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  1. I was reading the newspaper Southwestern Times dated April 22, 1948 and came across a business advertisement for Guthrie's Grocery located at 6900 Stella Link Rd. Very cool find!! Love the mom & pop grocery market stores. Now everything is dominated by the "big 3" - HEB, Randall's and Krogers. I believe Walmart's Neighborhood Market is also a big industry player, but they don't have grocery stores on every block like HEB does. Free Delivery - at - Guthrie's Grocery "Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer" 6900 Stella Link Rd. Phone - M. 2-0147 Monday Through Saturday - 7:30 A.M. to 8 P.M. Sundays - 1 A.M. to 1 P.M.
  2. I understand that Lewis & Coker ran grocery stores next to Kmart and they disappeared a long time ago, but how were they? Were they any good, did they go out of business or bought up, and when did this all happen? It seems that L&C were all gone by the late 1980s.
  3. I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated December 23, 1948 and came across this cool grocery/market store called South Main Food Market located at 8020 South Main Street near the present-day Texas Medical Center. Very cool history here!! I never knew about this market. Fireworks - Quality Fireworks of All Kinds * Special Prices Plenty of Parking Space * Ask about the Bicycle! South Main Food Market 8020 South Main Slightly different ad from December 16, 1948:
  4. Anyone know about this grocery store market Brand's Super Market located at 3249 Dixie Drive? This would have been in the 1940s. Near where present-day Levit Green is! It's across highway 288. November 21, 1946: Our New Store . . . will open its doors in the near future . . . Watch for the announcement! Brandt's Super Market Sonny Brandt, Owner. 3249 Dixie Drive "When you think of food remember Brandts"
  5. Does anyone remember Jamail's Grocery Store? I think it was on Kirby. My brother used to work there in the late 80s/early 90s when he was a student at Lamar.
  6. June 16, 1927. Was this the same family that ran Jim Jamail And Sons Food Market At 3114 Kirby? Maybe their decedents because wasn't there a 50 year gap between the stores? This was the original Jamails then! Spring Vegetables Every Day in the Year J. Jamail & Bro. with the A.B.C. Store 2802 Main Street No Matter Where It Grows We Have It Phone Hadley 1597. After doing some more research, they had 4 stores in total: 1905 - Houston City Market 1927 - 2802 Main 1946 - Shepherd 1967 - Kirby Nageeb “Jim” Jamail, the founding father of the store, began selling produce to the carriage trade from the stalls of Houston’s old City Market in 1905, a time when Houston City Hall was on the second floor of the market. He made his reputation selling the freshest, choicest produce at fair, if not inexpensive, prices. Before World War I, he had expanded his business to include leasing produce stands in the new chain stores. Then, in 1946, when his three sons Joe, Albert, and Harry came home from the war they opened a store on Montrose, which offered a little friendly competition to some of their relatives, the Jamail Brothers Food Market on Shepherd. By 1959, their own growth and that of Houston (Southwest Freeway was plotted to run right through their doors) forced them to move. They then built the Kirby Drive building, which they enlarged in 1967, and are in the process of enlarging again. Bellaire resident Joe Jamail, 93, has vivid memories of the Jamail family grocery business:
  7. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated June 27, 1917 and found this advertisement for Jake Freedman Watermelons At 900 and 902 Commerce St. Jake Freedman is Headquarters for Watermelons. In car lots or less. Hotels, Cafes, and Watermelon Gardens our Specialty. Cold Storage in connection. Phone Preston 1453. or call 900 and 902 Commerce St.
  8. From The Houston Post dated February 3, 1926: $50,000 Loss in Kenedy Fire. The dry goods store of Jake Freeman located on Main street, was destroyed by a fire Saturday night. The conflagration being the most disastrous to occur here since the destruction of the Breeden-Runge Co. warehouse six or eight years ago. The brick building, the property of Ira Hinton of Oakville was completely gutted by the fire. Mr. Freedman had only recently competed taking invoice and he computes his loss at between $42,000 and $45,000. The building, which had a front of 60 feet on Main street, was conservatively valued at $12,000 with only $4,000 in insurance carried by Mr. Hinton. Mr. Freedman had insurance to the amount of $35,000. Only the bare walls of the building are left standing, Kenedy Advance.
  9. I was browsing the publication The Texan dated January 22, 1986 and came across this business listing for Super Serv Grocery Stores. They were known for their Triangle Stores. I can see their triangle slogan " Service, Economy, Quality". Anyone know the history of this food market? I know HAIF has some "Grocery Historians". I saw someone mention one location was on S. Post Oak at S. Main. I know their is a Fiesta Market at that corner now. Same location?
  10. I was looking at old Houston grocery stores and noticed this cool little market stand. I wonder where it was located? I wonder what date?
  11. As reported in the Chronicle: (link) It seems excessive, but then I feared this would happen when I watched all the customers head to HEB.
  12. I was browsing the newspaper The Jewish Herald-Voice dated April 11, 1974 and came across this small Kosher market and deli. Called Goodman Foods located at 9224 Buffalo Speedway. Phone: 667-7711. Looks like this is the current site of the town home community called Pemberton Circle? Also across the street is that new senior living complex called The Tradition Buffalo Speedway located at 9339 Buffalo Speedway. Did anyone ever go here? Or knew about it before the demolition? Was this in a small strip center by any chance? This was demolished to make way for residential, so I assume it took out something fairly large. - If it's kosher, we have it - Under supervision of Houston Rashruth Association.
  13. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated June 22, 1966 and came across a business ad for Riley's Super Market located at 3851 Bellaire Blvd. Did anyone ever shop here? I'd love to hear some memories. Who exactly ran this store? What ever happened to it? Did it go under or was it merged with a bigger grocer?
  14. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated June 22, 1966 and came across a business listing for D&K Dis-Kount Gorcery Store located at 3634 Bellaire Blvd. Did anyone ever shop here?
  15. I was browsing the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated January 19, 1950 and came across this business ad for J.M.H. Supermarket No. 3 located at 6204 College (at Milton) West University Place. J.M. Huffington, left, of J.M.H. Supermarkets, and Archer Romero, prominent agriculturist and feed expert and secretary of the Houston Fat Stock Show, examine some of the chemically-wrapped minerals used in the feeding program at Huffington Ranch. From the The Bellaire Citizen dated March 9, 1950. Showing cowboys on the Huffington Ranch.
  16. Commerce Street was considered the wholesale produce center of Houston. Pictured here are trucks backed up to the Grocers Supply Company in 1929 waiting to shuttle produce to local markets. Noticed this amazing photograph in a historical Houston book. Houston in the 1920s and 1930s.
  17. I was browsing The Southwest Citizen dated December 9, 1948 and noticed a full page ad for Huffington's Food Market located at 3642 University Blvd. Did anyone happen to shop here? I'd love to hear some stories.
  18. This newspaper clipping was in my grandma's treasures I inherited. She has probably 100 clippings. Even if it were friends of a friend, she meticulously cut them out and kept in envelopes. This is board of directors for Lucky 7 Supermarkets. She would have known Mr. Trahan whose store was in Denver Harbor and she knew of the Pasternaks who had Garden Villas Supermarket. My great aunt on my mom's side. Angie Runnels was the demonstration lady there. She and Mr. Aaron were partners in other ventures. She originally had the Jet Coffee Shop in Municipal Airport and their last venture was a catering company for the oil company jets. A box lunch with fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits & a slice of pie or cake. Her last job without Pasternak partnering was greeter at McDonald's on 610W & Fannin. She was in her 90s & legally blind. She lived to be 101.
  19. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated December 9, 1948 and came across a business listing for Midget Market located on Kirby Dr. At Sunset Blvd. Did anyone do their grocery shopping here? I'd be interested in any knowledge, or stories. I love all the small, independent grocers. Now days there are 3 big brands that dominate and HEB is on every corner. Very cool building too! Anyone happen to know the architect?
  20. I was browsing The Bellaire Texan dated December 9, 1948 and noticed a business ad for Guy H. GIbbs Bellaire Drive-In Grocery Store located at 204 N. Rice Ave. Very cool! I've never even heard of this. Anyone recall memories here? Looks like they had another location (possibly including delivery services) at 5104 Cedar Street. "Guy H. Gibbs Your Bellaire Grocer"
  21. I was browsing The Southwest Citizen dated June 15, 1950 and noticed a full page ad for Piggly Wiggly located at 6612 South Main St. Additional stores are as follows: Store number 1 - 6615 So. Main Store number 2 - 75th and Lawndale Store number 3 - 7101 Ave. H Store number 4 - ? Store number 5 - 5620 Telephone Rd. Store number 6 - 3145 Southmore Blvd. I love these prices too. Wild to look at the differences between 1950 and today.
  22. I was browsing Ebay for TMC stuff and came across this matchbook for an old drive-in called Dryden Drive-In located at 1818 Dryden Rd. Groceries - Beer - Ice Cream - Crushed Ice. I've never heard of this place. Was it located in the retail strip center (or shopping center) that was located across from the Medical Towers? Is there a date to this business? 1960s I would assume?
  23. Does anyone have a photo of Weingarten's grocery store showing their sign?
  24. There use to be an old corner store on the corner of 16th St. and Rutland. it was there in the 60's for srue up until the early to mid 80's. Does anyone remember the name of it? https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7997751,-95.4013851,3a,41y,219.03h,100.21t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s9jE2WKv4b7KfPEj_G9FTxg!2e0!5s20071101T000000!7i3328!8i1664
  25. I'm curious of former Safeway/AppleTree Markets in Houston. I'm pretty sure that Safeway did take some of the older Weingarten's locations (1955 list of Weingarten's locations found here). The only one I'm 99% sure of is the Little York location (northeast corner of 290 and Little York)--it looks similar to an old Safeway/AppleTree location in Bryan, and I'm sure it was both a Safeway and AppleTree at one point. Anyone have more information?
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