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  1. I really wish I'd paid more attention in statistics.

  2. I'm tellin' all a' y'all it's a sabotage. These TEMs haven't had a good few weeks.

  3. Perhaps somewhat ironically, despite there being LRT in the area, the region just south of the med center along Braeswood is particularly bad. Missing sidewalks, fallen down fences (looking at you, Flood Control District) burnt out street lights and relatively long distances between lights.
  4. The western terminus of SH 225 has always bothered me. The stubby end dangling inside the loop and the cleared right of way are probably never going to be extended or used, so why not just demolish most of the stack there at 610? It's less lane mileage and bridges to maintain and with the way the east end is growing any future extension of 225 would either cost far too much or get shot down by the community (as I would expect them to.) I can imagine the existing ROW west of 610 being re-purposed perhaps as a park or sold off to developers.
  5. It's almost fall-like outside right now.

  6. Hydrogen is an excellent agent for reducing anxiety caused by a lack of publishable work.

  7. That feeling you get when you clean a gold-plated set of tweezers you thought just had corrosion on them with aqua regia...

  8. Colloidal Tin, so metal \nnn/

  9. TIL: Formvar grids != Carbon Grids

  10. There's another spoke that never got very far. Spur 5, it was supposed to go down to Alvin along Mykawa, any news on how that's going? IIRC, the La Porte freeway was supposed to penetrate farther into the loop but they killed it.
  11. Oh that would be such a waste of good real estate...
  12. They could always just tear up the Navigation ROW and put in the extension of the La Porte freeway. : Waits for rotten vegetables and other foodstuff projectiles to be angrily hurled: No, just kidding. From a cursory glance at the satellite imagery from google maps it seems to make more sense from a ROW acquisition perspective to use Navigation because most of the work would occur within the land already maintained by the city or txdot. Canal is too narrow, and so is Harrisburg. Even if you were to acquire land for improving Harrisburg the cost may be a much larger portion of the budget than desirable. Of course, they may have to acquire land anyway, so it might not be that big of a deal.
  13. Those would probably be parking lots.
  14. I ran across this project for San Francisco's urban forest (http://www.urbanforestmap.org/map/) and I started thinking, why isn't there one for Houston? If there's one thing I love about this city it's all the trees we have here. The obvious challenge to something like this is: Houston is enormous. Anyway, I thought it was kind of neat. EDIT: The more I think about it, the less I like the title of this thread, oh well. Too late now.
  15. On occasion when I just need to pick up one item (dish detergent for example) and get back home in order to accomplish something (such as getting the dishwasher started) I get the perception that it is on average faster if I just check it out myself, however, I have yet to actually test this hypothesis.
  16. I know that feeling. North and Central Texas have some pretty bad droughts from time to time and I got really tired of those, especially with the looming specter of low reservoirs. One year a major pipe burst east of McKinney and the only water left in town was what they had in the towers. I don't want to go back to that, but I guess this summer is just further proof to me that I can't seem to escape the drought. Or... perhaps the drought just seems to follow me? Uh oh.
  17. The segment of 45 from the Hardy interchange to downtown is probably one of the ugliest stretches of highway in the state. There's broken, faded, or missing signage all over the place that could easily be replaced. The billboards definitely need to go as they're a distraction enough as it is. If I was willing to spend the money, I'd just take the Hardy instead (for looks), at least there'd be some trees. But even then, parts of that aren't too hot either.
  18. They got rid of all the ivy they planted along the improved segment of US-75 in Dallas several years back when the last recession hit since maintenance costs were too high. I wouldn't be too surprised if beautification right now isn't having to take a serious backseat again.
  19. pderry11


    I picked up an XS not thinking that the XSi was that much of an improvement: it is. it's also amazing how all the small things add up to a better camera over-all.
  20. The stretch from SH-121 north through McKinney has never been rebuilt (I don't think they've done anything up the the Grayson county line either.) It's the same old highway they had in the 60s when it was first built. Yeah, it's been repaved and a couple ramps lengthened but it's still 4 lanes with two lane feeders. The stretch through Sherman, TX is the same too. I hate those ramps...
  21. Those parts did look conspicuously smooth... The tires up the ramp though, that's cheating from the aspect of using not using all OEM parts (assuming of course all of the other bits and pieces are.) From its visual interest, its Rube Goldberg-esque design and the sheer dissonance of wheels rolling uphill, I thought it was pretty neat. Keyword is neat, not stupendous, fantastic, amazing, deceptive, or cunning. Neat.
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