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  1. I believe it was also a coffee shop way back in the day named Kaveh Kanes ran by Ben, owner of Petrol Station and Brash Brewery
  2. Actually the area has been quiet for months post-demolition and electrical/utilities until around last week. Finally glad to see something going on, even if it blocks my walk to/from work
  3. Does anyone have any information on this? I have been wondering about this since I have not seen any work being done to the area in a while.
  4. Some friends and I were talking about the McDonald's that used to be across the street from the Flying Saucer in the current parking lot. That one was so awful, it made the one by the Greyhound look spotless. Ah, the memories....
  5. If DT rents are still at $1700/month by 2017, I will be really happy (as a renter)
  6. They have already published what the perimeter will be: http://swamplot.com/metro-taking-cover-now-that-macys-implosions-impending/2013-08-15/
  7. Would be nice to get the south end of DT all prettied up, hopefully something cool will pop up
  8. Maybe I am different from most of the people on here, but when i go out of town to a different city and am a tourist there, I usually go and stay in their downtown. I find that that is where you are able to get the best example of what the city is like. I would hate the thought of going to Washington DC only to stay in Laurel, MD or go to Indianapolis, IN only to stay in Anderson, IN.
  9. Depending on the season, you can go see a baseball/basketball game, see a concert at one of the three main venues for national touring musicians, see a popular broadway show on its stop in town, see a play at the Alley, spend some time with the family (if you have one) at discovery green or market square, have dinner/drinks at one of the new restaurants or any of them, see a movie in our nice theater. I am sure there are more things that I am missing, these were just off the top of my head.
  10. Saw this a couple weeks ago at Market Square - there were probably 10-ish (tops) of people that were on it. Just wonder what sites/attractions they are showing in DT.
  11. thought that this may have been the reason http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2013/07/chevron-to-build-downtown-tower/?cmpid=hpbn
  12. That is just crappy - I was really hoping to be able to take a train to a petstore...now I will still have to drive to Sawyer Heights...
  13. If we are talking about food, I wouldn't mind an expansion of Gatlin's BBQ especially if it were away from Pierce and Pappa's BBQ
  14. But no, I don't think that it will work - it's a gas station. Just because they sell shirts and other branded items doesn't mean that it will bring in revenue like in their other stores without providing gas. And honestly, I wouldn't want a Buc-ee's in downtown. I would rather have a workable market, more restaurants and bars, and another macy's, or similar department store.
  15. Yes, nothing screams retail and tourism money than a local convenient store...
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