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  1. My family has purchased an adorable vintage 1950 mid century home. Did not know what I had found until I started making plans to update it. Since then, I have discovered that I may have a little gem on my hands and wish to give greater thought and research to my "update". We are converting the garage to a master bedroom and master bath with laundry. That I have time to plan since we will not move into the home for a couple of months. However, the "tar and gravel" pitched roof is near to end of life and and insurance wants me to replace it. For this I seek advice (with in a day or two). A quote for replacing and matching the tar and gravel roof is near $20,000. Quotes for a shingled roof are $6000. Financially, I will need to go with the shingled roof unless there are sources out there that you guys know of. Would love to know about them. If I do go with a shingled roof, does color or type of shingle matter if I wish to preserve character? The house is white cut stone outside of town on a couple of acres.
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