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  1. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/07/historic-weingarten-home-on-the-market-after-almost-five-decades/?cmpid=rrhoustontx#25292101=26
  2. Thanks guys, it was in the orphanage thread. It was the Harris County home for boys. You guys have the answers to everything!!!
  3. I am just curious about something.......Growing up in the 70's I had an older brother who was a bit of a juvenile delinquent ( At least that's what they called out of control kids back then) After breaking the law a few to many times, they sentenced him to a boys home. I am trying to remember a certain one. I believe it was located out in Clear Lake, and I remember on family visits, that they had horses, canoes and it was like a summer camp. I guess the juvenile justice system sure has changed. Just wondering if any one has any information on the place. Back then it was all under The Harris county youth authority, and I know they had several other places in Texas.
  4. I never won anything on the radio, but in the early 80's when Warner Cable was in business they had a cable channel where they would post community announcements. They would post contest to send in a post card to win concert tickets, or Astros tickets. I think I must have been the only one to look at that channel, because in a one month period I won tickets for 2 Astros games, a Van Halen Concert and a Chicago concert. They cut me off after that, but it sure was fun while it lasted!
  5. It does make you wonder now doesn't it. In the house next door to me, the son shot and killed the father in the kitchen some 30 years ago. I have often wondered if I should tell the current residents. But I think with some things, the past should just stay in the past.
  6. lol Firebird, I think we had the same thought at the same time, my bad!
  7. Well we should not forget we also have East MT Houston as well that is over off of 59.
  8. Happy about that, I wonder where on Aldine Mail rt it will be. They are finally widening Mail rt on the West side of the toll road and making it 4 lanes the rest of the way. It will be nice to have something other than Junk yards and tire shops.
  9. I can remember around 1975, waiting at the bus stop behind my house with my friends one morning. We were standing on the side of Aldine Mail Rt. and the traffic was stopped for someone making a turn. My friends had their back to the traffic and I was facing it. When I looked into the front seat of the car in front of me, there was a full size lion sitting there. I must have been speechless, because when I told my friends to look the car was past them and they did not see it, and they all thought I was nuts. I still remember it like yesterday, You know they say things happen in threes, if so maybe I should be worried!
  10. I had forgotten about the tiger attack, but it really makes you wonder what kind of pets your neighbors might have. I know there is a exotic pet store right on the other side of the Hardy Toll rd. and they have all the small animals, but in the back of the store they have a fully grown lion and tiger behind bars of course. luciaphile I love the armadillo story, I can almost picture it.
  11. They sure have plenty of chickens out here now. I have been chased by a crazy rooster a time or two on my morning walk. (and I was worried about the pitbulls) There are still lots of rabbits running wild. I live off of Airline Dr, and every once in a while you see a horse just wandering down the street minus his owner.
  12. Ok, maybe it's a strange topic but I know there just has to be some crazy animal stories about Houston. I remember years ago a manatee swam up Buffalo Bayou. So I am hoping the old timers on here might remember a few stories. I can remember when I was around 4 years old, looking out the back window of our house at a lion that had gotten loose from his cage. He belonged to a crazy neighbor, I guess animal regulations were not very strict in the 1960's. I know we had a wolf we raised from a pup for a few years in the back yard, and the neighbors never complained. I grew up in Aldine, I am just wondering about the rest of the area. Anyone else have wild kingdom memories?
  13. Awwww The good old days, when you could camp out and actually get decent seats. While you were out there in the middle of the night waiting in line, you did not have to worry about getting mugged or shot.
  14. Well, along time ago we had Sea Arama Marine World down in Galveston, That closed, then Astroworld closed. I think Houston really needs some new attractions.
  15. Juliet, what was your grandfathers name, I still live right off of aldine bender. What area of Houston did you live in?
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