good news... Christus St. Jospeh's Hospital will be constructing an 8 story professional office building called Medical Place Two. It will be built at 1804 Austin near the corner of Caroline on a surface lot! It will be connected to the hospital building as well as to the Medical Place One Tower by a skybridge. The building will be just 80,000 square feet but anything is better than a surface lot, especially a solid employer like St. Joe's! (I was born there) Along with the announced 15 story tower (Midtown Medical Center) just across the Pierce Elevated, this area will be seeing some
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