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  1. I'd been curious about this chain of restaurants for a while but just hadn't created the thread. Does anyone know the background? I seem to recall other restaurants years ago with different names but the same logo and color scheme in their branding. Was wondering if they were owned by the same group or were named by franchisees or something else.
  2. Hi all, I am in the process of buying a home, and during the survey the title company informed me that my house, which is built on the property line, is built onto a five-foot easement that was given to Reliant. There is another five-foot easement adjacent to my house where the power pole and lines are. Basically my question is what is the risk to me? What could potentially happen? This is what is in the easement document: "The Easement herein granted is described as follows: A right of way for electric power distribution and connection to the townhomes constructed to include installation of service poles and overhead wiring and future maintenance and repair of said facilities."
  3. So I am trying to find new spots in the Houston area to get great footage. I am tired of flying around the house. I have 2 recommendations. What are your favorites?? 1) Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve https://goo.gl/maps/PRHDi37czvT2 Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve 20215 Chasewood Park Dr, Houston, TX 77070 2) Bear Branch Reservoir https://goo.gl/maps/N64GDYPHmaG2 Dropped Pin
  4. Hey everyone, hope you've all had a good Thanksgiving and year. Thought I'd share this video I put together recently of different shots around town taken by drone. I figured if any community would enjoy them it would be HAIF. Let me know what areas you'd like to see in the future as I plan on making this into an ongoing series! Bryan
  5. Aeros... Aeros not even a big league hockey team. Houston always get talked about, not bad, but badly. The air pollution, the traffic, bad this, and bad that. Houston never do nothing big. I say it's a death cruse. Poor Houston, but I'm a houstonain, and somewhat I love Houston. Everytime Houston do things they fail at it.
  6. https://product.costar.com/home/news/shared/1931708221?utm_source=costar&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=costar-market-newsletter&utm_content=p1 Thanks to Hines, we get them before the rest of Texas. But only 5 stories due to building codes.
  7. One of my favorite backdrops / photo spots is the Sabine Street Bridge...I've shot a few videos there and taken some pics there as well because I like the background image. Even used this shot as a header image on my site. Houston has to have one of the best skylines in the US (and probably the most overlooked). And I've always been a fan of the symbolism imposed by bridges so any time I can combine our skyline with a great bridge, I love it. I like how it has some great color contrasts with the green trees and the urban-esque (is that a word) skyline. It's just a great spot for photos and videos (except for the passing car noise). What other bridges are picturesque in Houston? I need more photo locations.
  8. We are Gay couple moving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Houston. We have 3 boys (4-5-8 years old) two are black. I'm Native American and my husband is European. What do you all think about The Woodlands & Spring Texas for a place to buy a home and settle down? Do you all think that those two areas are nice, safe or open minded and tolerant? ---Travis & Stephen travisbernard.hunt@gmail.com
  9. I know this probably asked a lot, but that makes this more necessary, plus I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I am looking for a spot to get a shot of the Houston skyline, but from the east, one that captures St. Joseph's in the shot. I want one where it's safe to shoot, or at least somewhat safe, where I don't have to worry too much about having a decent camera. I know everyone says to shoot from the opposite side, like where Eleanor Tinsley park is, but I personally want one with a shot of the hospital in it. Also, maybe one that doesn't have too much rundown scenery around it. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  10. KVVV-LD (KVVV 15.3) recently unveiled in July of 2016 "Howdy Philippines" on Pinoy Houston TV. If anyone has seen the show, tell me what y'all think ? This is Episode 34: with Sheryn Regis & Cheryl Piccio hosting.
  11. From HOK's 2016 design annual cover on ISSUU. https://issuu.com/hoknetwork/docs/2016_design_annual_issuu
  12. Im watching FOX's pre SuperBowl coverage in Houston. They had an animated segment around 1pm that talked about the history of football in Houston. When discribing some game event they showed an obvious illustration of the Dallas skyline and showing "how Houston was devastated after they lost the game" and the skyline was torn in half. But it was the Dallas skyline. HAHA Sorry I don't have a vid. For us architecture snobs this is a huge faux pas. People in the north think we are the same city. I KNOW Houston must be offended.
  13. Looks like another Houston TV reporter is going to the DFW Metroplex. Mike McGuff of mikemcguff.com reported that Kevin Reece is leaving KHOU-TV CBS 11 Houston & heading to WFAA-TV 8 Dallas/Fort Worth. Thoughts on Reece leaving KHOU-TV in the light of the new News Director aggressively making changes. http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2016/07/kevin-reece-leaves-khou-11-for-wfaa-8.html?m=1 Any thoughts on Reece becoming the upteenth Houston TV Reporter/Anchor bailing to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex ? A.) Like it B.) Not surprised about the move considering the recent house-cleaning at KHOU-TV
  14. The Houston street car book has route maps, but I wasn't able to find a copy at Brazos. I haven't tried the library yet. I can buy a copy directly from the author but it's a bit pricey. Does anyone have a map of the original routes? Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Co. Electric Interurban Railway Streetcar Map from the Stone & Webster Management Association, 1922, and 1923.
  15. Hello All, My name is Jasonand I am new to this group and am happy I finally found what looks to be a group that appreciates Houston and its architecture! Ihave been photographing Houston for years and have been quite obssesed with some of the buildings and architecture in our great city. Please leave any critiques or comments you wish on any of my work, it is all appreciated!!! More of my current work can be seen at http://www.roeckerphotography.com/#!/index/G0000inRtIh8lEJI
  16. I took this a few weeks ago. It was raining off and on all day, I decided to test my luck with a long exposure and I was pretty impressed with the outcome! Canon T2i 18-55mm f8 30sec exposure ISO 100 heres a link to my Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/32411159@N05/15978858013/
  17. Well, the title speaks for itself. Here's my list: 1. Uptown (looking to the east from the SW Freeway, uptown looks very impressive. Especially with all of the cranes) 2. DT - from 45 SE of DT 3. TMC from 610 4. Energy Corridor 5. The Woodlands 6. Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby.
  18. http://blog.chron.com/thehighwayman/2014/10/despite-complaints-houston-best-texas-city-for-transit-access/
  19. I remember a few years back when Houston reached 6 million. How long until we reach 7 million? (especially with the ongoing boom our city is seeing.) Also, does anyone know what the current population of Houston is?
  20. I found this interesting. At $1.2 Billion, the Texans rank as the #13 most valuable sports team in the world. #1 is Manchester United, followed by Real Madrid, the Yankees and the Cowboys. http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mli45ikdf/13-houston-texans-2/
  21. Maybe this kind of question has already been asked before, but just curious to see what architects some of you really like and what you want them to do for Houston. By the way this is anywhere! Houston, Texas, USA, the world. You could even split it up into dream architects and ones you think could be possible if that helps some of you xD. What are some top architecture firms that you like? What are some up in coming architecture firms/ architects on your radar? What architect/firm would you really like to design buildings in Houston? If this firm did design something, what would you like them to design? (from a single building to even a full community) (this can be new construction, adaptive reuse, preservation, or redevelopment) Where would you want this design to be located in Houston?
  22. I can't find the article, but it looks like White is going to dig deep into the TIRZs. I heard Uptown TIRZ is a goner. I think this is a good thing. Charles LeBlanc and the Midtown TIRZ handled a lot of money, and all we got were some steet lights and park benches. Now that they are in place, I think the money could be better spent elsewhere.
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