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  1. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated May 7, 1969 and came across this business ad for 1500 Club located at 10230 South Post Oak At Bellfort. The magazine had a ton of their ads, maybe a total of 10. Sounds like a wild and crazy place. Did anyone ever go there during the 1960's? Any stories or pictures to share? This was before the MacRobert Chevrolet Dealership and Belden's Supermarket? Or was 1500 Club located on opposite side of the freeway?
  2. I was browsing The Rice Thresher magazine dated September 14, 1964 and noticed this business listing for Starlite Ballroom located at 9810 South Main St. How awesome! I'd love to hear more about this place. Was this event/club called something previously? C.L. And The Pictures Also Bobby Blackmon And The Blue Orbits. October 1, 1964
  3. I was browsing The Rice Thresher magazine dated March 4, 1948 and noticed this business listing. Anyone remember this place? Was this the place where the owner created a pool inside where the drunks would dive for their keys? Music the Danceable Way John Sullivan his Trumpet and Orchestra featuring Kathy Owens Jack Meyring
  4. I was just reading Rice University's The Thresher magazine dated January 11, 1945 and came across this business advertisement. Arthur Long (Formerly manager of the Plantation) Invites you to be his guest at the Halong Club - 8100 South Main Street (Opposite Prince's) New Oak Dance Floor - The finest music - now featuring Jack Rodman & His Orchestra 8100 South Main has a history of being a dance/music club. It was right where South Main splits with Old Spanish Trl, the Y configuration. - Halong Club - Hitching Post Club - Texas Corral (Palladium Club) Also, Arthur Long was a former manager of Plantation Club. Where exactly is that club? I thought I read it was located in an outside tent? HAIF has the addresses of 9101 South Main and another at 10200 South Main. I thought it was closer to the 7000 block of South Main?
  5. Saw this September 10, 1985 ad for The Caribana Club located at 8220 W. Bellfort Ave. Live reggae, mellow atmosphere, laid-back dancing. A touch of Jamaica in Houston. Anyone recall this night club?
  6. I was browing Ebay for TMC stuff and came across this matchbook for Hector's Club located at At 6500 South Main St. Did anyone ever go here? Can we date this?
  7. I was searching EBay for TMC stuff and I noticed some old matchbooks from The Doctor's Club. I researched this club through case law text. The club was involved in a lawsuit due to not paying taxes, or something about club fees. A shorty brief from the TMC library: The Doctors' Club began in 1954 as a social club for doctors and dentists and their families at The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The Doctor's Club also hosted medical lectures and various medical groups. The Doctor's Club closed in 2005. https://archives.library.tmc.edu/the-doctors-club Open Corporates indicates the registered address at the time of formation was 1133 MD Anderson Blvd. The law case text indicates the club was housed in the Texas Medical Center Library. I thought the address (as of 2022) was 1133 John Freeman Blvd. https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_tx/0012005201 A short brief from leagle: Plaintiff leases space on the third floor of the Jesse H. Jones Library Building in the Texas Medical Center. The physical facilities of the club consist of a main dining room with wings that can be used separately, a lounge and bar, kitchen, and manager's office. On the same floor of the Library Building, outside plaintiff's premises, are an auditorium seating approximately 600 persons, two small conference rooms and restroom facilities. Plaintiff's hours are from 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. with two exceptions. It is open until midnight on Saturdays and is closed on Tuesdays. Plaintiff serves lunch each day, except Sundays, between the hours of 11 A. M. and 2 P. M. Dinner may be ordered until 9:15 P. M. A member's family and guests are permitted to use plaintiff's facilities. https://www.leagle.com/decision/1960335183fsupp1521308 Now onto the cool matches!
  8. I was reading more of that local Southwestern Times Houston magazine. The issue was dated Thursday, April 25, 1946 and I saw a business listing for "Old Main" Dancing located One Block South of Bellaire Blvd. on Old Main St. Road. Does anyone know anything about this place? Very cool find! Never heard of it before.
  9. I was reading back issues of University of Houston's The EXtra magazine which was dated June 16, 1948. I came across this local business listing for a cocktail lounge called Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge which was located at 5704 Almeda Rd. LY-9235. Looks like a year later in 1949 the lounge was renamed to Abe and Johnny Jamil's Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge. I thought Abe Jamail owned another club in Southwest Houston. Was it in Midtown on South Main or on Buffalo Speedway? Does anyone remember this place? Any memories or stories? June 16, 1948. October 19, 1949. Here's some history from Fieldtripper: http://www.fieldtripper.com/c/6NDyb1a79qM/the-congo-jungle Located at 5704 Almeda Road, the Congo Jungle was one of Houston’s hot nightspots between 1946 and 1962. It featured live music every night and a jungle motif complete with palm trees and waitresses outfitted in leopard print dresses. Abe Jamail, Texas’s most highly decorated World War II veteran, owned and operated the club along with his brother, John.
  10. While browsing old issues of The Rice Thresher dated January 27, 1984 I noticed a business ad for The Dome Theater & Club at 2525 Murworth Dr. 666-9846. The business listing reads: Dance to Calypso, Soca & Reggae. Island Weekend A Johnny Nash production featuring the Yard Band International Drinks 4 for 1, 5-8 pm Friday and Saturday. Has anyone ever been here during the 1980s? Share your memories and stories! Was this club by the same people who started Dome Shadows Night Club at 9218 Buffalo Speedway?
  11. Does anyone remember the Ribald Club back in the 70's off Buffalo Speedway??
  12. 2320 Crocker St. the old Paraiso Mexican restaurant for years then converted to "Tequila Joe's" is now 2.0 a dance club. The poor guys that converted it to Tequila Joe's about 2 weeks before the first covid shutdown and then reopened. I tried it once and it was worth me trying again. I especially liked their warm black bean dip given with the chips.
  13. FB Friday I'm In Love: Numbers Nightclub Documentary is asking if anyone can recall the person on the far left (circa 1981-1982). Please response to the FB page
  14. Someone recently brought to my attention a bar or game room type place called Grandaddie's in the 60's or 70's. Apparently this was located on Memorial Drive in between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford roughly where the Kroger is currently located. Not sure if this location is accurate but would love to know more.
  15. My high school senior picnic was at the Humble Country Club. I'm trying to find out where it was located, but can't find any information. Does anyone know about it?
  16. Club Nomadic, a roaming 62,500-square-foot nightclub, broke ground Nov. 29 ahead of the Super Bowl. It will be located north of Washington Avenue at the Sawyers Yard art district. The three-level entertainment center will host events Feb. 2-4 at 2121 Edwards St., including a Bruno Mars concert Feb. 3, according to a release.
  17. The diamond cut stainless steel cladding on the portico has been removed and is being replaced. This building, which is the undisputed heavyweight champion of ugly exteriors facades in the entire Main Street Market Square entertainment district, was previously Club Heat and Club Spade's. This is the final remaining retail space on the east side of the 500 block, and if it is indeed being worked on would leave only three spaces left on Main without a known active project.
  18. When I was a young woman in the late 60s to mid 70s we used to frequent a country western bar and dance hall called Champions Ballroom. It was located on then Hwy. 149 now called 249. The address was 14005 W. Montgomery Rd. Looking at Google maps it would have been right where the Firestone tire store and the Lone Star Title Loan store is located. When you view it from above you can see the remainder of a concrete slab behind and between the two stores. That is what is left of the dance hall area. There was a lot of parking area in the front of the building. Are there any older kickers out there they used to haunt this place or possible remember it? I have many fond memories from that era.
  19. My magazine has decided to start a Lost Houston History column, one of the topics I was given was Louis Dickerson, owner of Club Matinee, the Crystal Hotel, Checkered Cab (name unverified), and two of the largest underground casinos in Houston. I'm looking for any information on Club Matinee and Dickerson himself (Texas Monthly had his name as Dixon). Matinee was apparently one of the greatest blues clubs ever, rivalling the legendary Cotton Club. Dickerson according to some was the man that ran the 5th Ward, even having the police chief on his payroll according to some cops. I can't find anything hard or fast, being Houston kind of expect that, so I'm searching around. Are there any pictures of Club Matinee's famous Anchor Room, I've got a huge list of top names in blues that performed but no further information. Also looking to see if he was the godfather of the fifth ward or was that fanciful elaboration from witnesses. His death and the downspiral of the 5th Ward seem to be linked, but that could just be coincidence as well.
  20. Does anyone remember the panamerican ballroom? Where it was and when they closed down.
  21. 'Subdude'..you went to my HS. I think you may have graduated either with me or a year earlier. There was a Roxy on W. Alabama behind the Galleria. There was once a Rocksy in Highland Village on Westiemer. It was where I think Williams Sonoma is now. I use to frequent that place in 1981 to 1983. I recall when I saw a person come in and dance wearing a black suit and wearing a shiny sequined glove. Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" had just come out. The end of new wave was nearly over. I had heard that Rocksy was known as "Spats" (??) during the late 70's disco days? Rocksy was small, but it had a great light show that rattled with the music. Music such as: The B-52's, Billy Idol, Soft Cell, Z Rocks (local), all were played there from the DJ. I had heard that the "Dead Kennedys" played "the Island" on S. Main (under US 59) a lot back then.
  22. Does anyone remember a club called Yellow Rose in Houston in the 1980's? It was a country/western club.
  23. Where exactly was this place. Reason I'm asking is happened to watch Urban Cowboy earlier today and curious to know where this Cowboy nightclub was and was the Post Oak Ranch it's former location? I have found in filming locations on 80s rewind and IMDb only to say it was off of the west loop near the Galleria. Thanks in advance for any info
  24. This is from a Press Release today about the old Esquire Ballroom on Hempstead Hwy... Former Historic Houston Dance Hall Restored and Becomes Texas' Largest LGBT Country and Western Venue HOUSTON - The once thriving ballroom and concert venue known as the Esquire Ballroom is now Neon Boots Dancehall and Saloon. Built in 1955 by Raymond Proske, the Esquire was home to many well known act of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Most notable is Willie Nelson, where he was offered a job by house performer Larry Butler after Nelson asked him to listen to a few songs he had wrote including one called "Crazy." Nelson, desperate for money offered the songs for $10 each. Butler knowing that these songs were "too good" instead offered Nelson a $50 loan and job performing with his band. One night during his commute from Pasadena to The Esquire, Nelson wrote the song "Night Life" about working at the bar. Another well know performer was Patsy Cline, in fact the Broadway musical "Always...Patsy Cline" takes part in the historical bar when she had a chance encounter with a fan and it chronicles her evening with the fan when Cline fears she may not be able to fill the ballroom with a large crowd. Many other infamous acts performed at the club including, George Jones, Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves and many more. Neon Boots has set aside a separate bar dedicated to this history called the Esquire Room. The room showcases various performers and Esquire memorabilia. Since the Esquire closed in 1995, it has been several other ventures and bars that have come and gone. The new owners have completely restored the building and upgraded its features. The new dancehall will feature a huge dance floor and performance stage, six bar stations, table service, expansive outdoor area with deck and patio. The owners also anticipate installing a mechanical bull, sand volleyball court and horse shoes for outside in the yard. Neon Boots is proudly Gay owned and operated and will serve a special niche in the Houston LGBT community that was lost after the Brazos River Bottom in Midtown shut its doors after 30 years. "When the BRB closed down, everyone was without a place to go and all of our friends and BRB family were without a place to meet and have fun together," says Jim Moore, a partner in Neon Boots. "There was definitely a void in our lives. Soon after there was a Facebook page that was called Orphans of the BRB." Boots will be the largest Gay bar in Houston at over 10,000 square feet, the bar is also the largest gar bar of its genre in Texas. A far cry from the Brazos River Bottom. Debbie Diane, another partner, says "the goal isn't to recreate the BRB, but rather get our country and western dance-friends reunited back in a fitting new home." The club hopes to be a destination bar is advertising in Dallas, Austin and New Orleans. Neon Boots will have its Grand Opening Weekend August 22 through 25 with Saturday the 24th expected to be the big night. This Thursday, August 15 at 7PM Neon Boots will host a private party by invitation only until 11PM. All members of the media are invited as well, just show your media credentials at the door and take a look around. About RRJJJD, Limited Liability Company d/b/a Neon Boots: Neon Boots is Texas' largest LGBT country and western dance hall, bar and concert venue. Neon Boots strives to serve a niche in the Houston LGBT by providing a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone interested in country and western music, dance and lifestyle. While Neon Boots is Gay owned and operated, we welcome all people regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or beliefs. When visiting Neon Boots please respect other peoples lifestyles and as always drink responsibly. #END#
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