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Found 7 results

  1. The publicized route of the proposed Texas Central high-speed rail goes directly through the new Dunham Pointe development currently being built. The attached image merges the alignment map from Texas Central and the site plan from Dunham Pointe to show the rail going through planned homes, retail, and mixed use spaces, and very close to the next CFISD educational village. Are developers banking on the high-speed rail never happening? I really have no strong opinion either way about the rail, and I'm not following it super closely to know how likely it is or isn't to happen. But, the potential for this clash is intriguing. What am I missing? Harris County alignment map #2 — https://www.texascentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Harris_County_2.pdf Dunham Pointe site plan — https://dunhampointecypress.com/#aerial
  2. The Texas Business and Education Coalition (TBEC) has issued its annual Honor Roll of public schools, The TBEC honor roll is unusual in that it gives accolades to schools which have higher commended rates on the TAKS than those schools with students of similar demographics. (Most other rankings just use the usual minimum passing rates.) This year, just 252 schools in all of Texas made this Honor Roll, which is less than 4% of all the schools in the state. LINK TO ENTIRE LIST CYPRESS-FAIRBANKS ISD's TBEC HONOR ROLL SCHOOLS for 2010: HAMILTON ELEMENTARY received a score of 67 from the TBEC and had 51 percent of students performing at the commended level. SAMPSON ELEMENTARY received a score of 67 from the TBEC and had 49 percent of students performing at the commended level. MOORE ELEMENTARY received a score of 54 from the TBEC and had 39 percent of students performing at the commended level. GLEASON ELEMENTARY received a score of 50 from the TBEC and had 37 percent of students performing at the commended level.
  3. 21 Cy-Fair ISD schools were honored as National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) Just for the Kids 2009 Higher Performing Schools in Texas. Hamilton Elementary School for Math, Reading, Writing and Science; Hamilton Middle School for Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies; Sampson Elementary School for Math, Reading and Science; Cypress Woods High School for Math, Science and Social Studies; Danish Elementary School for Reading and Science; Goodson Middle School for Science and Social Studies; Keith Elementary School for Math and Science; Black, Lamkin, Millsap and Moore elementary schools for Science; Aragon and Spillane middle schools for Social Studies; Copeland, Emmott, Jowell, Owens, Sheridan and Willbern elementary schools for Math; and Jersey Village and Langham Creek high schools for Social Studies. LINK
  4. In the Superintendent's "state of the district" address on June 04, 2009, he has stated his intention to have the 20% homestead exemption eliminated, which would immediately result in an increase in taxes of approximately $248/yr. per $100,0000 home value. In the address, Superintendent David Anthony said, "On June 15, I am going to recommend the removal of the optional homestead exemption, and it is my expectation that the board will take action on the item." It is also the only item on the agenda of the CFISD Board of Trustees special-called meeting on June 09, 2009, at 6 p.m. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ In your opinion, is this the right course of action? Or should CFISD cut other non-essentials first? i.e.: the 100% Bus Rider policy (every child in the district gets a seat on a bus, no matter how close they live to the school); cut extra-curricular and sports programs; etc. Or perhaps, should a year-round calendar once again be implemented? (They're being used by more and more burgeoning districts around the country and with good success.)
  5. Anyone know what Cy-Fair ISD plans with the proposed middle school site in Fairfield (at intersection of Fairfield Place and Medley Green). Any timeline? I've also heard rumors that it might be another elementary school instead.
  6. School district to face 'amazing growth' Chamber says tax base needs business influx By ANITRA D. BROWN Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle If Cy-Fair ISD keeps growing at its current rate, the district will have 100,000 students by the 2008-2009 school year and will peak at about 130,000 students by 2020, said John Fourqurean, director of planning research and evaluation. Fourqurean said the estimates were rough, but reliable. "Anything can happen between now and then," he said. "But we will peak somewhere around 2020." The average increase for the district has been about 4,000 to 5,000 students a year, he said. In 2005-2006, enrollment was 87,500, about 7,000 more students than 2004-2005. That number, slightly inflated because of Hurricane Katrina, should begin to level off again as the district returns to its normal growth rate, Fourqurean said. He cited residential development along Fry Road, both north and south of FM 529, as the evidence of the increase in students and residents Cy-Fair could expect. "Everything's platted for homes, thousands and thousands of homes," he said. The expected growth in school enrollment and the escalation of new home construction in the area has some worried about the future demand on Cy-Fair's tax base. Cy-Fair Chamber President Darcy Mingoia said the area's tax base mix is about 65 percent residential and 30 percent business. A better ratio, she said, would be 50-50. "Unless we get industry and commercial growth to offset it, it's going to be very tough on the tax base," she said. "The land is being taken up by residential growth instead of business growth, so that's a real struggle for the chamber." The growth will likely outpace the district's current construction plans for new schools. In 2004, Cy-Fair voters approved a $713.2 million bond referendum. A total of $337.9 million of that was earmarked to build 11 new schools and acquire 18 school sites and 194 new buses. The district already has moved up the date of construction for some of the schools, planning to open five new schools in the next three years, all financed by that 2004 bond election. "We'll be opening up new high schools in 2008," he said. "And they'll be completely full a couple of years after they are open." "We're going to have to have another bond election in a few years," Fourqurean said. "And every year we're going to get more money for new schools." Fourqurean spoke to the Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce transportation committee, which meets regularly to get updates on topics that affect growth and infrastructure throughout Cy-Fair. Cy-Fair's anticipated growth doesn't come as news to chamber members, but some were surprised to learn just what it meant for the school district. "It's amazing growth. We just have to make sure we can handle it," Mingoia said. Mingoia told the group that the districts' anticipated numbers also help indicate the area's future population in general. The Chamber multiplies the number of Cy-Fair ISD students by 7.5 to determine the region's population. If Cy-Fair ISD's numbers are on target, it means there will be about 750,000 people living in Cy-Fair by the fall of 2008 and more than 900,000 by 2020.
  7. With Cypress Woods nearly complete and set to open in Fall 2006, CFISD is already speeding up the timetable for its next 2 High Schools... Cy-Fair ISD moves up plan on 2 high schools Fast growth means Nos. 9, 10 to open in 2008 By JASON KING Chronicle Correspondent The Cy-Fair school district will move closer to its goal of opening two new high schools by the fall of 2008 if the school board approves a contract award for High School 9 and declares High School 10 a public need at tonight's meeting. The schools were scheduled to open a year apart, but rapid growth in the western part of the district prompted school officials to move the opening of High School 10 up one year. The contract award for High School 9 would also account for the construction of Elementary School 46, which will join the high school and a future middle school on a 130-acre multi-campus site at Fry Road and Cypress North Houston. Construction would begin within 30 days if the board awards a contract. High School 10 will be located on a 65-acre site at Hollyhock and Greenhouse roads, but the board will have to pass a resolution calling High School 10 a public necessity so the district will be able to condemn a 10.58-acre section of that site to purchase it. Roy Sprague, director of facilities planning and construction, said the board could consider a contract proposal for High School 10 in June. Assistant Superintendent Kelli Durham said enrollment in the district has added more than 6,000 students since last year, to 87,094 as of March 6. CFISD Boundaries for 2006-7
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