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  1. Yeah, I saw the crew this morning filming at Minute Maid Park. Sorry for the terrible quality, it was taken from my phone.
  2. Does anyone know of a movie being filmed in downtown, across from Cafe Express and The Capitol/Flying Saucer today (Valentine's day)?
  3. arrodiii

    Ruby's is closed

    I dont think that this will be taking over Ruby's
  4. I actually like ([d] do they still even do it?) their weekend brunch. Think it was $17 for a brunch entree, bottomless mimosa's or bloodies and a game of bowling. Fun times. Fun times indeed...
  5. I saw something on facebook about a preview of it tomorrow but according to 29-95, they will be opening on February 27 (which seems a long way if everything is pretty much stocked) http://www.29-95.com/photo/photo-9989?gid=762986
  6. They would be good, I like their food, though Sam's has this great diner feel and always has a crowd in the mornings from the people staying in nearby hotels.
  7. I'm not looking for a chain, I am looking for a diner, kind of like this place http://samsno3.com/
  8. Actually I am speaking of the area by the ballpark and discovery green. I am hoping that some of those surface lots can be developed (maybe a couple parking garages) and hopefully even get someone to develop some of those many abandoned buildings as well.
  9. I really won't miss Cabo that much - the food was awful and the service wasn't all that great. I hope someone opens up a diner there so I can get an omelette somewhere closeby at 3 am
  10. You are correct - I thought that they shut down because I didnt see a sign for them when I was there last year and I didnt go by the Pavillions when I was there this past year. I just hope with the rail extensions that downtown will start to thrive - only time will tell.
  11. When Denver got hit with the recession, a lot of the tenants in their Pavillions were hit hard and most of the tenants listed are now gone - Coyote Ugly hasn't been in operation for at least two years (maybe three), the United Artists movie theater is barely operating, dont recall Barnes and Noble being there in October when I went. The thing about their pavillions is that they are right off of the Mall and they have a lot of foot traffic there and can survive off that, whereas we currently don't have the foot traffic. Now, if we had more residential places to live (like they have) then I think we'd be good but unfortunately we don't
  12. An article in this morning's Chronicle is stating that the Pavillions has been taken over by a receiver and could possibly foreclosed on. http://www.chron.com/business/article/Houston-Pavilions-could-be-headed-to-sale-or-2421353.php I know that the area is way better with the Pavillions there now but I hardly go there unless I feel like having some drinks and have a game of bowling or to see a show. I also don't know how busy the places get other than lunch. Do you think that they will be foreclosed upon and we may end up like Denver and lose most of our mainstays at the Pavillions?
  13. Cool. Wonder how long til the cabbies start complaining again
  14. I'm glad they are looking to re-tenant the food store at Main and Lamar
  15. I bought a wildberry cake and a chocolate covered cheesecake from their bakery this past weekend - pretty tasty stuff!
  16. I spoke with the GM last Wednesday while at the Brewery Tap and she said they are on schedule for a Mid-October opening. I know she felt my reluctance when she said it but she seemed to be very optimistic on that time frame by saying she knows how far off schedule they are. Guess we'll find out soon.
  17. Looks like the sign will be going up soon (hopefully)
  18. Hopefully with a little advertising they will be able to hang around for a while
  19. I thought that they are allowed to sell for consumption on their premises, just not sell for consumption off
  20. I hope they will have a tasting room at the brewey like Great Divide does in Denver, that will be awesome
  21. Always a bridesmaid...
  22. Ok, this isn't happening in Houston, for residents at least, though it seems as though Detroit is starting a cash incentive program to get people to move downtown. http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2011/07/25/program-offers-cash-incentives-to-live-downtown/ I am wondering what you all think about this? If Houston were to implement a program similar to this, do you think the city, and Downtown especially, wpi;d reap any benefits from this? If so, what? If you don't already live here, would you consider it because of the cash?
  23. Tickets are going to start being issued Sunday at 12:01 AM http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2011/07/red-light_camera_fines_start_j.php
  24. It looks like Phoenicia actually might open after all: http://houston.eater.com/archives/2011/07/21/first-look-inside-the-downtown-phoenicia.php#phoenicia-first-look-1
  25. I think this had more to do with the post-Four Season happy hour office trysts more than anything else.
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