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  1. I really wish I'd paid more attention in statistics.

  2. I'm tellin' all a' y'all it's a sabotage. These TEMs haven't had a good few weeks.

  3. Perhaps somewhat ironically, despite there being LRT in the area, the region just south of the med center along Braeswood is particularly bad. Missing sidewalks, fallen down fences (looking at you, Flood Control District) burnt out street lights and relatively long distances between lights.
  4. The western terminus of SH 225 has always bothered me. The stubby end dangling inside the loop and the cleared right of way are probably never going to be extended or used, so why not just demolish most of the stack there at 610? It's less lane mileage and bridges to maintain and with the way the east end is growing any future extension of 225 would either cost far too much or get shot down by the community (as I would expect them to.) I can imagine the existing ROW west of 610 being re-purposed perhaps as a park or sold off to developers.
  5. It's almost fall-like outside right now.

  6. Hydrogen is an excellent agent for reducing anxiety caused by a lack of publishable work.

  7. That feeling you get when you clean a gold-plated set of tweezers you thought just had corrosion on them with aqua regia...

  8. Colloidal Tin, so metal \nnn/

  9. TIL: Formvar grids != Carbon Grids

  10. There's another spoke that never got very far. Spur 5, it was supposed to go down to Alvin along Mykawa, any news on how that's going? IIRC, the La Porte freeway was supposed to penetrate farther into the loop but they killed it.
  11. Oh that would be such a waste of good real estate...
  12. They could always just tear up the Navigation ROW and put in the extension of the La Porte freeway. : Waits for rotten vegetables and other foodstuff projectiles to be angrily hurled: No, just kidding. From a cursory glance at the satellite imagery from google maps it seems to make more sense from a ROW acquisition perspective to use Navigation because most of the work would occur within the land already maintained by the city or txdot. Canal is too narrow, and so is Harrisburg. Even if you were to acquire land for improving Harrisburg the cost may be a much larger portion of the budget than desirable. Of course, they may have to acquire land anyway, so it might not be that big of a deal.
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