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  1. wow...can anyone fully decide on what the true downtown market really is? It seem's like Byrd's didnt know who their target audience was and it seems like Georgia's is starting to fall into the same hole...I understand that there may not be as much foot traffic over there as opposed to over by Phoenicia but they really need to get some basic necessities for the resident's - which is one of the reasons I still go to Randall's over Georgia's or Phoenicia...
  2. This is going to be awesome. Now if someone will start looking at the old St. Pete's place...
  3. hmmm...well, they should come back *Edit* - Wow, looking at that list brings back some memories - Bongo's, Bossa., Kaveh Kane, Saba Blue Water Cafe, Solero,This is It (when it was in Midtown)...wow...
  4. Was that an El Tiempo? I remeber Grass Hopper and I remember the tex-mex place that was were Jefe was, but I could have sworn it was more of a night-club/bar thing more than anything else since I remember girls dancing on the tables and never eating there....
  5. I'm aware of that but would have preffered an El Tiempo
  6. This is a good thing. Now if only El Tiempo would take over Cabo's old place...
  7. If that's the case, it may take a bit longer: http://innerlooped.com/1840/very-bad-news-for-bagby/
  8. I think that he was playing lookout to - veiwing the video that's been played on the news, it seems that if he was an innocent bystander, he wouldnt have had his phone/camera out like that (I have been told many times to put up my phone while in the Menil) and go up immediately to the painting, zoom in on the spray paint and then move over to desecription plate to show which painting it was. Also saying that you spoke to the guy but not holding him until authorities (cops/museum) could come is rather strange.
  9. I don’t know if I am one of the people listed as being a "bully," though I will respond as if I am. I am not going to lie - I find it hard for someone who lists their location as The Woodlands to say something about how to revitalize ("if we can achieve revitalizing") the neighborhood that I have called home for 10 years. It’s also hard to take him seriously when he speaks about growth within the last 10 years but talks about starting from 1998 but he doesn't mention any of the old places that were around back then such as Prague, Red Square, Cabo or even Brother Petronella (sp?). And while he mentions the Downtown Houston Alliance, I would venture to say that the Houston Downtown Management District has had a lot more to do with the revitalization of the neighborhood than DHA has. Also, it seems like all the ideas or items he speaks of are reminiscent of what people usually state of when they comment on any Chronicle article that deals with living downtown - just regurgitated items from someone that doesn't or hasn't lived there. While I do acknowledge that he mentions the growth of midrises with storefronts/retail on the bottom floor, this has already been mentioned in the Downtown Management District proposed plan for the retail district that they want to propose for Dallas street towards Discovery Green. Additionally, I hear him mention Los Angeles as being a city that we are modeling after - which sounds reminiscent to what someone posted on another one of his threads. It's not that I am not supportive of someone trying to make the city better, especially downtown, I just find it weird that someone who just seems to regurgitate ideas from others while barely touching on those ideas is trying to speak an authority. I think that he should live in some of the neighborhoods that he has posted videos on in order to get a real feel for them, get facts straight (the Theatre District has been around a lot longer than 10 years…) and maybe take some of the advice others have given so his videos don't have this suburbanite-wanna-be-urbanite feeling of disingenuousness.
  10. Ummm...some of us do live downtown...And there was an open house back in May... http://www.houstondowntownalliance.com/en/cev/1076
  11. Wonder what their ETA is and what their menu looks like
  12. Will open Saturday, according to Culture Map http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/05-22-12-crazy-good-a-78-year-old-opens-up-a-new-restaurant-bibas-on-main-vows-to-help-save-dead-downtown/
  13. Looks like its been pushed back to June now http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2012/04/free-rides-coming-to-downtown/
  14. And now a Dogwood Houston http://swamplot.com/austin-rejection-artist-and-bar-partners-opening-midtown-nightclub/2012-04-25/
  15. Interesting that their team consists of John and Jane Doe, from Some Place, Hometown, USA 01234...
  16. I am so glad to see this happening - the building, currently as is, is an eye sore. I really hope though that the 8-story part is for living and the other two stories are part lobby/retail.
  17. The manager has been charged with arson http://www.khou.com/news/local/Manager-of-Midtown-pizza-joint-charged-with-arson-147324315.html
  18. Appears that the Houston Club is safe for now http://swamplot.com/arco-office-going-down-downtown-houston-club-building-will-stay-put/2012-04-11/
  19. While walking my dog this evening I found out something that set my heart a flutter - Biba's is taking over the space previously occupied by El Rey!!! I just wonder how long the 24 hour thing will last...
  20. A little bit more about our ailing pavillions: http://swamplot.com/the-deep-retail-discounts-at-houston-pavilions/2012-03-22/
  21. It was a more peaceful and safer area when they used to have a drive-thru Taco Bell there years ago. It's gone downhill since everyone ran for the border
  22. Does anyone know anything about the place Milli that was proposed last year to take over what I believed was supposed to be part of the lot next to Cabo's/Frank's? The variance was approved last june but I haven't heard anything about it since then. Maybe they can take over Cabo's old building? Here is a link to an article from Innerlooped http://innerlooped.c...next-to-franks/ New DT Restaurant.pdf
  23. Not to get too far off topic, but you should check out the Burger Guys Wednesday - Friday at Cafe Luz, next to Bayou Lofts. A little of a trek for most, but definitely worth it.
  24. Saw scaffolding on Fannin this afternoon - looks like they are starting to get the renovation started
  25. I would hardly call their $3 dollar lunch plates overpriced. Mediocre, yes but overpriced no.
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