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  1. This one at 17 Stories. It's a different one than Trammell Crow announced last month at Eldredge and I-10. If all the proposed Energy Corridor buildings get started - there are going to be more cranes than in the Galleria. http://fuelfix.com/blog/2012/05/18/new-tower-to-energize-west-houston/
  2. Jacobs Plaza to break ground in the Energy Corridor http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2013/08/pm-realty-to-break-ground-energy.html I can't recall if there is a thread to this if aso please merge
  3. Well, the title speaks for itself. Here's my list: 1. Uptown (looking to the east from the SW Freeway, uptown looks very impressive. Especially with all of the cranes) 2. DT - from 45 SE of DT 3. TMC from 610 4. Energy Corridor 5. The Woodlands 6. Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby.
  4. I have a question: With all the office buildings going up in the Energy Corridor do you guys foresee the development of a skyline that would rival Uptown or TMC?
  5. Link. Basically, the Addicks Dam subdivision, which has two streets of Interstate 10 in the middle of the Energy Corridor (been there since the '50s) has been totally bought and will be cleared. Personally, I think this is a great thing, as they finally got everyone to agree on a buyout (as their land value has shot up, and by extension, taxes), plus Park Row can connect to Dairy Ashford. location here if interested. I think it's been too long, as the area has suffered poor access since the Katy Freeway widening. Prior to this, Red Haw and Blackhaw were connected to a two way road (this two way road ended just west of Blackhaw), and the two way road connected back to Eldridge. The railroad was on the south side of this road, and beyond that, the westbound frontage road. After the widening, this little access road went away and was replaced by the new westbound frontage road, so they'd have to drive a mile and a half out of their way to get in and out. So if they wanted to go to eastbound Interstate 10, instead of going east to Eldridge, they now had to go all the way to Highway 6, make a u-turn at the turnaround lane, and then go back.
  6. http://bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/04/two-more-hotels-to-rise-in-the-energy-corridor.html
  7. Another large EC project, along Beltway 8 & Clay Road... http://issuu.com/swrmarketing/docs/final_book_print_21914 http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Spring-Branch-neighborhood-concerned-about-loss-4606113.php#/9
  8. 5-floor, 288 units http://www.meekspartners.com/aura-energy-corridor?c=T24tVGhlLUJvYXJkcw==
  9. Noticed a couple of days ago that excavation was done about a block West of Dairy Ashford. Looks to be about two acres. Anybody have a clue as to what's going up?
  10. What area of Houston would be a potential candidate for the next Houston Skyline ? Right now we have 7 skylines. Downtown, Uptown/Galleria, Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, Memorial/Energy Corridor, Westchase, and Greenspoint. I was thinking the Northwest/290 Skyline, the area around Tidwell and Hollister Rd. It has a few mid-rise buildings and definitely alot of commerce around that area. Another maybe forming is The Woodlands/Spring Skyline with the new ExxonMobil Campus being built on the northside and the buildings in The Woodlands Town Center. I'm sure there are other areas around town for consideration. Maybe not having zoning in Houston is a good idea cause if all these business centers were together it would be a traffic nightmare !
  11. Designed by HKS. From the HBJ: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2012/06/atwood-oceanics-kick-starts-office.html?ana=e_du_pub&s=article_du&ed=2012-06-21 Looks like this will finally get started with construction in August, 2012.
  12. Eldridge Oaks II Will be constructed in Houston's Energy Corridor.
  13. Here is a new development in the energy corridor. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2012/09/developer-launches-energy-corridor-office-project/
  14. I happened to be driving around today and noticed a new crane up along I10 at West Lake Park Blvd (south side of I10). Does anyone happen to know what's going up there?
  15. Sarnoff's Link I figured it was far along enough that it will deserve its own thread.
  16. I couldn't find a thread on this elsewhere on HAIF, but as usual it's probably out there somewhere. Eldridge Oaks (Eldridge Parkway at Enclave Parkway) has been announced to have two office towers. The first tower is supposed to be finished in Fall 2009 with 350,000 square feet. Anyone want to guess how many stories that is?
  17. Lean times for Metro it seems as the winter service "improvements" consist of just two changes instead of dozens. We do get a new route out of the deal though; the 75 - Energy Corridor Connector. I'm not one to lob accusations and give myself undue credit; but several years back I sent in a proposal (one of literally hundreds) for a 75 - Eldridge Crosstown which had it's southern terminus in Alief and it's northen terminus at Willowbrook Mall. It seems what Metro has done with this new route is lopped off the southern and northen portions (particularly the segment along Highway 6 from Addicks P&R to Willowbrook) of my old route and combined it with a route proposed by Peter Wang on the Metro blog which was also called the Energy Corridor Connector with similar routing to the northern portion of this new route. Oh well, a new route, even if built off of other people's ideas is better than nothing. I looked at the scheduling and wow, there are going to be ALOT of empty buses. There are two buses that run five minutes apart in the morning. The midday frequency is set at 10 minute intervals compared to the chronically overcrowded 82 - Westheimer which has midday intervals of 45 minutes. Well, at least they're not putting in new service and running it at 60 minute intervals in the heat of the summer and hoping for the best. The second change for next week is the scheduled running time adjustment of the 402 - Bellaire Quickline where six minutes will be lopped off for quicker trips. The six minutes is lost between the TMC and Bellaire Transit Centers, the portion of the route where it was anything but quick. Thanks Metro. EDIT: A look at the Energy Connector route http://www.ridemetro.org/SchedulesMaps/Pdfs/ServiceChanges/075energycorridor.pdf
  18. I'm surprised that there isn't much more information about this new building. Unfortunately, I was not allowed on the grounds to take photos yet, as the building was not open yet. I did manage to take a couple of pics from the feeder road.
  19. Anyone know anything else about this? Ziegler Cooper - Eldridge Energy Center
  20. I noticed that most of the buildings in the Energy Corridor in and around Eldridge Parkway are not on your site's building database... Just wanted to post a few photos showing some Cabot Oil and Gas Sysco Tower Foster Wheeler SBM Atlantia
  21. Halliburton Co. will move from its offices in downtown Houston and build a 16-story tower in the Energy Corridor under a sweeping plan to consolidate its local operations at two redeveloped office parks by 2012, the company said Friday. The oil-field services giant, now with five facilities in the area, will relocate 5,200 local employees to the two campuses but is not planning layoffs as part of the move, a company spokeswoman said. However, the company recently said it laid off an undisclosed number of workers amid a downturn in oil and gas drilling activity. Rivals Schlumberger and Baker Hughes have done the same. Under the new plan, Halliburton
  22. This article should become entirely viewable within a few days, but to hit what is known at the moment... This building is slated to be 275k-300k Square feet (I'd guess 12-15 floors?) and should begin construction in Spring of 2008 within Eldridge Place, a pair of office buildings 12 & 14 stories tall. The article made the developer, Behringer Harvard Real Estate Investments, seem tight-lipped as there was little else to be mentioned at the moment. More should be forthcoming when the project gets underway.
  23. Article in the Chronicle that Technip USA going to build a new tower out there. Here's da' link. apparently, they are interested in consolidating all the workers that are up and down I-10.....at least that will reduce SOME traffic. I've always wondered what would have happened if those buildings would have been put in Downtown instead. not that 17 story's is a big building...but I would imagine it would have been bigger if it was built in DT.
  24. just noticed a new crane on south side of I10 in between park10 and hwy. right next to the enterprise rentacar http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...&iwloc=addr didnt see a sign, anyone know what it is?
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