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  1. Notice of Meeting of Klein ISD: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The regular meeting of the Klein ISD Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, December 12. The public portion of the meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the board room at the central office of the district at 7200 Spring Cypress Road, Klein. Among the topics that the board members will consider is the calendar for the 2007-08 school year. The calendar approved by the board must reflect mandates of the Texas Legislature. For example, school may not begin before the fourth Monday in August. After the calendar is approved, it will be posted to the Klein ISD Web site at www.kleinisd.net. This should be interesting! For example, the students who will be seniors next year will be graduating at the end of June now instead of May. Some colleges, such as U.T., are utilizing a new tool called "Early Start", which requires incoming freshman to be on campus in June/July, instead of August, to ease overcrowding. So, some students will be essentially going straight from their high school graduation to college. This isn't the only big change coming from the Texas Lege. Students who will be incoming high school freshmen next year will be required to take more math & science than previously required. This is a great idea, but the middle schools will have to step up what they're teaching now in order to get those kids ready for extra work.
  2. According to Klein ISD there will be another Bond Program in the year of 2008. As of now they still dont have all the details as of what items will be apart of the bond. I'm sure it will cover more schools, buses, ect. In the Spring of 2007 Klein ISD will have PASA conduct a district wide demagraphic study.
  3. For those who don't know about Klein Collins, It opened in 2001 under projected enrollment. Klein Collins was built to relieve Klein Oak which had around at or over 3,000 students. Klein Collins opened with 1,024 students. Now the school's enrollment is 3,175 and expected to rise. KC Administrators are comparing the enrollment to almost meeting Klein and Klein Forest Enrollments which are 3,300 and 3,500. Klein Oak is still at around 2,900 and rising. In between classes at KC, Hallways are very crowded unless you take one of many side hallways. You cant even walk down the hall without being bumped into or bumping into someone else. Not to mention Klein Collins recieved 5 T-Buildings this year for the first time ever for the overcrowding. The traffic is an issue also. KC is located on a 2 laned road (Ella Blvd) along with Schindewolf Intermediate and Kreinhop Elementary Schools. All 3 Schools are very close to each other. During the morning traffic is backed up in front of the school so bad that Spring Cypress is flooded with cars.Favel Rd coming from the back entrance of Normandy Forest is also the worst car to car. Traffic is car to car 5 minutes before the bell rings at 7:31 for 1st period to start. There are only 2 entry/exit ways out of the student parking lot, so you can only imagine what its like after school. Ella Blvd needs to be 4 lanes to accomadate 3 schools. A light also needs to be added at the intersection of Ella and Falvel in front of Schindewolf. Klein Collins is certainly gotten larger and will not get any smaller, therefore the following things need to be added to help the overcrowding issue. *Add a 4th Lunch for 07/08 school year. *Add 2 Lanes to Ella Blvd. *Add Traffic Light directly in front of Schindewolf. *Add 3rd Exit/Entry to Student Parking Lot. *Return Bus Service to Normandy Forest.
  4. Tommorrow Tuesday October 24th, 2006 Local High Schools in Harris and Montgomery Counties as well as other surrounding counties will be participating in the Area UIL Marching Band Competition. Each campus will have a specific performing time. The competition will be held at Moorehead Stadium at Conroe High School in Conroe ISD. It should really be a great event. The Klein Collins Band from Klein Collins High School in Klein ISD has a really great show this year, (Godzillia Eats Las Vegas). There use of props and visual techniques is very impressive. They also have great marching technique. I think they will advance to finals and eventually State. Klein Collins performs at 7:15 pm.
  5. Klein ISD just opened Benignus Elementary School this year, and the school is already overcrowded. The school is located in the prestigious master planned community of Windrose. The building is over 100,000 square feet and has more than 30 classrooms. The building is design to hold 850 students. Benignus has currently recieved 4 T-Buildings within the first 2 months of the school's existance. Hopefully Frank Elementary opening next school year in the master planned community of Gleanloch Farms will relieve this campus. However Frank is being built specifically to relieve Korhville Elementary which has over 1,000 students, and is the most overcrowded elementary school in the Klein ISD. Korhville also has a fleet of T-Buildings.
  6. Due to the opening of Frank Elementary located at 9225 Crescent Clover Dr., and Krimmel Intermediate located at 7070 FM 2920, Adminstration changes are as follows. Principal of Frank Elementary School -Eva Messina (Effective Jan. 07) -Transfered from Greenwood Forest Elementary -Asst/Assoc Principals TBA Principal of Krimmel Intermediate School -Scott Crowe (Effective Jan. 07) -Transfered from Hildebrandt Intermediate -Asst/Assoc Principals TBA Replacements for Hildebrandt Intermediate and Greenwood Forest Elementary Schools are currently being interviewed. Apply at www.kleinisd.net (go to link Employment)
  7. I think Klein ISD's 4 new schools are really nice. Krimmel Intermediate School which will be a redesign of the Schindewolf Intermediate floorplan will feature 177,000 sq.ft, which is 6,000 sq.ft smaller than Schindewolf. It also promotes grade level Housing which is when all 3 grade level's 4 main subject classes and administration is placed in one section of the building. Students will not have to leave their house unless they are going to an elective coures, Athletic wing, Library, or Cafeteria. The brick colors are a light pinkish and light reddish color with white stone as the trim. Key changes in the design that differ from the original Schindewolf plan is the location of the Cafeteria and Gymnasium(PE Dept.). The school sits on a big piece of land, therefore unlike Schindewolf its far back from the street. The location is at 7070 FM 2920, 1 mile west of Kuykendahl, 1 1/2 miles east of Stuebner Airline. Benignus Elementary is the nicest Elementary School that Klein ISD has built in my opinion. It is a beautiful school. It features a amphitheater in the library, flex room in each pod for small group instruction, outdoor learning space, attatched gymnasium to the main building, art and science labs, and a very modern, contemporary exterior. The same brick colors were used on Benignus that were used on Krimmel. Benignus is a 106,149 sq.ft facility, which is 2,201 sq.ft smaller than Metzler,Kreinhop, McDougle and Korhville Elementary Schools. The location is at the intersection of FM 2920 and Alvin A. Klein Rd. 1/4 mile west of Krimmel Intermediate. Vistas High School is a unique transformation from a former H-E-B Store to a School. It features 19 classrooms, 1 computer Lab, Library, Cafeteria and a 3 office administartion suite with a confrence room. Architects did a great job redesigning the front of the building so that it has a school friendly look with the flag pole entrance. The former Grocery Store contains a little over 30,000 sq.ft of space. It is located 1/4 mile east of Klein Forest High School at 12550 Bammel North Houston Rd. Frank Elementary School will be in the south part of the Gleannloch Farms Subdivision near Boudreaux Rd., 2 minutes from Korhville Elementary School. This school will also open in the 06-07 school year. The layout will be a replicate design of Benignus Elementary School with small changes such as brick colors and minor accessories. Thats my outlook on Klein ISD's 4 new schools. High School #5 will probaly be a redesign of Klein Collins High School. Who Knows? The Klein Indepentent School District is doinga great job choosing Architects. RWS Architects were used to redesign Vistas High School and Spencer Partnership Architects were used in the design phases of Benignus, Krimmel and Frank.
  8. Just got back from the HEEEEB in Klein (Louetta @ Stuebner)...theres a big black curtain up around what used to be the Cafe, floral shop and magazine area. They've got a sign up saying its being converted to a Central Market branded Cafe on the Run.
  9. story in today's chron.com I was at one of the schools mentioned in this story today, watching big double-wide trailers being trucked in. I heard that there might be as many as 30 of them, at one campus. All facilities will be shut down inside the school, including cafeteria, library, clinic, computers, everything, while the remediation takes place, which could be closer to taking the entire school year to fix. I talked with someone there and asked if they were there to work on the mold problem. He said that he was on site to do the computer removal. I commented that was good, because if he is able to take computers out of the school, that meant that the library books and equipment were not contaminated and could also be removed (to the trailers). He said that actually they did a study already and found out that the air quality inside the school (which has been SHUT DOWN for mold remediation purposes) is actually BETTER than the outside air, and that if I were him, I'd be a lot more concerned about what kind of effect the potential GRAND PARKWAY would have on air quality.... story from KHOU Nagging question: There are other schools in the Klein district that are either thirty years old also or are approaching that age. Does this mean that they may be affected also, but since no renovations were scheduled at those buildings in the last bond election, that they are in effect "time bombs" with mold, waiting to be discovered when they get approved for renovations in yet another bond election? And yet another: At the elementary schools in question, there have sometimes been one or two trailers based on attendance fluctuations. When high winds, thunderstorms with heavy rain or tornado watches were in effect, these children in these buildings were always brought into the cafeteria for shelter. If (really, when) this happens during this school year, where will these children be evacuated too? All 1,000 of them? I wonder if KISD will consider letting parents get vouchers to private schools....
  10. Klein ISD goes after land for school even though Tomball begged them to back off already.
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