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Found 18 results

  1. Travis Scott titled his new album "Astroworld". Has anyone given it a listen? If so, could you spill the references? I see where he was raised in Missouri City and his father in law is Caitlyn Jenner.
  2. I'm not sure where to put this note, but Six Flags has decided to shut down Astroworld and sell the property. Apparently the land is worth more than the amusement park.
  3. Has anyone noticed the old Astroworld model at the Downtown library, ground floor? I hadn't been by in a while and this was the first time I had seen it. Looks to be from before the park was first opened. I took a few pictures, posted one here that is focused on what was my favorite ride when I was a little kid in the early 80s, the River of No Return ride, a blatant copy of Disneyland/world's Jungle Cruise. I think it was probably the best ride Astroworld ever had, when it was a genuine theme park, before SF turned it into just another roller coaster park in the mid 80s. I'm not sure exactly when the RONR was closed, but I know XLR8 was built over where it was. And a bonus, some commercials from Astroworld's heyday in the late 70s-early 80s:
  4. Is this for Houston, TX or Houston Street in NYC? It's copyrighted 2008...which could spell out d-e-a-d. http://epicentrehouston.com/ Vantage Plus, the development company has offices in the heart of Miami: map Also, I found the company who came up with their logo: link Lastly, this google search shows that it looks like they might be trying to get funding for this. See the second link and the preview description. The second to last link is a project in North Carolina that looks nothing like EpiCenre Houston. I don't think they're related at all.
  5. OK, I know some about the Astrodomain hotels (Astrodomain, IIRC was Astrodome+Astroworld+Astrohall+four hotels). Originally, there were four hotels (and I gleaned this from Arch-ive.org, sevfiv's wonderful Houston architecture site): the Astroworld Hotel, Sheraton Inn Astroworld (not the full-line Sheraton hotels, this would ultimately be rebranded as Four Seasons by Sheraton), Holiday Inn Astroworld, and Howard Johnson's Astroworld. The Howard Johnson's was ultimately rebranded as Quality Suites, Sheraton Inn eventually became Days Inn and was demolished in the early 2000s, but its the other Astrodomain hotels I'm interested. As we know, Holiday Inn and Astroworld Hotel became Crowne Plaza. According to Emporis, it went under the following names: "Astroworld Motor Hotel, Astro Village Hotel, Sheraton Astrodome Hotel, Radisson Astrodome Hotel, Park Plaza Hotel Reliant Center, Houston Grand Plaza Hotel" But it doesn't account for the Holiday Inn name. This site doesn't take into account when the Holiday Inn merged either (from Google Earth this appears to be in the late 1990s or early 2000s, but could've happened in the early 1990s). It seems like the hotel adopted the Crowne Plaza name circa 2008, Houston Grand Plaza circa 2006, Park Plaza Hotel only briefly in 2005, Radisson at the time when the hotels were foreclosed on in 2002, but Sheraton was the name before that and at least as of 1990. The Holiday Inn was 8111 Kirby AND was still a Holiday Inn in 1994. In 2002, the Holiday Inn and the Radisson were foreclosed on, but they were physically connected by then. In December 2005, it was discussed that the former Holiday Inn (which was connected by that time but the rooms were closed) would be reopened by the Houston Grand Plaza. Days Inn was also closed by 2005 and was demolished in 2006 as part of the Grand Plaza renovations (it remains empty and undeveloped). As another note, it didn't seem to stay long as Park Plaza Hotel, seems it was only a brief name during the worst of times. Sometime in the early 1990s (or late 1980s), Holiday Inn jumped over to a former Ramada (8111 Kirby) where it remains today. But unless some aerial imagery has steered me wrong, the hotels were NOT connected at that point. So what happened to the Holiday Inn side? Did it go under another name that the Astroworld Hotel didn't? It's pretty easy to find out some of the eccentricities of the hotel like the Celestial Suite (though pictures are hard to come by) but I want to know more about the actual name changes of the hotel.
  6. Does anyone have or able to provide access to photographs of old amusement parks in Texas? I love amusement parks and roller coasters and travel each year to visit parks. This past July, I travelled to Germany for two weeks to do such and do other sightseeing, as well. Within Houston, I know there were AstroWorld (of course) Playland Park (near the old AstroWorld site, though I don't know exactly where) Hanna Barbera Land (became Splashtown in Spring) Oak Park (near the intersection of Washington and Houston Avenue) Peppermint Park (apparently there were several, with one near the old Gulfgate Mall) KiddieLand (where Kroger is now at Kirby and S. Main) Electric Park (I think this was at what is now White Oak Park off Houston Avenue, just north of I-10. This was one of the trolley parks that opened at the turn of the 20th century. I remember reading that the park would not hire union labor and that, supposedly, some union members set of dynamite on trolleys in retaliation. I can find the article on the internet again if anyone would like to read about it. Information about this park has been extremely difficult to come by.) Elsewhere in Texas there was: A park purportedly in Corpus Christi Electric Park in Galveston Some other park in Galveston Exposition Park in San Antonio Lake Worth Park in San Antonio Lake Side Park in Wichita Falls Playland Park in San Antonio (their old wooden rollercoaster called "The Rocket" was moved an opened at Knoebel's Amusement Park in 1985) Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur This last latter is referenced (but not in detail) at http://defunctparks..../TX/indexTX.htm I would also love to find photos or video of Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans (which I visited in 1982) and the not-so-well-known Lincoln Park in New Orleans which was built to cater to the black community during segregation. I know some people have commented on such in other posts, but many date back several years. If you have footage of your own on, say, 8mm, I may be willing to help pay for the conversion. If any of you have questions, about these or other parks, I'll be delighted to answer to the best of my ability. And, in case you don't know, Landry's is turning the pier that the old Flagship Inn was on into the "Galveston Pleasure Pier" with amusement rides and restaurant(s). That is tentatively expected to open in May, 2012, and there is lots of local news coverage and articles on it. Thanks! Alex
  7. Light a candle tomorrow evening, for it was that day that Astroworld closed forever. Five years ago. I regret to say I never went into the park, but I can probably think that if the park had continued past 2005 and had been spared the ill-thought maneuvers of then-Six Flags CEO Kieran Burke, its untimely death would be delayed. The recession probably could've killed it, as well as any damage caused by Ike. I can also imagine that the Dungeon Drop would've been heavily avoided after the "severed cable cutting off feet" incident (it was the same model and ride type). Anyway... Do you want to share some thoughts, memories, etc.?
  8. Some long time Houstonian's may remember that Houston was home to the most expensive hotel suite in the world. The AstroWorld Hotel itself was constructed in the late 1960's and in 1969, he had an additional floor added to entertain guests and dignitaries. The hotel suite was then named the 'Celestial Suite' and became the part-time personal residence for Judge Roy Hoffeinz, the man behind AstroWorld and the AstrodDome. The 1977 Guinness Book of World Records listed the hotel suite in it's pages as the most expensive hotel suite in the world at $2500 but sadly only included a very small black/white photo that made it difficult to see anything and did not do the suite justice anyway. Even though it had a listed rental rate, the hotel was actually very rarely rented out to anyone and sadly video and photo requests throughout the years were denied. The hotel has changed ownership and names several times over the years and sadly the 'Celestial Suite' is not up to current construction code and has been unavailable to the public quite some time. I have tried to determine just how long it has been since the 'Celestial Suite' has been seen by the public or used for any event but details are unavailable because of multiple ownership change. It's very possible that the suite has not been used for any reason since the early 1990's, which would have the suite sitting empty and unused for nearly 17 years. (Can anybody provide any more information on this?) I have recently been able to aquire exclusive photos of the 'Celestial Suite' in it's original state, which continues to be unused to this date! The 1977 Guiness Book of World Records entry (photo courtesy of 57Tbird in another HAIF thread) 'AstroWorld Hotel' in it's original construction (photo courtesy of sevfiv in the same thread) The 'Tarzan Room', main living area, situated on the southwestern face of the floor. This suite has a tall ceiling with a second floor suspended in the limbs of an artificial tree, whose tree truck you can see in the right edge of this photo. The television in this photo appears to be a new model, but was sitting in a wicker chair and didn't appear to be even plugged in. I think it's safe to say the spiral stair-case in this photo also likely doesn't meet current safety code and ADA guidelines. The 'Tarzan Room', bedroom suite. Surprisingly small single bed. Kitchen prep and dinner table, unknown suite connection/style. Note: Just look at that 30 year-old looking yellow dish-washer! This suite was the actual bedroom of Judge Roy Hofheinz. This suite has a sunken whirpool in the floor (pictured in the Guinness Book article) that is rumored to be one of the current issues holding up the suite from meeting current construction code). This suite is in the middle of the southern face of the floor. Private balcony of the Judge's master bedroom, and the only part of the suite visible from freeway below This large suite takes up the entire NW corner of the top floor and I'm unaware of it's suite name, connection, or affiliation. UPDATED: This is apparently part of the P.T. Barnum suite, or the "Big Top Room. Hallway connecting various suites. Note the modern looking "fire alarm" switch and modern emergency lighting. The current owners run the hotel as the 'Houston Grand Plaza', which continue to not use the suite because of construction code issues. The hotel is rumored to be soon bought and run as a 'Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza', who does have plans to use the suite, perhaps a portion of which would be a Jazz club. The only portion of the floor I could not view was the NE wing, facing the AstroDome, which is rumored to be where the Jazz club would be. I hope that the construction of any jazz club would not entail the destruction of any of the existing 'Celestial Suite'. The source of some of my information came from several hotel employees say that even they are not allowed on the floor for any reason. My hope in publishing these photos is to spur a lively discussion on this exciting piece of Houston history. I think it's quite likely that Houston will never host 'the most expensive hotel room in the world' designation ever again and information about the 'Celestial Suite' seems to be inconsistent and vague. I would like to see anybody with more photos or more hard information to come forward with what they have.
  9. I'm looking for a nice size scan of the Astroworl logo from the 60s - the one with the beach ball looking orbs (I believe) under the letters. Thanks in advance for this and I hope this thread is in the right section.
  10. If there's a better place for these, take me to it! 2000 ASTROWORLD MAP AND BROCHURE SCANS Unfortunately, beyond this map of Astroworld and my prized Splashtown brochure, my historic Houston collection is pretty sparse. All I have is a map of the Galleria from 2003. AND OF COURSE....THE MAPS! Please comment.... EDIT: The middle of the map got cut off. If you'd like to see what it was, click here for a grainer (but full) image of the map.
  11. My memories: My very, very earliest memory is riding the tram that takes you back to the parking lot. It was a warm evening; almost closing time, and I was clutching my stuffed hippopotamus that my parents bought me at the gift shop. I remember the glowing lights of the entrance. I loved the live shows in the theater in the Texas Cyclone area: Midsummer Night Scream, the Chinese Acrobats, Sid & Marty Krofft live. Fright Nights/Fright Fest. Every time I left feeling a little disturbed because of all the fake blood and bodies, but I loved it. Holiday In The Park with the melting snowhill. The Horizon theater. I was always afraid to lay down because, 1. it was scary and 2. because it was dirty. My cousin's husband leaving before everyone else because they weren't selling beer and one of the straps on his "Tiddy's" broke.
  12. I've heard a LOT of people on this forum say they thought the list that said Astroworld was one of the top 10 best theme parks in America was a joke. Here's your chance to say how much you love or hate Houston's largest theme park ...
  13. I was at Astroworld today, and I talked to every single staff member (basically) to understand why its really going down. Alot said, that the main reason, was because Reliant Park won't renue there Parking Contract, and Six Flags will have no place for the people to park. I asked them, why not just build a super parking complex? And they asked "Where?". All the land Six Flags owns is used up tight. They say the land is worth much, but Its not PRIME realestate, is it? Its not like right next to Downtown, Hermann Park, or the Galleria? The land around Reliant Park isn't such a hot spot, is it? The park is profitiable, and its a shame its going down. I rode all the rides I could today, and I'm sad to see it go. I think the best photo for the Houston Skyline would be about 40 stories up from where astroworld is now, it shows everything. The view from the Dungeon Drop is great!
  14. I know I read somewhere that Astroworld was giving free admission this weekend for refugees. I just came from over there and it's closed.
  15. Six Flags Astroworld NOTICE: Houston is the largest city in Texas but with the smallest Six Flags in Texas and maybe in the U.S. A. * They otta build a newwer and larger Six Flags somewhere in the opening Because I know its very hard to stand in line for one ride like a rollar coaster for 45 minutes in the hot sun of all the people there in that line waiting just for one ride and taking too much time of the day to spend at the park. Houston has a population of more than half of Los Angeles as it continues to grow more rapidly that they otta proposed a new Astroworld in a larger land area and with enough people there to get around more easily and not standing in lines for hours per ride.
  16. Six Flags Astroworld Closing and removing rides Willing to have a new Astroworld at an new location by the way closing the Astrodome They could use land to have a newer and best Six Flags of Astroworld near the Gulf of Mexico with the park inside one huge dome and part of it along the beach near south of Texas City. Or west of Houston near Katy, Texas With more rides and a bigger sized park like Magic Mountain in a HUGE spiral dome of lights, palm trees, waterfalls, sea creatures to see in tunnels and and things like universal studio would have. SIX FLAGS -2000 Astroworld http://www.themeparkbrochures.com/2000/sfaw2000_1.html Six Flags AstroWorld http://www.joyrides.com/sfaw/full/texas_tornado9.htm http://www.sixflagshouston.com/photos/Various-Park-Photos PLANS FOR THE NEW LOCATION MAPS *MAP OF NEW LOCATION (Pretty small to see) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v707/dom...newlocation.bmp *Interchange plan for this park of Exit 751 to an 751A-B http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v707/dom...forthispark.bmp Plans for the park (sorry to hard to see) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v707/dom...thisnewpark.bmp
  17. New here.... Didnt see this posted, didnt know where to post it. Its on MSN's home page right now. Check it out HERE. My question is....what theme park did these people go to. I dont remember Astroworld ever being this good to be ranked this high.
  18. May 7, 2005, 12:04AM AstroWorld files lawsuit over parking spaces Here is the link... http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/front/3171512 My comments on this is for one, it's to damn custered in that area. You have Reliant Stadium, Arena, Astrodome, and on top of it Astroworld. Somebody going to lost money, and that's Astroworld. They complaining about the parking spaces has been taken by Houston Texans, Livestock and Rodeo, and they lost $10 million of renvue over this. My advice to the people at Astroworld. Go and purchase some land, more then 85 acres (casue that's what they sit on today), and built a new theme park, with lots and lots of parking spaces. They could still continue running the business in their old location until they finish with the new one. When they leave from the old location, maybe the Texans owner could by the land and do something with it, or have a Entertainment complex there (same ideal they was going to do with astrodome). Then maybe they could tare down the dome, or make it a soccer facility.
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