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  1. Anyone have any memories of thease events. It has been along time since I do 1968
  2. I believe that one was identified before in another thread. I am trying to figure out how to research property records and maybe make a connection but my knowledge base in this area is limited.
  3. Well you can see it in the Historical Aireals. Definately remember it was accessed from Fondren,and the track streched out in a field visable from Hwy.90. I went to Summer Camp with a boy named Charlie Goddell and he always talked about how his Dad owned a Company which was designing Monorails. Never tried my hand at sleuthing records but I just gots to know more As a child I must have driven that thing to the stars and back in my imagination.
  4. I know this has been discussed in a grouping of other Monorails in previous Threads but after reading them all there is still no resolution on this particular one. I remember the others but this one had a totally different design. Several posts were from those who visited the site as I did many times. Its a curiousity to me.
  5. That was more than likely an Atmospheric Cooling Tower. There was a time when much of the A/C systems were water cooled instead of Air Cooled. The heat rejection you have on your present day outoor Condensing Unit is outoor ambient air drawn through a coil by a fan thereby remove heat absorbed by the freon. These systems you mention id so by using water pumped through nozzels which then rejected the heat it had absorbed in the water cooled condensor usually located by the compressor which I have seen in garages or small mechanical rooms attached to the house and at times in the house. This process was not very efficent due to the high dewpoint Houston has most of the time. I may have some pics of these. I remember working on some in River Oaks and Tanglewood areas.
  6. I use to mop the floor of that store some Saturdays for a role of nickles listening to Donovans Mellow Yellow. I went to Bonham but I never knew anyone who lived there. Across from the Handy was a small Professional Bldg. along the bayou. Did you start the topic on Robindele sic Center Sharpstown Bill? Heck this is better than reading a book.
  7. The house was a large white house , two story. There was a white rail fence which encircled the property. On an aerial map you would have seen a confluence of a stream with the bayou> On the other side of the road Riceville was where the expansion of Braeburn Valley would eventually be. On the other side of Braes Bayou was the golf course (Braeburn Valley CC). Across Riceville was several houses and a large horse facility. I believe it was called Chatsworth Farm. At the corner of Bissonet and Riceville/Gessner there was a field which had jumps arranged for horses. Before Braeburn Valley West was added I use to pasture my horse on that land. I grew up in the origional B.V. but left in 73. I am waxing nostalgic in my old age and have loved finding this site. only it seems the posts to the area threads are dated a few years prior to my discovery. Really don't want to bore anyone but I have a vault full of memories and several questions this being one of them. I do remember this house and across the bayou at Chatsworth I thought I had heard of some association with Ash Robinson and Joan Hill. probablly urban gossip. I miss Houston.
  8. In the 60s there was this large house at what now must be Gessner and Braeswood. I remember it from my youth and I believe it said C W Abercrombie on the mailbox. I remember going by it and stopping only to find it abandoned and open. Anyone know about this and why.? It was what I would consider a very nice place at one time.
  9. I have been a partaker of the opening of a closed wharehouse of memories located in my mind. Thank all of you for your detailed reccollections. I grew up in Braeburn Valley and wish I could have saved so much of the pictures of the times. So many people have never had the chance to see Houston as a oil boomtown.
  10. Hello. I lived in the Sharpstown Area well actually Braeburn Valley in the 60s and early 70s. Terribly nostalgic and 58yrs.

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