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  1. Someone dumped several barrels of what may be paint and labels that say "Non Hazardous Waste" across from the Caydon by the big mural on Fannin St.
  2. Construction started on this little wedge of Houston terra firma right after the new year. The location is adjacent to the Houston Technology Center & the old Boy Scout office (most recently Mr Peeples). Location is between Pierce / St. Joseph Pkwy (or 45 Pierce Elevated) & Heiner / Brazos. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7527004,-95.3748876,132m/data=!3m1!1e3 There also appears to be a bit of site work occurring on the even smaller triangular piece across Heiner from this & directly north of the old Boy Scout office. That 2nd piece of land nearly shares the
  3. Per the Planning Commission meeting, the people below will be putting up a two story building with lower being retail/commercial and second floor residential/office. http://parradesigngroup.com/ Hope I'm not creating a duplicate topic. They are required to keep the trees
  4. Multi-family proposal on Brazos & Dennis St. Developer is listed as Light Hill Partners, http://www.lighthillpartners.com/ SubdivisionPlatPDF_Plat.Brazos Lofts.pdf
  5. High-rise made up of 7 office levels, 7 levels of parking and ground floor retail facing Gray St. image by Darius Fontenette, on Flickr image by Darius Fontenette, on Flickr image by Darius Fontenette, on Flickr image by Darius Fontenette, on Flickr
  6. Does anyone know what the Midtown Redevelopment Authority is planning to do with all of the random lots they own? The odd thing is none of them are actually in Midtown. They're in East Downtown and Third Ward. I see 457 lots on HCAD. I'm just interested to know. Thanks for any insight! idtown redev.pdf
  7. Anyone know if the construction staging area across from Weights & Measures in Midtown is a staging area for the Caroline St renovations, or a new development in of itself? I also heard it could be a staging area for the new Syn Group development down the street at 2403 Caroline which appears to be quite delayed (originally planned to open Fall 2017, haven't seen construction start yet but TABC sign up). The lot was on Loop Net after the Syn Group announcement and has since sold. There is also significant construction in the same lot as Noveau Antique Art Bar, next to the new C
  8. Anyone know what's going on at the corner of Baldwin & Pierce, right across from Komodo? There's an existing building with a "for lease" sign in front, I believe it's offices. 1916 Baldwin St, currently owned by SMBHC LLC: http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab= I'm wondering what's going on with the empty tracts around that structure. For awhile the valets at Cyclone's were using them for parking but now the lots are all torn up, some trenching from the north corner of the lot south east to Baldwin (sidewalk is gone, actually, almost fell in the trench one night walking my dogs
  9. per swamplot below is the link for more details http://swamplot.com/search-homeless-services-will-be-moving-from-midtown-to-this-new-building-in-east-downtown/2015-05-14/
  10. Hey everyone. Still working on my Graduate Thesis and need some input via interview/survey. Tried posting this on r/Houston to get more people involved, but the subreddit sucks because anytime I post it auto removes it classifying it as spam! (seriously?) So thought I post this in a more reliable place...here. Since I'm not able to travel back home to conduct this survey/interview with people from the area I'm researching I was wondering if people within this community could possibly help. I would greatly appreciate it! You don't have to answer all the
  11. Howdy everyone! I'm about to begin my thesis project here in Germany this next semester, but I need some help. I've chosen a site in Houston because I wanted to do something related to home and an issue that is very important to the city (highways). Here is where the site is going to be located: Yes, I'm putting the project over the highway. This project will also take into account the proposed reroute and redesign of the highway. I need help with photos of the surrounding area and of the site from multiple angles at vario
  12. Would anyone happen to know what they are going to build here? They own a huge amount of land whoever it is and they demolished several structures. Is it just going to be townhomes or a multi-family building perhaps? It's this entire piece of land Screenshot 2014-06-07 21.18.20 by marclongoria, on Flickr There are markers all over the place plus these small signs that have numbers on them such as "3621" in the picture below: 2014-06-07 16.40.14 by marclongoria, on Flickr 2014-06-07 16.41.16 by marclongoria, on Flickr EdIt: Okay, so it's apparently HHC Dorms: http://swampl
  13. Renderings finally posted in another topic. Very exciting. http://s.lnimg.com/attachments/A55B766C-A6A3-49E0-8EF2-BCB5680D4D1E.pdf
  14. http://imgur.com/qFcXN2n http://imgur.com/HLjN9Fc http://swamplot.com/former-adult-modeling-business-next-to-model-childrens-playhouse-tagged-by-city/2016-09-26/ very confused by this large construction trailer and yellow Iron on Bagby next to the Tiny House display? anyone know what's up?? it seems like way to much for just Rey ular condos - bunch co block across the street? whole foods project? Nowhere near
  15. A residential building containing 243 units is proposed at this location by Horizon Real Estate Group. See page 49 under proposed construction. http://issuu.com/haa_abode/docs/abode_jun2015
  16. http://t1dv.com/century-medical-center/
  17. I wonder where this near by tower will be ?
  18. There are 15 townhomes planned where Sudden Impact stands (the portion of the property that sits behind the planned West Gray Plaza). The area is bounded by Valentine/Victor/Helena, and the planned West Gray Plaza to the south (as well as West Gray St).
  19. This was mentioned in another Midtown thread.. but figured a new project needed a new thread. Swamplot just broke a story on a new Arts Center planned for Midtown, about a block north of the Ensemble Station. 90,000 SF 3 story Owner/Developer - Independent Arts Collaborative, a consortium of local arts organizations — including Fotofest, Diverseworks, the Houston Arts Alliance, Musiqa, Suchu Dance, Opera Vista, Catastrophic Theater, Nameless Sound, the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, and Main St. Theater.
  20. Carnegie Vanguard High School Site Approved December 17, 2009 HISD has been planning a replacement campus for Carnegie Vanguard High School since 2007, when it was made a part of the Facilities Capital Program. On December 10, 2009, the Board of Education approved building the replacement school on vacant district-owned property just south of the Gregory-Lincoln Education Center. Carnegie Vanguard High School is currently located on the former Carnegie Elementary School campus at Scott Street and Airport Boulevard, adjacent to Sims Bayou. A new location for the school was decided on for sever
  21. Did anyone else catch the "deal of the week" blurb in today's Biz section of the Chronicle? Towards the end it makes mention of a 20 story medical office tower to be built at 3800 Main in Midtown. Says it will have 500,000 square feet and that it is 65% pre-leased (which leads me to believe it will break ground soon). A co-development between Greenberg + Company and Quality Infusion Care. This would be a HUGE tower for Midtown and really stand out. Isn't the 3800 block near the 12 story HCC tower?
  22. I'm unclear on the details but I found out today that the Midtown TIRZ wants to annex Montrose. . . . . . what? Where would the $ go that is generated by that type of annexation? There is a cpuncil meeting Tuesday where citizens can give opinions and I think a couple of City Councilmen are planning a townhall meeting later concerning this- This is so strange, I have been going through some old documents of Avondale from the 90's--There was an attempt to gain TIRZ for the area then-- it was denied. sorry the picture is upside down and I don't know how to change it-
  23. Anyone know about this? Being developed by http://www.oxberrygroup.com/index.html
  24. Fairgrounds Addition Block 39 Partial Replat No 1 Anyone have any information? I think the current building is 2907 Louisiana Street. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&gs_sm=3&gs_upl=530l4633l0l4727l21l21l0l0l0l0l234l2057l14.5.1l20l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1440&bih=734&wrapid=tlif133018930011510&q=2907+louisiana+houston&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x8640bf695edeb3bb:0x30ab04c1daaa4552,2907+Louisiana+St,+Houston,+TX+77006&gl=us&ei=-RNJT9PiEMXMsQKsu_HqCA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCMQ8gEwAA
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