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  1. Hi Guys, I was wonder about the history of the old Parkview drug store on the corner of Harrisburg Blvd. and 75th Street. And maybe some possible pictures of the old place if they exists. I know I came to the right place, you guys never let me down.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/pg/PachucosYPachucasDeHoustonTejas/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2179715828736095
  3. Found this gem in the Houston Public Library Archives but still no Orlando's.
  4. I'm so sick of cookie cutter town homes. I wish it would stop already. Just out of curiosity, when did Luck 7 go out of business? I can't find anything online about them.
  5. I love the Google time line too bad it only goes back to 2007. Man Taft has changed a lot since I've visited it, use to go have pizza at the Midnight Pie.
  6. Found this on Google maps from a store in Houston not sure if it s the same company.
  7. That's awesome IronTiger, do you recall what paper? Was it the Houston Press, Post or Chronicle?
  8. Never tried the links but there hamburgers are very good..
  9. Does anyone on here know the history of Orlando Supermarket located on 6806 W Montgomery Rd, Houston, TX 77091? All I've found is that Marvin Zhindler did a report on it way back in the days because of the R and the D being blown off by a storm and not being replaced the store has since changed owners and has been known as O-Lan-O ever since. It would be even cooler if some one had old photos of it. I do remember as a kid back in the 80's Orlando ads in the news paper. but it's been a long time.
  10. Thanks Ross. You guys are the best of the best.
  11. Update: People on Facebook are now saying that the actual location was across the street on 4409 Canal St. in a similar building and may have been called Cars or Carl's Tatste Foods.
  12. Thanks for your help guys. It was still a Liquor store when I was living there in the 80's then it shutdown and was some type of shutter or carpenter company then it shutdown again and now it's like office spaces.
  13. Does anyone remember the Tastee-freez off Canal St. near Ripley House? Looking for any pictures or history about this place. I never went there when it was open and am intrigued. Thanks in advanced.
  14. Okay so I finally figured this out, the area was sub-divided it into 5 sections that included: 1. Frost 2. Hodge 3. Moody 4. Floeck 5. Schrimpf
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