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  1. http://www.vaughnconstruction.com/news/2018/03/02/st.-anne-catholic-community-selects-vaughn-for-campus-addition https://www.saintanne.org/documents/parish/72-road-map-for-growth-master-plan/file https://www.saintanne.org/news-events/349-construction-corner
  2. I assumed there already was a topic on this magnificent Romanesque style church? This link gives good detail of it's beginning's to present. http://www.abcsoffaith.com/artchurch/annuncc.htm Been attending since childhood and although it has had fairly recent restorations it is in need once again. Can't help but notice the signs of rain coming through and paint peeling. You must take a tour one day to really appreciate it's grandeur. The narrow stairs leading to the pipe organ are a something else. You must study the intricate detail of the stain glass windows throughout and the gothic furnishings within. I could wonder in this place for hours examining every detail in the interiors. Nicholas J Clayton - famed prominent Victorian Architect would be proud to see that it still stands today. http://www.travelphotobase.com/s/TXXNC.HTM Simply Magnifico!
  3. First Presbyterian Church of Houston Main @ Binz Organized March 31 (Easter Sunday), 1839, in Senate Chamber, Capitol of Republic of Texas, Main at Texas, by the Rev. Wm. Youel Allen, missionary from the United States, and eleven members. James Burke was elected ruling elder. Services of worship and a Sunday School (begun on May 13, 1838) continued in Capitol while church building was being erected on site (NW corner, Main and Capitol) given by the Allen family which had founded Houston. This church was the first house of worship completed in Houston. Dedicated on Feb. 13, 1842, it was used for meeting of other denominations and groups. Here the House of Representatives met in summer of 1842, and President Sam Houston addressed a joint session of Congress. Thus the congregation repaid the Republic's hospitality of 1838-1839. Original church burned 1862; a brick structure was built in 1867, and served until the erection of a large stone edifice, Main at McKinney, 1894. Fire destroyed part of that building in 1932. The present church was occupied in 1948 and dedicated Sept. 12, 1954. Through the years, this church body has furnished many outstanding leaders to the businesses and professions of state and nation.
  4. It's been around since the 1950s. Definitely a modern style. Has it been renovated since its construction?
  5. pinemikey has added a photo to the pool: Short panorama of this little church nestled alongside San Felipe Plaza View the full article
  6. http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Houston-s-First-Baptist-to-acquire-space-downtown-10980424.php#photo-9773078
  7. I'm getting married in May and am on the hunt for a small historic chapel in the city of Houston, similar to St. John Church in Sam Houston Heritage park. I heard Addicks United Methodist would fit the bill, but it's a ways out. On the corner of Beltway 8 and Westheimer there's an old looking chapel, but am not sure what it's called or if it's in operation. Can anyone provide recommendations?
  8. Patrick Feller has added a photo to the pool: While the church is 130 years old, the white domed stuccoed sanctuary was designed by architect Frederick Booker. A fire in 1994 resulted in the roof being replaced with the current geodesic dome. View the full article
  9. Patrick Feller has added a photo to the pool: 2623 Eastex Freeway View the full article
  10. Iggy & StarCat has added a photo to the pool: Walking by, couldn't resist the soft light from live oaks that still have their leaves. View the full article
  11. Healing Waters Church (11th and Harvard) is now gone. I looked up the sale transactions on the County Clerk's site. There was a total of five lots owned by the church. They sold lot 5 and half of lot 4 to individuals, and it's subject to a $1.4 million loan, presumably for construction and lot purchase. The remaining property was sold to Harvard Heights, LP, subject to a $2.2 million loan. The lots do not appear to be part of the Historic District, so the new owners can do as they wish, presumably. I haven't driven by the house being built on the South end, but it looks pretty large from 11th. Any ideas on what's going to be built on the other lots?
  12. saw the portion of one of subdude's previous community posts (included below) interested in what future the structure has and what caused the fire? rode my bike past the bethel baptist and saw some work being done... << An early-morning fire gutted historic Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, 801 Andrews, in the Fourth Ward on Monday January 24. The church, built in two stages in 1923 and 1949, was the home to one of Houston
  13. My mother in law recently moved to the Heights area and I'm trying to help her find a new church home. She's a senior citizen and I'm looking for a church for her that has an active senior's group that goes on trips, goes out to eat together, etc. She's open to just about any religion except Catholic. We've tried a few already and the congregations seemed really small. We were looking for a mid-size congregation for her. Small enough for her to get involved but large enough that she can find a variety of friends. Thanks for any recommendations.
  14. I grew up attending Magnolia Christian Church on Broadway. It was a very old church with a lot of character. What happened to it? I drove down that way not long ago to show my husband where I use to go to church and it is not there or has been altered to be another "business."
  15. Marty, Beth Yeshurun's original sanctuary that fronts Braeswood is MCM, and it's by Len Gabert, according to Stephen Fox.
  16. Updated and retracted. Ok, I definitely jumped the gun on this post. I have spoken with Howard Reed, Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church. He is informed me that my post concerning the sale of their property was erroneous. I apologize to the Church for failing to confirm my info prior to posting. I am sure there will be more details in the future. -Jeromy
  17. http://www.click2houston.com/news/firefighters-respond-to-church-fire-in-the-heights/25175890 That is why the helicopter is hovering over the neighborhood. Hopefully everyone is safe and the fire can be contained. But the pictures do not look good.
  18. That they where planning to build? It was big, had a round end, semi-green ish, and it had a bell tower, that was really tall. Anyone remember?
  19. Trudy - has added a photo to the pool: Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  20. ✈ concord⁹⁷⁷ has added a photo to the pool: © Curt Littlejohn / ✈ concord⁹⁷⁷ / aviationcolors ✈ More Aviation Photos, grouped by Aircraft Type ✈✈ More Aviation Photos, grouped by Airport Location ★★ More Non-Aviation Photos, grouped by City Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  21. ✈ concord⁹⁷⁷ has added a photo to the pool: © Curt Littlejohn / ✈ concord⁹⁷⁷ / aviationcolors ✈ More Aviation Photos, grouped by Aircraft Type ✈✈ More Aviation Photos, grouped by Airport Location ★★ More Non-Aviation Photos, grouped by City Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  22. elnina999 has added a photo to the pool: Clay & Main Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  23. elnina999 has added a photo to the pool: On November 9, 1879, a group of 24 men met in the home of F. Schnaucke and founded a congregation they named Deutsche Evangelisch – Lutherische Dreieinigkeitskirche Gemeinde of Houston (German Evangelical – Lutheran Trinity Church of Houston). At the same time, the forefathers saw a need to nurture the spiritual, educational and social needs of their children, so a school was founded at the same time. Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
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