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Found 17 results

  1. Less than a year after closing for business, the former Willowisp Country Club and golf course in Missouri City has been purchased by real estate giant Trammell Crow Co. for development of a massive commercial business park. The 168 acres that are occupied by the shuttered country club and 18-hole golf course, which closed on Dec. 31, 2006 after almost 50 years in business, will developed into Lakeview Business Park. The park will eventually encompass 2.5 million square feet of industrial and commercial space. I found another location of Willowisp Country Club in March 13, 1966. Located at 13003 Settegast. Was this the original location or just another building in the 168-acres?
  2. Who remembers the Golfcrest Country Club, off of Long Drive, before they moved to Pearland...? Home of a lot of famous Houston golf matches.
  3. Houston Country Club sure does have a lot of permitted work. I see permits for 1 Potomac Dr. almost daily. https://www.houstoncc.com/
  4. Looks like the county may be buying out Raveneaux country club and turning it into a giant detention pond complex. I would think they could reuse the clubhouse somehow, it's a real landmark for the area. Still over 200 acres remaining that you can cover with detention ponds, and then the clubhouse probably won't flood anymore. Lots of upset residents. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Raveneaux-Golf-Club-Country-Houston-Champ-Forest-14990502.php
  5. My high school senior picnic was at the Humble Country Club. I'm trying to find out where it was located, but can't find any information. Does anyone know about it?
  6. Bounded by South Main, Willowbend, and Stella Link. It went almost to O'Meara on the north. It was called South Main Golf Club. By the time I got to Houston in 1968 it was a nine hole course, but each hole had two distinct tee boxes so you could play 18 holes that were different. It lasted, in a shrinking footprint, into some time in the 90s or early 00s. Edit: On October 16, 1957 the place was known as Briarwood Country Club: On February 22, 1961 the place was known as South Main Golf Center:
  7. Does any one have any old pictures/postcards, etc. of the original Golfcrest Country Club? I know it was over off of Telephone Road and a stadium was built where it used to stand. At the back of the school property is what appears to be the old original club house. If you look past the abuse, neglect and a few insensitive alterations, there appears to be a once elegant 1920's style Spanish club house with tile roof accents, stucco walls and palladium windows. I would love to see a pic of what that looked like in its hey-day. If I get by there I will try to remember to bring my camera and get a pic of the building.
  8. From the HBJ: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2011/04/21/hotel-slated-for-former-imperial-sugar.html?ed=2011-04-21&s=article_du&ana=e_du_pub
  9. I finally got some of my boxes of old books unpacked. I came across a 1941 Directory for the Houston Country Club back when it was still located on Wayside. It had a couple of interesting old pictures of the club in it. I stopped by over there. What appears to be that mantle is in one of the snack shop rooms, under about 15 coats of paint. I don't know if that is the original location or not. Very little else is recognizable from these photos.
  10. It's been gone for several months and since then the land work has been pretty active but no signs of any type have gone up. Does anyone know what is coming?
  11. I'm in the process of looking for a house, and one of the neighborhoods I'm looking in is Country Club Place. I really like the scenic surroundings of the golf course and the convent, and the neighborhood seems really well-kept. However, I'm a bit leary of the apartment complexes on the north side of the neighborhood. Is there very much crime associated with these apartments? If so, does this affect the adjacent neighborhood? Perhaps one of you "East End-ers" could fill me in on some more information about this area. Thanks.
  12. edit: we found our players. thank you! The University of Houston's Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) is having its annual Golf Tournament this Monday, the 31st at the Kingwood Country Club. There will be roughly 360 players from local corporations and area businesses. The tournament is a shotgun start/scramble. There will be an open driving range, drinks provided throughout the day, boxed lunch, a nice dinner, golf giveaways, a silent auction, a raffle, and many more goodies. Winners of the tournament will receive special prizes. I am a student in PES and I am trying to get a team together. No, there is no cost to you. You just drive out and bring your clubs. It's a great opportunity for golf lovers or businesspeople looking to network. If you are interested, send me a message. There is a registration sheet that must be completed for anyone who is interested. Details: Event Information: Monday March 31st , 2008 360 players total (90 teams of 4) 8:00 AM
  13. The Red Barn was indeed a Par 3 9 hole course--although I'm thinking it probably didn't make it out of the '70's the way development hit in that area. One that didn't make out of the '60's was the BraeBurn Driving range on the NE corner of Bissonet & Fondren--The B&B Sandwich Shoppe was in front of it. Anyone else remember it?
  14. Anyone members of any country clubs in Katy? I'm looking into joining one to network and brush up on my golf. I know there is Willow Fork and Falcon Point. I think Meadowbrook Farms has a semi-private club membership. Any other clubs in/around Katy? Also, what are the approximate membership costs?
  15. Rumors that Raveneaux Country Club is being re-developed with a new conference center and clubhouse. Old clubhouse mansion to be torn down and 9-holes (out of the original 36 hole golf course) to be developed into luxury patio or townhomes. Anyone know anything about this? There's also a hi-rise development planned called Chateaux Raveneaux (see model below), spearheaded by the original developer of Champion Forest, Don Hand: http://www.modelshop.bc.ca/porty2/file/3000/3022/3022-1.htm Here's another look from the developer's website. It appears to differ from the model above with 3 separate towers, rather than one big one: http://www.tkvw.com/chateaux/ http://www.chateauxraveneaux.com/floorplan...k_elevation.pdf
  16. Does anyone have experience with the golf/country clubs in the area? Our neighborhood is associated with Meadow Brook Farms Golf Club, but while we love the course we wished it had more non-golf facilities and services. We have friends that like Pecan Grove (Sugar Land area) but wanted to get other opinions...
  17. The people of River Oaks don't see it as racism; they are trying to carry on the traditions of their ancestors. For many years they have held the Annual Old South Plantation Ball at the River Oaks Country Club complete with elaborate period costumes and carriage rides through the neighborhood. Attendies number to several hundreds of the most prominent families in Houston and Texas including former govoners and congressmen. Funds raised went to the Old South Plantation Confederate Museum southwest of town. These types of events have become far less publicized in the past few years and have relocated to the private plantation homes near Houston but the spirit certainly lives on. Cassius Clay/Ali was persuaded not to buy in River Oaks. That practice still occurrs today to all types of people. In '94, I considered a River Oaks home priced in the "terrible twos". You could get a small home on a decent street in the low $200,000's at the time. The River Oaks specialist agent suggested I would be happier in West University Place. I had a similar but even more unpleasant experience attempting to see the mod at North Parkwood at Del Rio in Riverside Terrace. The black realtor would not return my calls until I reconfigured my name to sound black. I finally got through but he was really upset and said the house was sold even though it continued to remain on the market for a year. The place was extremely decayed, suffering from massive roof leaks and eroded structure. Almost every house in the area suffers from tremendous neglect and decay. The ones that have been redone have been ruined and have about as much character as a patched up twenty year old mid-grade apartment.
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