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  1. Actually the area has been quiet for months post-demolition and electrical/utilities until around last week.  Finally glad to see something going on, even if it blocks my walk to/from work



    Photographic proof... it's begun.




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  2. ...if Finger's ballpark place ever goes, there would only be 3-4 surface parking blocks to build on before you had attractive, complete urban development from the Bayou all the way to MMP.

    Does anyone have any information on this?  I have been wondering about this since I have not seen any work being done to the area in a while.

  3. Some friends and I were talking about the McDonald's that used to be across the street from the Flying Saucer in the current parking lot.  That one was so awful, it made the one by the Greyhound look spotless.  Ah, the memories....

  4. Will downtown still be cheap to live in, in 2017? That's the big question, b/c if only those who can afford $1,700/month rent can live there, then I think it's a bust. If more condo's enter the market, then all bets are off. Downtown is still as sleepy as when I moved here in 2010.


    If DT rents are still at $1700/month by 2017, I will be really happy (as a renter)

  5. Maybe I am different from most of the people on here, but when i go out of town to a different city and am a tourist there, I usually go and stay in their downtown. I find that that is where you are able to get the best example of what the city is like.

    I would hate the thought of going to Washington DC only to stay in Laurel, MD or go to Indianapolis, IN only to stay in Anderson, IN.

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  6. ...but there's not a lot to do in DT proper in the middle of a weekday...

    Depending on the season, you can go see a baseball/basketball game, see a concert at one of the three main venues for national touring musicians, see a popular broadway show on its stop in town, see a play at the Alley, spend some time with the family (if you have one) at discovery green or market square, have dinner/drinks at one of the new restaurants or any of them, see a movie in our nice theater.

    I am sure there are more things that I am missing, these were just off the top of my head.

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  7. Buc-ee's is so much more than a gas station... It's become a true Texas brand. Besides beaver swag and beautimus bathrooms, Buc-ee's could bring a bulwark of boisterous dining options. They have great food at the one in Madsonville, and it's all grab-n-go. Absolutely BUILT for downtown Houston.


    But no, I don't think that it will work - it's a gas station. Just because they sell shirts and other branded items doesn't mean that it will bring in revenue like in their other stores without providing gas. And honestly, I wouldn't want a Buc-ee's in downtown.  I would rather have a workable market, more restaurants and bars, and another macy's, or similar department store.

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  8. So you are all agreed that nobody should EVER try anything new and downtown should just stay perpetually shitty. Ok.


    Houston will never grow and be a greater city with most everyone keeping it down.


    McDonald's DOES suck and I don't go there. But they make a killing.

    Maybe apply some of your own logic?

    Please re read [the] post(s), apply reading comprehension, then answer.

  9. Isn't there already a (small) sit-down McDonalrd's?  And do you not like Red's Barber Shop, or are you speaking about something like Shave in Midtown?  A Mom and Pop Doughnut shop - kind of like some of the Mom and Pop kolache shops that have gone out of business over the years?  And why would one need an amazon locker, when they could just have their order delivered to their home or work?



    I would like to see a Taco bell., preferably street level so I can (hopefully) go on a Saturday


  10. So, with Superbowl LI coming in a couple years, I wonder how much more Market Square, and the rest of downtown, will return to glory.  With all the new restaurants & bars, MS got a jump on things.  I hope the rest of DT will now, especially with the plan to have Discovery Green play a signicant role in the now 10 day festivities. 





  11. This would be a very long way away, most people don't even know Houston has a tunnel system.


    I don't know about this.  I have been asked many times by tourists (can tell by accents, dress, or obvious look of being in new and unfamiliary territory) where the tunnel system is and what kind of activities it has to offer.  All were very disappointed to hear that it is very limited in use and purpose

  12. One idea to make it more attractive is for the city to purchase a lot downtown and put a fountain with a statue and make it a public place. Of course they would need lots of shade somehow. Maybe the Bagwell/rocket monument :P

    Are you talking about the Biggio/Bagwell statues outside of Minute Maid on Crawford street? OR is there another monument that I am unaware of?

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