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  1. I found this on Stream Realty's site and could not locate a thread on it. It looks as though Stream is proposing retail at this location: http://www.streamrealty.com/property/Houston/Leeland-Crossing
  2. An old house and a couple old warehouses were recently removed from the lot bound by Capitol, Nagle and the new light rail - there was a variance sign up but I didn't notice it today. The house at the corner of Capitol and Delano was not demoed. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.750267,-95.348348,3a,90y,29.52h,90.47t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1st7zT4oZ3lrTd05a79HW98g!2e0!6m1!1e1
  3. Llewelyn-Davies Sahni to Lead Two Major Redevelopment Projects in Houston’s Midtown District Projects will make area around HCC Central Campus an urban focal point HOUSTON, TX (May 25, 2011) – Llewelyn-Davies Sahni (LDS), a leading architecture and urban design firm in Houston continues to lead two redevelopment / upgrade projects for Midtown TIRZ and Houston Community College in Houston’s historic Midtown District. The projects will include approximately 90 block fronts in and around the HCC Central Campus, major open space redevelopment program in and around the existing campus and construct
  4. They are clearing the lot between the Shell station and Webster. It is located catty-corner to the Central Bank building. Anyone know what is going in there? Don't have a picture but they had construction crew there today.
  5. I walked by the old El Patio Xuco Xicana restaurant and they were putting up new siding over the aluminum addition that was build a few years ago. I always hated the aluminum addition. It looked REALLY tacky. But, the new siding actually looks really good. I don't know if that means a new tenant is moving in or if the owner is doing his own renovations.
  6. Was this a legit proposal or is this just a fantasy? it won an award for architecture catagory "on the boards".. it would be awesome to have a huge hill like that in Houston. looks like a pretty neat place to hang out too.
  7. Is this new or old? http://www.capitalre...properties.com/
  8. 4500 Travis Street, Houston TX 77002 http://www.bidclerk.com/project.1339216.html http://www.houstonmidtown.com/cms_templates/cmst_cal_popup.cfm?id=2459&dir=1
  9. Small office building that already started construction next to Specs. Nothing major, but a good addition.
  10. Maybe at some point in time we should create a thread for each of these projects: http://www.bisnow.co...ory.php?p=24377
  11. We live right in Midtown and have been wondering about this corner of the lot that has BRB, Drinkery ( Formerly Open City, Formerly Cheerz) for a while. Figured you guys could tell me what used to be here and maybe what's in store? The owners constantly replace the glass with wooden boards to keep the homeless out. Extremely busy area on the weekends, surprised they don't knock this building down and charge for parking like many kitty corner lots in the area. Thanks,
  12. Ran across this on the Kirksey website. Anybody have any info? http://www.kirksey.com/project/midtown_mixed_use
  13. I noticed a new variance request sign on the empty lot bounded by these streets. Anyone know what they are planning?
  14. I just noticed this when walking around my neighborhood this evening. Does anybody know the details? I didn't realize there was a school on that block before.
  15. They are redeveloping an existing structure at Bremond & Main into a Lounge and right behind at Bremond & Fannin they are redeveloping the existing structure into a Clinic. I'm not sure what type of clinic it is but it seems like developers in Midtown have accepted the fact that a lot of their bars or other retail will be near Homeless Shelters, Clinics, etc.
  16. This was mentioned in another thread but it definitely deserves it's own thread. The plans to reconstruct Bagby to help make Midtown a more pedestrian friendly area are being scrapped. http://innerlooped.com/1840/very-bad-news-for-bagby/#comments The Director of Public Works, Daniel Kreuger wants to make Bagby a three lane street to help make cars move faster. This will obviously mean there will be less room for expanded sidewalks and improved landscaping that were originally planned. Commuters interests' are once again being accomodated instead of the interests of residents, pedestrians,
  17. I guess the Pin-up workout place went out of business, which will disappoint the pervs that would gawk at women working out from across the street. The good news is that they still have a reason to stop by and visit this convenient location. I applaud them on their smart location choice as we all know that the key to success is knowing your neighborhood and it's needs. Hopefully this will help anchor this area and bring in other businesses that would complement the current neighborhood trajectory. I'm thinking a checks cashed, pawn shop, smoke shop, self-defense school, or pain management ce
  18. No official release from MMD, but here's a post from Innerlooped. Link: http://innerlooped.com/1897/midtown-officially-ae-district/ So what does this designation mean for Midtown. Is there a case study for how this designation affects a district? I'm curious.
  19. According to Swamplot, its scheduled for demolition. I'm so totally anxious for this to happen. Does anyone know what is going to take the place of it? Tell you what, the moment this thing closes, what metal is on that site might disappear, but not that quickly. They have an easier time bumming money off people.
  20. I heard that Randall Davis purchased the half block at Fannin & Eagle St. last month (just north of Sears). Does anybody know what he plans to do there?
  21. This is an interesting little article and quite a bit good news for development near one of the rail lines. I know there was a bit of controversy here on the board and on the Chron feedbacks, so it looks like it might actually work out. Forced Zoning, if you will. Anyone know what other parcels they have purchased in the past?
  22. bidclerk.com has a listing for one that has a bid date in August and start date in September. That seems like a garage for a high-rise or something.
  23. J. Will Jones Elementary School, the last zoned Houston ISD school located in Midtown, will close. Jones will consolidate into Blackshear Elementary School in the Third Ward. http://www.houstonisd.org/HISDConnectDS/v/...nextfmt=default So far HISD has not drawn the new boundary maps. Where should the chunk of Midtown zoned to J. Will Jones be zoned to? (Obviously the chunk of Midtown east of U.S. 59/288 will be zoned to Blackshear) - Gregory Lincoln, Blackshear, or MacGregor? I don't think this will affect Midtown much at all because Midtown is not a family area.
  24. Their sign was put up this past weekend. 62-units, 7 Stories High. I did not know all that could fit in to that space. Elgin is starting to get densed.
  25. I have a Townhome for lease in the Midtown area. It is 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, 2 Car Garage. It is the perfect blend of architectural detail, and design efficiency. The kitchen is big, and there is a great downtown view from both the 2nd and 3rd story. I have upgraded some of the details such as a very nice powder room, added a second cable line in the living room for those DirectTV DVR's, remote lighting and ceiling fan in living room etc. I have also posted the listing on Craigslist, where there are 4-pictures. In this posting I have put one picture of the actual view from the balcony/wha
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