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  1. Thanks for your help guys. It was still a Liquor store when I was living there in the 80's then it shutdown and was some type of shutter or carpenter company then it shutdown again and now it's like office spaces.
  2. Does anyone remember the Tastee-freez off Canal St. near Ripley House? Looking for any pictures or history about this place. I never went there when it was open and am intrigued. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Okay so I finally figured this out, the area was sub-divided it into 5 sections that included: 1. Frost 2. Hodge 3. Moody 4. Floeck 5. Schrimpf
  4. There is a discussion on my FB page on weather or not Dean Corll ever actually bury any of his victims in the woods along White Oak Bayou in what is now a park. I say it's just a myth and have actually looked online and there is no mention of him even actually ever dumping bodies in that area but I have a small group who claim differently. Help me prove them wrong.
  5. Were planning on meeting this Sunday at taqueria Arandas ( 5931 gulf freeway) at i45 and wayside. Maybe about 1030. Maybe sit down and get more of a game plan going. Everyone is welcome. Give me a shout with any questions. 832 491 6886
  6. Hi all, To anyone who is interested you are invited to attend the first official meeting of the JOE CAMPOS TORRES ACTION GROUP tomorrow (2/22/2012 @11:00 a.m.) at 2509 Navigation Blvd. to explain the objective of having a Harris County Historical Commission Marker placed in Moody Park, to commemorate and to keep alive the lesson of the May 7, 1978 INSURRECTION in the park, plus an update on the historical marker dedication on March 22, for EL BARRIO DEL ALACRAN. {Facebook page}
  7. And here it is http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/retail/article/No-Slurpees-available-yet-but-7-Elevens-return-5173209.php#src=fb
  8. I heard a rumor on Facebook that 7 Eleven was coming back to Houston, I'm still trying to confirm weather that rumor is true or not.
  9. Thanks Subdude, do you happen to have an address by any chance? I would like to see where on Google maps it use to be
  10. This is sad I use to live on Murry back in the early 80's... I might have to take some time and go out there to see if the old house is still there.
  11. Okay, thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't really saying it was built by slave labor; what I meant to say was I was just wondering if it was?
  12. I have found and article(http://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2011/01/one-mans-look-at-luna-park/) and it says that the picture below is the actual entrance to Luna Park. Looks nothing like the entrances to Colonial Park.
  13. You may be right, kind of like people now calling First Ward and other parts of Houston the Heights.
  14. But one thing strikes me, if Luna Park was once called "Colonial Park" then it would show up in the directories for that period wouldn't it? I recall it being also named Venice but not Colonial. So may questions.
  15. Although this street looks like they have already black topped it, you can still see brick under where the pavement is cracked.
  16. Here is another brick laid street. I think it's Washington Ave. headed towards downtown.
  17. Mostly all roads with in the city limits had brick streets especially the one where trolleys ran through. Below is a pic of Houston Avenue. I wonder if they were all done by slaves?
  18. Yes Iron Tiger Frost Town has been obliterated but this second marker will be placed somewhere under 59. It was originally supposed to be off of Runnels St. but the City of Houston wants to extend the city bike trail through there. (As if anyone is foolish enough go down there LOL).
  19. I grew up in the nearby 1st Ward but moved to the Heights in the late 80's around 88 or 89 and there was gang activity. The most know gags were: * Puro Heights * 8 - Ball Posse * Bad Company Posse (BCP) * 6 1/2 Street Gang And some other's I can't remember off of the top of my head. Also up until the early 90's there a rash of auto thefts in the Heights area. It's good to see that longer isn't the case and that the neighborhood is better off now.
  20. Oh man Ross that picture from 1925 look almost identical, good find. Also I believe you are correct as I remember hearing stories of Luna Park having different names.
  21. Kirk has plans for a second marker dedication for the area later know as Barrio De Alacran. Head to Kirk's FB page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Bute-Park-and-Frost-Town-Historic-Site/60500948979
  22. Does anyone know where the park in the picture below was? it says Colonial Park Houston Texas. I know there is a Colonial Park in West U (Bellaire) but I found out that area was outside of the Houston City limits until some time around the 1940's, this picture looks like way before that time frame so It can't be that park or am I missing something.
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