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Found 10 results

  1. The other day I discovered that Google Earth had a historic view, but only a few dates were available. 1944 was one of them (and in my area, basically there was nothing here), so I shuffled between the interesting ones (1978, 1989 and 1995) and today. What I noticed was that between those three dates, Boone Elementary, the first school that I went to, went through some pretty big cosmetic changes (I started there in 1999). Anyone here know when exactly these changes happened? Between '78 to '89, the indoor gym was built and whole entrance part of the building was re-built (the 1989 map in fact shows it still being built), and the track near Olle Middle School right in front of Boone was still being dug, and between '89 and '95 the section where the school busses currently pick up and drop off the students just to the upper right of the school was newly constructed. Anybody here go to Boone, and can say when these changes happened? Thanks! Top left - 2016 Top right - 1978 Bottom left - 1989 Bottom left - 1995
  2. Thanks Timnwendy. Check the State of the City update that Major Reid presented last night. New High School coming next door to ST. City of Pearland
  3. The news announcement of this is here. It's not really clear just where this location is at yet, but it might be between the Southern Trails subdivision and Kirby Drive. If this is really the location, I'm not sure what that means for the proposed Ridge Rock subdivision that was supposed to go in there, or for the Lowe's at Kirby Crossing project. If anyone can dig up more about this, please post here.
  4. I grew up in the Aldine area in the Northline Terrace subdivision near Gulf Bank Rd and Sweetwater. I attended Inez Carroll elementary on Raymac Street as well as Aldine High School. Inez Carroll at one time was known as one of the best elementary schools in Texas. I just discovered last week that the old Inez Carroll building was torn down. It appears to have happened about 4 years a go now. It's pretty sad that everything I remember about that school is gone. It got me wondering when the different schools were built and what additions have been added to the schools over the years. Here is what I remember about the school when I first started attending it in 1981. I remember they expanded the library around 1982 (I remember the contruction). I remember in 1st grade they removed the old radiator from the classrooms as they were not used anymore. Looking at different aerials of the school it looks like they added the chiller and cooling tower sometime between 1964 and 1973. I wonder what it was like not having A/C before then. They also added a wing on the back of the school between 1957 and 1964 and added new front and side section to the school between 1964 and 1973 which included expanding the cafeteria. It looks like the gym was added between 1973 and 1981. I remember the walls in the main hallways were redone in the early 80s. They moved the school to Gulf bank between Sweetwater and Airline in the late 90s. Areal of the school in 1957 Areal from 2002 before it was demolished. The front of the school scanned from my class picture. Here is what it looks like now. What I was wondering is when was this school built? I have been told it was built sometime in the early 1950s. If anyone knows the history of any of the schools in the Aldine Independent School District lets discuss it here. I have read the thread about Aldine High School being built on the site of the Gulf Coast Airport after Marrs High School Burnt down on Thanksgiving.
  5. Does anyone have a year book for c. 1941 1942? I was the 4 year old mascot for the Aldine High School band in those years. I believe that there was a photograph of me in the year book. I would pay for a copy of a Aldine High School year book with my photo. My sister, Florene Roberts was a member of the band for the same year. Patricia
  6. I've recently been told by a builder that FBISD and AISD are in talks and Alvin is trying to get all of SCR to their district. Anyone know anything on this or has this been going on for a while and continue to just be speculation. I am just nervous of the schools on the Fort Bend Side. Am I overreacting to all of this? I would think in 10+ years a new high school will be available. Willowridge as it stands has subpar dropout rates, ect. This is a make or break deal for moving to SCR (Arbor Lakes). Any help would be great.
  7. That kills me there. I would totally take that route to work in the morning leaving SCR if I could get on BW8 going east quickly. But you can't. Not until after 288. There should be an on-ramp at Kirby but there isn't because of the toll plaza being "too close." The east bound entrance is just to the west of where Almeda School comes out. I'd pay the extra toll per day if I could get on BW8 right there. It would be worth it to me to avoid 2234 traffic in the morning, which is only going to get worse. And soon. The big Nolan Ryan middle school opens in the fall.
  8. Manvel is in Alvin ISD. Manvel got a new high school called "Manvel High School". In addition, the city also has Manvel Junior High School and E.C. Mason Elementary School.
  9. I think Pearland and Alvin ISD should merge. The two districts combined cover almost all of the City of Pearland, as well as Manvel, Alvin, and Iowa Colony. All areas west of 288 in north Brazoria are Alvin ISD while some areas east of 288 are Pearland ISD. The two should combine so Pearland can get a second high school close to Shadow Creek Ranch. Perhaps a new 7-8 school and a new 5-6 school can be established in that area too.
  10. I noticed that the Alief ISD elementary school boundaries were altered between 04-05 and 05-06. A new school, "Horn", appeared on the map. Is this a new Alief ISD elementary school?
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