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  1. I noticed on Saturday that something was going up Downtown at Pease and Chenevert. Anybody know anything about this?
  2. Keystone #9C 1120 Texas $1,850 / month (all utilities included) Come to Keystone Lofts and find Downtown Houston living at its finest! Located on the corner of San Jacinto and Texas, the Keystone Lofts are centrally located in Downtown Houston, putting you in walking distance from all of your favorite attractions. Wood floors flow throughout the unit, complete with exposed ductwork, beam ceilings and large light-filled windows with views that stretch past Minute Maid Stadium. Just off the spacious living room, the kitchen comes complete with breakfast bar, granite counter tops, under-mount lighting, stainless appliances and plenty of storage. A three quarters wall separates the guest bedroom / office from the master suite that features a unique concrete column and large walk-in closet with built-in storage and a full length mirror. The bathroom features beautiful porcelain tile floor and tile surround, a granite countertop with room with vanity area and a shower / Jacuzzi tub combination. This unit is in walking distance to all of Downtown Houston's attractions including the YMCA for a workout or swim, the Discovery Green Park, Minute Maid Stadium, The Flying Saucer, the Theater District and the Houston Pavillions. click here for more information 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath 1,405 sq.ft. / HCAD
  3. I'm a student there, planning to graduate in May 2009. Everyone in Houston knows where UHD is and doesn't get it confused with UH. It's been that way for 35 yrs, why does an outsider (Renu Khator) all of a sudden feel the need to change it? http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/hei...ws/5953919.html
  4. HEADQUARTERS Quantum will move to Houston Oil and gas investment firm Quantum Resources Management will move its headquarters from Denver to Houston with the naming of Alan Smith as president and CEO. He replaced Donald Wolf, who will serve as chairman. Smith was a managing partner of Quantum
  5. It looks like the landscaping has been installed around the new parking garage at Bagby and Allen Parkway, so I am wondering if there won't be any additional work done on the design or facade of the structure? I read that a Heritage Plaza parking garage design received an architecture prize, but obviously what now exists isn't distinguished. A few months ago, I saw a contemporary, organic-looking grid piece that was probably 20 feet square hoisted up to the 3rd or 4th floor. Obviously, the grid was taken down and wasn't put back up, but it sure would be an improvement over what we see now. Anyone with a better clue out there?
  6. Southeast corner; has been vacant for several years (was the site of the notorious French Quarter theater.) Lot was fenced in a month or so ago, and dirt is being moved now. Also, holes have been punched in the side of the parking garage just east of this lot (Elgin @ Milam, former parking for High Fashion Fabrics.) Any info on what's being built?
  7. The Shamrock Tower project on Main Street has been in the works for quite some time. Last I heard, groundbreaking was supposed to be mid to late August, 2004. Anyone see any dirt moved? Any updates on this project?
  8. I found a rendering of the renovation of Harris County Annex 45 at 3701 Kirby. It looks awesome. Anyone know if this is actually going to happen? map: http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&...1&encType=1
  9. Does anyone know why their are no windows on huge portions of the building, leaving an almost blank wall looking at it from I-45 S. I'm sure there's equipment in there but has anyone ever been inside or known someone who has? I've wondered about this for years.
  10. I found this in the Houston Compilation thread at SSP and I was trying to find out of anyone may have any knowledge on the project. Looks like it is located at Texas and Main. Found under Multi Family residential http://www.kobikarp.com/site/
  11. Here's the link, but I am not a subscriber so it only gives a summary. Any of you HAIFers have more info? New tower(s) coming soon to CBD
  12. Driving by the Doubletree, I noticed that there was a whole bunch of marking going on on the street. This caught my attention by the fact that the parking lot across from the Doubletree has been closed off. As I casually asked a very bored supervisor he told me they were getting ready to put in a new tunnel to the Lot and that there was some construction going to happen. Are they building a new Garage or has something else slipped under the radar? Wasn't this supposed to be the location for the Orion?
  13. I looked up the Hyatt Regency hotel on Orbitz.com. I saw the one in Houston and the one in Dallas. The picture of the one in Dallas looked huge, so I thought it was bigger than the one in Houston. But a co-worker of mine told me that both hotels are about the same size. She said that she stayed in both of them. The only picture of the one I saw in Houston just showed the front entrance. That's what made me think it was smaller than Big Ds. Have any of you ever stayed in one or both of those hotels?
  14. Tried searching for something on this and came up blank so I assume this should be a new topic. Morris Architects lists a Cathedral Gateway Project which supposedly is 2.6 million SF of mixed use T.O.D including some residential. Google maps shows this would erase 2.5 blocks of surface parking, but it also shows a substantial garage between the old Sacred Heart and the Metro Bldg that might go too. No idea how updated their website is or what the potential is for his project being realized.
  15. Obviously this is proposed. http://www.powersbrown.com/projects/urban/downtown.htm Who commissions architects to do these visionary projects? Is it something they just make up in hopes that a developer will see and take hold of?
  16. Friday night, I drove past the Houston International Festival and I saw a construction project that I wasn't sure that I had seen on this board... maybe it's somewhere else and not in the going up section? Well, it's already at about 3 stories and the construction/real estate/etc. company is Holder. Anyone have a clue about what I'm talking about? It looks like a big project whatever it is. Edit: I think it may have been at the corner of Mckinney Steet and Smith Street. Oh.. nevermind. This must be the 300 Block Louisiana project in the Houston Downtown forum. Nevermind! Can a mod please close this?
  17. Centerpoint Energy Plaza Is this normally lit like this every night with all those lights!!! Ive never seen that before
  18. Rooftop pool This has always been one of my favorite buildings downtown. When it opened in 1962 it was the first downtown hotel since 1929, so it was a big enough deal that the Chronicle ran a special supplement about it. Famous guests included Jack Ruby and the Beatles during their only visit to Houston in 1965. Beatles press conference from the Sheraton-Lincoln: Fans spying: The hotel closed in 1986 but the office section of the building remained open for a while after that. The Hyatt Regency bought the building for expansion in 1998 and planned to connect it to the Hyatt with a skybridge. They got as far as gutting the Sheraton interior to remove asbestos, but the expansion fell through because of the weak economy. It has been a vacant shell ever since.
  19. I'm sure many of you will agree that the Houston pavilions suffered a major blow when the developer decided to pull out the residential portion of this project due to financial reasons. The residential portion would have at least guaranteed that someone would have to been there 24/7 and if reasonably priced may have attracted the type of resident downtown Houston desperately needs. This would have really made this project as a true mixed use center for that side of downtown and created synergy. Knowing that the residential portion will not be included we have to wonder- How will the Houston Pavilions fare? Will it be an entertainment and restaurant Mecca as envisioned by the developers or will it be Bayou Place South and face sparse crowds at certain hours? WHY IT WILL SUCCEED 1) Disco Green - This is going to be a blessing for this part of downtown and the day crowd around the park may lead to the night crowd frequenting the Pavilions a few blocks away. The question that remains to be answered will be how consistently will this occur? 2) Metro Rail- The location of the Pavilions is along the rail line and this is a great location for the current line and those heading to the Pavilions from the future rail extensions. 3)Lunch Time Crowd- The lunch time crowd in both the neighboring skyscrapers and the office component of the project will sustain the success of the restaurants at lunch time Monday through Friday. Hopefully, the trend here will not be like almost all of the rest of downtown- restaurants will have limited hours and very short hours on the weekends. 4) Houston House Apartments- News of a developer intending to spruce up the Houston House may be good for the Pavilions. The more reasonably priced housing near this project the better. 5) Future Development- This portion of downtown has plenty of room to grow and if designed intelligently this area could grow into a nice neighborhood and the Pavilions could definitely be a big part of it. WHY IT WILL FAIL 1)No Residences. As stated before this will have a HUGE impact on the project and having so many people anchored to the project because they lived there would have turned this from a place you visit to a place where you call home. All of the tenants would have benefited from this in some way. 2)Location -Let's face it. the location as it currently stands is not the safest and most inviting spot in downtown. 3) One Park Place -True we are getting a new residential tower in close proximity to the project but I don't think a luxury apartment will have a significant impact on it. I doubt the resident of a second home 6,000 square foot penthouse in downtown Houston would be someone who contributes to the downtown Houston night life of the Pavilions on a frequent basis. 4)Houston Shops- This is a great parallel for the Pavilions. It involves restaurants, retail, is close to many offices and is very busy during the weekday lunch hour but is DEAD come late afternoon. Even the fronts facing the street are dead after 5. Of course the pavilions will have more of an entertainment flavor to it as Bayou Place does but will it be enough? 5) Not enough destination retail.- Do any of the tenants really excite anyone? Some of the restaurant and dining tenants are unique but again the Bayou Place also has unique dining and entertainment options and that has not reshaped that part of downtown as it should. Of course I would love to see the Houston Pavilions become a huge success, spur development, and fuel an renewed interest in downtown never seen before but I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here. What do you guys think?
  20. Found this blurb in the HBJ. Who's got the skinny? Luxury Hotel Additional downtown optimism in the Chron. Bureau
  21. UHD will celebrate opening of Shea Street Building (Nov. 6, 2007, Houston, Texas) The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) will celebrate the newest building for the university and the new home of the College of Business. A ceremony will take place at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 320 N. Main St. Parking is available at North Main and Naylor streets. The new four-story building at the corner of North Main and Shea streets is home of the UH-Downtown College of Business. It combines high-tech classrooms, computer labs and lecture halls in 132,000 square feet of space. With an adjoining multi-story parking garage on its three-acre site, the building features a glass-enclosed entrance that provides stunning views of UHD
  22. It is one of H-town's icons harkening back to the 70's oil boom days. Its cousins reside in Chicago and New Orleans. Thirty years of architectural technology and tastes could see this icon (which sits at the forefront of Houston's popular skyline) reclad. How would you reclad it? WOULD you even touch it at all? Would you add storeys? All glass? Different colored granite, marble etc.? Add a spire or incorporate the antenna into a spire? What would you do?Me? I would like to see it clad in dark, almost black panels. (the color of Penzoil) Then i would add a golden-tinged bracing on the four corners running up the sides to make a pryramid bracing effect at the top which towered over the skyscraper for about 100 ft. (bracing effect, no an actual solid pyramid) I would put a golden dome inside the Pyramid-brace and that would house a restaurant and night club. Then i would add a golden spire to the top which rose another 100 ft. I wish i knew how to download pix. onto this to show you it is not as hideous as it sounds. I was going with the them of "Golden Coast" (or Third Coast) which is a buzzword for the TX coastal regions these days. Anyway, i know this would give it a more Arabic look, but in my own drawings, it looks pretty cool. Any suggestions on 1. How could i download the pix. to show what i mean? 2. What would be your ideas for a reclad? 3. Have i committed a sacreledge to even suggest tampering with One Shell's facade?m. B)uhhh.........sorry it is a Friday.......this topic is in the WRONG place. I stil want to post it......but i will find a more appropriate place. Sorry, sorry, sorry. We broke out the JD at lunch. > m.
  23. ToolMan

    Downtown TIRZ

    I recieved this email. This is your chance to give your opinions on what downtown needs. http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=U26QRV7JZMRK We need your help! The Houston Downtown Management District is collecting feedback to help us with marketing, programming and leasing efforts. Your input will help us identify components of a downtown lifestyle and determine what is authentic and great about downtown and also what is missing! We hope you will take a few moments from your busy day and complete the following questions. All responses are completely CONFIDENTIAL, so please answer each question openly and honestly. The survey may take up to 10-15 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, survey respondents are eligible to win Downtown Gift Cards that can be used at over 75 participating downtown businesses ranging from Treebeards to Macy
  24. These are a couple of HDR pictures I took. The one with the full moon was a full moon night but I digitally added in the moon because it was in the wrong location.
  25. Seems as if the team that just bought the old Enron Tower have big plans for Houston... http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...23/story13.html
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