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  1. So, splitting off from this topic which was before the Albertsons/Safeway merger--the facts are laid out... - If what Swamplot said was true, the Houston division of Safeway doesn't exist anymore and was merged with Dallas (former Tom Thumb). - Randalls and Albertsons are now under a common ownership. - A new Albertsons did open in Denham Springs, LA a few years ago. - In its 15 or so years under Safeway, the Randalls name has gotten tainted, but is irredeemable? What I want to know is, do you think that a grocery store under the Albertsons name (a former Randalls) would work in Houston, even as a single Randalls test trial? Do you think that the new company can turn around the Randalls name? Or do you think they should cut their losses and dump the Houston market entirely whether by selling Randalls to private investors or divesting the stores?
  2. Does anyone go to CM’s Hatch Chili Festival, or anyone else’s? This is the first year we have done so. Hatch peppers only come out once a year for about two weeks at the end of August. We normally buy about 15 or so pounds of them and roast them on the grill. This year we bought a whole case, and CM roasted them on the spot in a large drum with a propane burner. I love Hatch peppers, and Michelle makes a great Green Chili Stew with them. It is chock full of melt-your-mouth goodness! Any other Hatch lovers out there. Anyone going to Central Market this weekend, or next?
  3. Now I've just remembered something else from my days in Houston over 40 years ago. I recall us stopping by a convenience store chain called "U-Tote-Um." The sign was an indian totem pole. Does anyone else out there remember those stores? LeRoy Melcher / Melcher Investments. Are there any popular chain convenience stores over there in Houston? If there are, what are their names? There are some Racetrac's over here. I looked up their website. It said that there are also some over in the Houston area. I saw an article in the Houston Chronicle that said that the Diamond Shamock stores in Houston are changing their names to Valero. I don't know if the ones over here will do that or not. When I last saw them, they were still Diamond Shamrock. Chet Cuccia
  4. I have a few things to ask about some of the past grocery stores in the Houston area (didn't want to start a million new threads). 1) Did the "Hydroponic Garden" Fiesta have any fast foods or any other alcove shops inside? They had space for it, and did include a bank. 2) 2900 Shepherd was the home to Houston's first Whole Foods, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore address-wise. Did PetSmart absorb it, or was it where PetSmart is now? When did it move out? 3) What was Jamail's? I heard it was a fancy grocery store, and they even opened the first grocery stores in The Woodlands (they sold out in the late 1980s or early 1990s). Any more stories on that? 4) What exactly did Safeway change when they took over Randalls and caused it fall out of favor with Houstonians? 5) I heard that the Albertsons in the Houston division had garden centers. What was with that? Were they real garden centers, or just offer lawn furniture, a few flowers, and some misc. bags of mulch, like some H-E-B? Thanks!
  5. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/retail/german-grocer-lidl-wants-in-on-houstons-hot-market-71253
  6. OK, one of the things I'm trying to find out more is about the murky history of Handy Andy in Houston. A bit of backstory is that the San Antonio supermarket built several supermarkets which were acquired by Randalls, and in the mid-1980s these became Flagship stores (including a small expansion at least for the Voss store) per an article I have somewhere. So far, history seems to check out. The remains of Handy Andy in San Antonio and surrounding areas were bought up by Arlan's Market a few years back, but in the day, things were different. The article goes onto mention that Handy Andy was weakened considerably when they went and built gourmet style stores in Houston in 1979 and lost millions. However, Randalls, according to this article, only bought four, those four being originally stores 11 through 14, 14610 Memorial Drive, 5219 West FM 1960, 1407 South Voss Road, and 9660 Westheimer Road. The Voss store closed a few years back and was torn down for a Whole Foods while the Westheimer store was torn down for a new replacement Randalls. The other two still are in their original buildings. But what happened to the other five? Unless the article was wrong, there are five other stores completely unaccounted for. The stores have a common distinctive building design that can be seen from Google Earth even on the lower resolution older shots, though you can see that as of the 1978 shot (either December 1978 or December 1977, Google Earth isn't entirely sure itself) the Handy Andy stores are open. Even if they got the date wrong, would they really overestimate the number of stores in Houston by five?
  7. Does anyone know what the Foodarama at 5665 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77096 was originally built as? I've tried checking HCAD but there's no listing for the building, just the whole shopping center which doesn't help.
  8. Anyone know the name of the store that used to reside on Southmore and Strawberry? Across from fingers? My mom recalls working a lubys and going to buy peppers when the delivary was late. It later turned into a Wal-Greens Which i assumed moved from Pasadena Town Square. Walgreens moved down the street to Burke and southmore but the building is still there. Also anyone know what the deal is with the old foodlion on Strawberry and cherrybrook? Looks like Sellers Bros owns it.
  9. houstonmacbro has added a photo to the pool: View the full article
  10. What did it used to be? I heard it used to be a Sacco Bros., but I don't know. It looks like it's been Sellers since at least the late 1990s.
  11. Howdy folks! So there's currently a grocery store at 9520 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77065. It is presently a Food Town, but is document as previously operating as Food Lion #1311. (Btw here's the list of Food Lions I've found so far.) Checking out HCAD I noticed that the property was purchased in 1992 from Safeway of all companies! Checking out historic imagery on Google Earth I found that there was a grocery store across the street which turned out to be a Randalls built in '85, now an HEB. There wasn't anything on the corner that Safeway owned however. So the question is, does anyone know if Safeway ever built there? The earliest images of any help are from 1989. So it's possible that a store was built after the image and torn down for Food Lion, or even remodeled. An interesting side-note is that this property was owned by Safeway long after Apple Tree had taken over.
  12. The four gas stations at the corner of Gessner and Long Point are down to two self serve. No longer do you drive up and three guys in uniform come running out, cleaning you windshield, checking your tires, oil, etc. Gas was 27 cents. 'Give me 50 cents worth of regular...Yes Sir!', which is why they were called 'service stations'. The Henke & Pilot supermarket corner of Gessner and Long Point was first place in Houston to have an automatic door openers activated by the black rubber floor mats at the entry. The building is still there but is now an Hispanic market.
  13. Passing down Yale Street this afternoon, I noticed that Happy Land has closed and is up for sale. For those unfamiliar with Happy Land, it was one of the last Superette's, if not THE last one, in Houston. Where I was raised in the Heights, we had Tony's on E. 20th, and Van's on Aurora, both within walking distance of the house. For those unfamiliar with a superette, they were small, grocery/convenience stores (for the lack of a better term) that typically had your basic grocery items, auto supplies, household goods and a meat counter. What really killed the Superette in Houston? Convenient stores can't be the culprit as U-Totem, Baby Giant, and 7-11 all existed alongside the Superettes of Houston. These used to be everywhere, now they are nearly a mere page in Houston's history.
  14. A close look at the sign shows more detail than I remember on later signs.
  15. The new store will be built at the corner of Scott and Corder. There will be a community meeting at Cullen Middle School on June 17th at 6:30pm so residents can provide input on grocery selections and meet the owner of Pyburn's. From what I've heard, the store will be 20,000 sq. ft. I don't know how large your average Houston grocery store is, but I know Pyburn's will be a welcome addition to the area, which is considered a food desert. This will be Pyburn's third location, with the others being on Almeda near BW8 and the other on Fondren near W. Airport. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Long-Awaited-Grocery-Store-to-Open-in-District-D.html?soid=1116213273384&aid=A9OqJ70ka5w
  16. Is a new grocery store called Aldi coming to Houston? Metroplex (Dallas Fort Worth getting them first) http://www.star-telegram.com/news/story/157129.html They look like CVS or Walgreens to me (on the outside).
  17. I'm a bit surprised that of all the defunct Houston grocery stores that are discussed (Albertsons, Safeway, AppleTree, Food Lion), I've never seen Winn-Dixie on that list. Maybe it was because it was a reliably "southern" store and never entered Houston's market because it was too crowded (it entered Dallas-Fort Worth, Bryan-College Station, and Waco, and some of those stores lasted until 2002). Perhaps it entered the suburbs, but I've never seen anything in Chron articles to indicate so... Anyone know whether they did or didn't, and if not, why not?
  18. Not sure when it happened, but the Rice Epicurean is closed on San Felipe across from the Blvd Place development. http://www.chron.com/business/article/Rice-Epicurean-to-close-four-stores-to-make-way-4036730.php
  19. houstonmacbro has added a photo to the pool: Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  20. It looks like Sprouts Farmers Market, which is like a smaller Whole Foods or Central Market, or a slightly larger Trader Joes, is being built at the corner of Cinco Ranch Blvd and Peek. Reviews make it sound like they have pretty good pricing on produce, meats and deli items like sandwiches, and a pretty good bulk selection. I wouldn't have guessed a store like that would be built at that location.
  21. Has anybody heard anything on the grocery store that is to open on the first floor of One Park Place? I see the large section being worked on everyday.
  22. Got curious and wanted to know if any one knows the history on FIESTA Market? I was talking to my mother earlier and she was grumbling about HEB parking across the street from the one near her. She doesn't shop there much, but she thought it was rude. Anyway it made me wonder about Fiesta's history. Also I hear they might die out. Though I am not a big fan, I would still hate to see it die. The chain is such a big part of Houston. At least in my opinion I feel it is. My guess is it came out of the 50's or 60's (I could see 70's, but somehow that seems to young. Maybe that is just me). So let the stories, pics, article links and all the other fun things flow!!!
  23. Fire seems to be located to the exterior of the Kirby store for now. The store has been evacuated.
  24. Basics: Fiesta, Fiesta Beverage, Kroger Signature, HEB Pantry @WTCJ, Valero @W16th, Supercuts, Heights Uptown Cleaners (Porchman does not iron), Chase (ok...modestly better than my matress) Not so basics: Wind Water Gallery (good source for last minute gifts in variety of price ranges), Penzeys (things are better with fresh spice), La Michoacana @ W 14th (sometimes Porchman doesn't want to drive - hem- or can't to get staples or tacos) .
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