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  1. Via Chron.com's Fort Bend Blog: Here is additional information I received from Jim Hunt at TxDOT re: construction work on 59. Hope it helps! US 59/Grand Parkway Signalized Intersection: The new 59 and Grand Parkway frontage road intersection is expected to open by the end of this month. The new frontage roads will parallel the 59 main lanes. Grand Parkway frontage roads will be divided as they intersect 59, similar to the Grand Parkway signal intersections north of the 59 interchange This is expected to significantly enhance mobility. As for the Brazos River, construction is tentatively planned to be complete by next May so you were right in estimating a year. In two weeks (April 18-20), TxDOT will open two additional 59 northbound mainlanes and two additional 59 southbound mainlanes crossing the river. At that point, existing bridges crossing the river will operate as frontage road bridges. Some ramps will need to be closed and adjusted but officials will try to minimize closures by making these switches during the late night hours. By April 21, Greatwood residents leaving their neighborhood via Riverbrook will be able to access the 59 northbound frontage road and cross over the Brazos River or take the Brazos River Turn-A-Round. Motorists coming from 99, FM 2759, Greatwood, etc. who desire to proceed north onto the 59 mainlanes, will travel the northbound frontage road, crossing the river, and access a new entrance ramp onto 59 prior to University Boulevard. As construction continues, the state will construct a permanent 59 northbound entrance ramp just south of the Brazos River, which will serve motorists coming from Grand Parkway and Greatwood. When this ramp opens, motorists on the 59 northbound frontage road coming from Grand Parkway or Greatwood can enter the freeway prior to the river, or stay on the frontage road and enter prior to University Boulevard. This ramp is estimated to be open to the public by the end of 2008. I'll plan to post brief updates when these dates come up or the work is complete.
  2. Oasis Medical Office under construction - 6/6/2006 (Stafford) - Oasis Medical Campus at 11929 West Airport Boulevard in Stafford announced that the Oasis Medical Office Building is now under construction. The nine-story $61 million, 193,000-square-foot medical office building is located on West Airport Boulevard near Kirkwood Boulevard, Highway 59, and the Sam Houston Tollway. [Fort Bend Star] http://www.fortbendstar.com/bj0606/Oasis%2...onstruction.htm
  3. I've noticed the traffic is even worse in the past 2 weeks when they actually widened the lanes between First colony before the Grand Parkway exit. It goes to 4 lanes after First Colony before going back to 2 lanes about a mile before the Grand Parkway exit. Isn't traffic suppose to be better? In the past with the construction, it has been 2 lanes and the traffic was at least moving smoother and faster, but with the temporary 4 lanes, it has gotten worse. F*** up big time!! Gee, i wonder when people start moving into the Telfair area, how much worse it will be. Bad times ahead!!
  4. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a coffee shop close by the belt and 59 that is open by 9:00am, and is condusive to having a small (2 to 3 people) meeting? (i.e. has small tables) I am looking for a place for tommorrow morning, to meet with a potential vendor. Time is tight for them and I am going to meet with them rather than they come to me - to avoid them traveling to my office that is farther away from them. Thanks!! -2112
  5. A while ago I noticed there was some construction on Greenbriar and the 59 access road. Last time I drove by, it seemed a lot bigger than I originally thought it would be. Does anybody know what is going on there? I believe it's approximately here.
  6. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/pea...ws/5032052.html
  7. Does anybody know what they are starting to construct on 59 and 6? Is that Whole Foods or part of the strip?
  8. http://www.click2houston.com/news/12403099/detail.html This is a big part of what is making our city so dangerous (immigrant smuggling), besides poverty and the drug trade. They need to put these ****ers in jail. If Houston wasn't secretly in support of illegal immigration, maybe we'd have a safer SW side. By allowing illegals to stay here, you have immigrant smugglers everywhere. They store like 50 people in one house at a time as if they were animals. There's no telling how many illegals are in Houston if you can fit that many into a single house. You can't even cross the street in your own city now without being hit by stray bullets from immigrant smugglers in the middle of the day. Of course, this story will just get swept under the rug just like all the others that should be inciting people to action, but in this P.C. city, nobody seems to care. Unless our leaders and law enforcement take a stand to gut the city of illegals and immigrant smuggling, I'm moving to a city that respects the laws, national sovereignty, and human rights.
  9. Tried to turn into the Chic-Fil-A at Hwy 6 & 59 (outside the mall) early this morning and there were dumpsters all over the parking lot. The sign was gone and it looked like they were gutting the place. Anyone know what's going on there? There was ALWAYS a huge drive-through line, so I can't imagine there was a lack of business. I need my Biscuit & Diet Dr Pepper fix in the morning! Hope they're just renovating... but it looked much worse than that!
  10. Guest

    The 59

    I'm sure a lot of you have driven the newly re-opened, under-constuction Southwest Fwy. northbound. It looks like it's going to be a great stretch of freeway. Below grade, more chrome bridges, extensively landscaped soundwalls. On the other hand, the Eastex portion is your basic concrete pig. Just wondering out loud, will all freeways in the future be redone with this much attention to aesthetics or is this just an example of Montrose and the Museum District's clout as opposed to the hoods that the Eastex runs through?
  11. GlobeSt.com EXCLUSIVE: $75M-Plus Retail Project Will Rise on 48-Acre Buy By Connie Gore Last updated: January 6, 2006 08:09am SUGAR LAND, TX-Eastbourne Investments and Wellington Development Co. get the last undeveloped corner at the crossroads of US Highway 59 and Grand Parkway. The plan is to break ground in Q1 2007 on a 384,000-sf power center. http://www.globest.com/news/448_448/houston/141737-1.html
  12. Has anyone noticed the new construction going on as you're driving on 59 south of Downtown? I went over and checked it out and it going to be a townhome complex called Zomper Outlook at 3408 St. Emanuel st. alongside the freeway. Here's the link to the website but you'll have to do a search to see it. Interesting that they're marketing it as Midtown. It was inevitable that someone made the first move. There are a lot of decaying buildings in that immediate area east of Dowling and, if they sell quickly and with the nice view, it could trigger a dozer frenzy.
  13. EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the December 10, 2004 print edition Group pays $24.5 million for Arena complex with rowdy past Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal A local partnership has purchased the Arena Towers and Arena Theatre with plans to increase the occupancy rates by making significant capital improvements in the properties with a checkered history. Fred Schiller is general partner in the Arena Group, which bought the two office towers and circular theater from Miami-based Lennar Partners for roughly $24.5 million. The acquisition includes two 19-story buildings, each with approximately 390,000 square feet of space; a 2,850-seat live performance theater; and two nine-story parking garages with a total of 2,200 spaces. The properties are located on the Southwest Freeway at Fondren. The performance venue had been leased and operated for many years by H'Town Arena, which stopped leasing the facility days before the sale closed. Officials with the former theater operator could not be reached for comment. "We're currently in negotiations with several major national venue operators who are very interested in leasing it," Schiller says. The Class B office space in the two towers is approximately 70 percent occupied, with several large call centers as tenants. PM Realty Group has been replaced by Transwestern Commercial Services in leasing and management of the property. Leasing will be handled by Michele Ellis-Felder and Clint Bawcom. Coincidentally, Ellis-Felder used to lease the property roughly 12 years ago. She says finding tenants will be much easier now because construction on the Southwest Freeway has been completed and the buildings were renovated six years ago. "There's just a whole new feel and look to the property," she says. Towers of Powers The office buildings were developed in the early 1980s by Mel Powers. They were constructed next to the theater, which was originally built in 1965. Powers grabbed a lot of attention at the time by building a personal penthouse on top of one of the office towers. Later, when the project went into foreclosure, he tried to homestead the whole tower as a residence. "It was a pretty celebrated case," recalls Robert Williamson of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, who with Jeff Hollinden represented Lennar Partners on the sale. "This is a very storied project. He (Powers) was a very flamboyant developer," Williamson says. New owner Schiller plans to spend an undisclosed but "significant" amount on further upgrading the appearance and functionality of the buildings. "I'm very bullish on this area of town," Schiller says. "It's undergoing some major revitalization right now. I think it's an unbeatable location." Lennar Partners had spent the last couple of years making improvements to the property as well, says Williamson of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler. "We had incredible interest for the buildings," says Williamson, of the recent marketing push. "There was tremendous upside available to the buyer." Tucker Knight of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, who arranged financing for the buyer, says lenders also saw an upside even though the buildings did not have superior cash flow. Citigroup Global Markets Inc. arranged a loan for 80 percent of the cost, and the buyer got a very low interest rate, he says. "This building could be a home run for the current ownership," says Knight. jdawson@bizjournals.com • 713-960-5935
  14. I am new to this forum. I recently found out about a new loft development called Live Oak Lofts, located east of hwy 59 off of Polk. Has anyone seen or heard anything about them? I am not even sure if the renovations are finished. They seem relatively affordable, but this could be because of the east side location. From the photos they seem like this will be a pretty nice place!
  15. Anybody know of any 20s, 30s or 40s subdivisions still in tact out in the direction of the SW freeway? Preferably inside the belt. I'm switching to a new job at Greenway Plaza, and since I haven't bought a house yet, I thought I'd look for something out that direction instead, and I really like 20s/30s/40s houses. Oh yeah....I don't want to spend any more than $150k
  16. Does anyone know what is going on at the Fluor Daniels site at HWY 6 and 59? if anyone knows facts about the site, please post. Thanks. Juniper
  17. Does anyone have details of what is going in here? I am talking about the land adjacent to the evil CVS. This was once home to the Westheimer Trucking Company I believe. Just wondering.
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